Jorral Redtail

  • Nickname: Jorra

    Full Name: Jorral Redtail

    Species: Squirrel (male)

    Age: 18

    mother- Mara Redtail
    Father- Krata Redtail

    Alignment: neutral

    Job: wanderer/ mercenary

    Bright green eyes, dark orange fur with slight brown speckling on back and tail, thin scar starting above left eye slanting downward diagonally and stopping right before reaching left side of nose, dressed in thick cape with large hood that is darkly colored to match the foliage of trees and shrubbery, also caries a small brown pouch attached to a belt.

    long bow/ quiver of arrows, 2 thin daggers, ankle band woven from spiderweb.


    • Agile
    • Stealthy
    • Good aim with bow
    • Has training in dagger fighting


    • Fear of Snakes
    • Cannot fight axe wielding characters in hand to hand combat

    Very secretive and not typically trusting of other characters. Tends to talk only when addressed directly or when communication is absolutely necessary. Looks down on/ despises characters who have no experience in the wild. Typically a loner but will join other characters if it has benefits or a reward of some kind. Despises and has a deep hatred toward all foxes no matter where they come from/ who they are. Tends to stay calm unless provoked.

    Jorral was part of a small peacefull squirrel clan known as the Redtails. They were all healers and skilled fighters but preferred to avoid conflict unless absolutely necessary. When he was only 10 years old his clan found a fox wounded in the woods. Using their medicinal skills the clan nursed the fox back to health and sent it on it's way. The next night however, the clan was attacked by a large group of foxes. Everyone was rounded up except for Jorral. He had snuck out off that night to practice his archery skills in the woods. Upon his return he heard the commotion and decided to hide in the bushes and watch what was happening.
    The clan was chained together and marched off into the night with Jarrel sneaking behind, under the cover of darkness. He eventually realized that these foxes were slavers and had every intention of selling his clan to the highest bidder. Unfortunately they never got the chance.
    When the foxes stopped for the night they chained the prisoners to a tree and set a guard to watch over them. When everyone was asleep the guard heard a noise and wandered off into the woods. When it came time to change the guards the first fox was nowhere to be found so the next fox wandered off in search of his comrade. Unfortunately, he too never returned. This continued until there was one fox left. The final fox had no idea what had become of his gang. Suddenly he heard a strange noise that sounded similar to the wind blowing through the trees. It grew louder and louder until it was a defending roar that had awoken every last prisoner.
    Jorral watched in sheer terror as a group of the largest adders he had ever seen flowed like a raging river toward the trembling fox and terrified squirrels! Not a single creature escaped the bottomless throats of the snakes that night. Jorral watched in horror as his entire clan was eaten alive one at a time with no way to defend themselves!
    All alone, Jorral vowed to have take vengeance on all foxes for the cruelty that befell his clan. After the massacre Jorral crept to the places his parents had been devoured. All that remained were his fathers two fighting daggers and an ankle band woven from spider web that his mother had worn. As years went by jorrals skill In archery and fighting with daggers grew rapidly. He began to hire himself out as a trained mercenary to the highest paying party no matter who it was. Recently Jorral has been focusing on exacting revenge on all foxes and slavers he encounters.

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