Kane Collins

  • Full Name: "Private" Kane Gilmore Collins
    Nicknames: Kane, Officer, Crazy, The Nut, The Drummer Boy
    Species: Otter
    Age: 19
    Alignment: Lawful Chaotic
    Job: Self Proclaimed Soldier

    Kane is a rather smallish otter, in part due to his young age. But, he is very fit and trim, muscled and with almost no fat. He is still taller than the average female, but shorter than most males. His fur is a sleek brown coat, with some flecks of a darker brown that is almost black. His left ear has a notch in it, and he has a few visible scars on his chest and legs. He has a cocky grin, made somewhat silly by one canine that is longer than the rest, the right-top one. It is so long it sticks out a bit when his mouth is closed. His fur tends to be a bit scruffy, though it sleeks down after swimming. His eyes are dark green, and shiny. They look a little bit lighter green and gold in the light. To cover his footpaws and legs he wears black boots and trousers. Up top he wears a dark blue military overcoat, fastened around his waist with a black belt and shut with twin rows of brass buttons. He wears a matching blue loose cap with a shade on the front that often sits lopsided on his head.

    In his belt he wears an empty scabbard, made out of wood with brass accents. It is curved, looking like it was meant for a saber, much like those used by Long Patrol hares. However, there is no sword present. He also carries around a military drum and a pair of sticks. The drum has a strap for holding it around his neck while he plays. It is old and beaten, but still plays as good as new.

    Some people might just describe Kane as a ridiculous military fanatic. Others might call him a dangerous nut. He is entirely convinced he is a soldier of some kind, though in what force of arms he can not answer. He often talks of what it means to be soldier, and about the importance of a soldier's sword, despite the fact his scabbard remains empty. He sees himself as a wandering protector of the law and justice. What exactly he is enforcing is unclear and not always consistent, but he tends to be trying to protect the weak and the good.

    Kane is somewhat quick to reprimand and to seek out a fight. He enjoys a brawl, or a "battle" as he calls all his tussles. Most of his fights are picked because he thinks somebeast is doing something wrong. Usually he will give them a warning, but not always. He is somewhat haphazard about his own life and well being, and doesn't really think much before initiating a battle.

    Talking to Kane is always confusing and strange. He mostly likes talking about the life of a soldier and his (mostly made up) service. He tends to be random, unclear, and divert questions. He seems to have values and a code he is sticking to, a soldier's way. However, even this is arbitrary. He is highly energetic, cocky, and more or less insane. He occasionally will flirt, calling upon his might as a soldier to win the ladies, but his skill at talking to females is dubious at best. He likes to try and form friendships, often referring to them as his comrades or allies. On occasion he will put his life on the line for them, other times he will throw them aside, with little or no reason. He likes joining on quests and adventures, or the occasional vermin raid. He can grow attached to particular beasts, though how this might turn out is not clear.

        - Kane is a master with improvised weaponry and improvising other beast's weapons. He will pick up and use whatever is nearby, whether it be a dropped weapon or a chair, and can use it with deadly effect. If nothing is on hand, he will turn to his empty scabbard as a weapon, or his bare paws. The drum is pretty much the only thing off limits. 
        - Tough, pain resistant. Ignores wounds in a fight and seeks to eliminate his foe without remorse.
        - Somewhat charismatic, comes across as a likable klutz standing for his values.

        - Clumsy, in and out of battle, though this is more so a weakness outside of fighting. During battle he can turn his disjointed and mishap prone movements to his advantage, as they are hard to predict. But outside of fights, he trips about life, drops things, spills things, and generally knocks anything precarious within range over.
        - Crazy, not particularly smart, and deranged. Lacks any real reason and any sort of ability to engage in conversations requiring higher thinking.
        - Can't cook anything that isn't hardtack.
        - Complete lack of most normal social behaviors and manners.

    Kane Collins is a mysterious figure, who is believed to and claims to have been born on Green Isle. No parents have ever stepped forth to acknowledge him, because he is insane or they are dead it is not known. He says he served in the Green Isle military, which is the source of most of his argument that he is a soldier. He may have well been a drummer boy there, as he possesses a drum similar to one the otters might use. However, his uniform is unidentifiable, being much closer to something from the Long Patrol, so it is likely stolen.

    At some point the mad otter made it to Mossflower. He brags he swam the whole way, but reason states he found some other way to cross the sea. As long as anyone in Mossflower knew he was already scarred and stark mad when he landed, though it is believed both of those increased over time. He now wanders Mossflower, bringing his own unbalanced brand of justice with him wherever he goes.

    (Will add more as time goes on, somewhat rough.)

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