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  • Still all smiles as the little ott was all ecstatic and jumping around he couldn't help from licking his lips at the mention of the food that would be offered tonight. The fish was common eats for him from his time on the ship but greens would be a rare and happily eaten treat for him. As the little one wriggled away with the soap Tul ahed a bit as he looked down at his clothes and fur. A bath may be helpful for himself as well as a lot of saltwater had seeped deep into his fur and clothes - he probably smelt terrible to this nice Otters. Rubbing the back of his neck as he considered this he looked up when the Marm moved over to him and seem to be introducing herself. Going back to a smile Tul bowed his head a bit before replying.

    "Nic' ta' Me't ta' Mii. I T'lian Sa'lm. T'was ta ma'p mak'r n' navig't'r on ta' old ship. Saw'y 'bout ma' state. If'n ya' dun't mind I'l wash in ta' rivar befo'e Dinnar. T'ankie ag'in fer ta' fud n' not ch'asin mi' off."

  • Her brow wrinkled as she first deciphered what he was saying, and then it deepened into a furrow of concern. He thought he'd be chased off? Mei almost asked why she'd do such a thing, but she remembered. Some of the other creatures, the local forest-people and those in the great walled Abbey. They did not like certain creatures, Vermin. She supposed they had every right to not trust them, but to act like each one was the same as the last was… wrong to her.

    She almost tried to express this to him, but struggled for the words, unsure even how to articulate something so complex in her clumsy Commoner. But before she could try, the distant slap of the door to her house rang in the air, startling her. Instead, she smiled and shook her head.  "Yes, Tul-en," she said. Her smile was warm and easy, and she fished for a cake of soap for him to wash with. Holding it out, she nodded towards the river. "Wash for dinner, hai?"

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    It was a shame Tul couldn't read minds or he would have whole heartildy agreed with the ott marm about not thinking all creatures were the same. It would be doubly hard for the rat because he was not only a rat, but also a sea rat, and a 'pirate' - despite the fact that he had been the map maker and not ever one to take a active role in the pillaging and looting. But he was sure most creatures wouldn't give him time enough to explain that, so he was lucky to have found these otters first.

    Smiling at her some more he carefully took the offered soap, probably one of the few times a 'Vermin' would but he was raised right on the ship despite the murderous nature of the crew, and started to back up toward the water. "Yez ma'rm - wil' tri' ta' be qu'ck, tha'ke' ag'n fer' let'n me sta'." And with that he turned and hopped into the stream. Unable to contain a squeak at the temperature difference before he started to scrub and clear his fur as best he could so he wouldn't be in such a state. Also taking off his clothes and doing his best to at least clean them a little as well but they were pretty well soaked through with salt water.

  • Mei was smiling as she turned away, to head back to the house. It turned to a grin when she heard his little yelp. The water cooled quickly once the sun dropped behind the trees.

    Inside the house, Mei dug through a sturdy cedar trunk she kept. It was filled with odd clothing left by travelers that had enjoyed her hospitality, old garments that she bought or traded for reasons that seemed good enough at the time, and a few bolts of whole fabric that were tucked away for trading or clothing her Derry's rapidly growing frame.  From this trunk she pulled a simple red tunic and a pair of bark-colored breeches and eyed them carefully. They should fit, she decided, and folded them up.

    Derry was sent out with the clothing and a towel under one arm and a sturdy wooden bucket swung over his shoulder. He tromped down the slope and announced to Tul, "Moma's lettin' me catch fishies fer dinner."

  • Even taking the time to scrub behind his ears in the river Tul was soon smelling pretty much entirely of whatever scent the soap was - it was nice whatever it was but the rat couldn't place a definite scent for it. But he had thoroughly worked over his entire body and his tail as best he could and had nearly worn the soap entirely away - a good sign. Dunking himself entirely back under the water again to get some of the soap out of his face fur he surfaced and wiped off some of the water to hear the young otter speak up. Turning to face him Tul was surprised to see that he had clothing with him too…These otts were just too kind. He would need to find something to make it up to them as he nodded a little and clambered out of the water and started to dry himself off before stepping into the pants and slipping the shirt on. It was a bit loose but it would do as Tul smiled as best he could at the little Ott.

    "An' Im' sha' ya'l da' gr'at - ne'd ne' ha'p?"

  • "Hai please!" he sang out, taking the towel from Tul's hands. He folded the damp cloth carefully, and then dropped it on the ground. Derry swung the bucket idly and held out a pudgy hand. "Veggies first, okay?"

    He was eager to get started, to show his new friend the garden and the pond and the chickens, too. If Moma let him. The hens might not want to be bothered, but it was still light out, and if he listened carefully, he could hear a few of them clucking around the side of the house. He liked the chickens. They were kind of like pets, and they gave them eggs.

    "D'you like zucchinis?" He asked, hopping a little and starting to lead them towards the immaculate and large garden. "I gots ta plant'em this year!"

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    It was hard for ones heart not to melt at the young otter as Tul happily took the offered hand and let himself be led along back towards the otters little home. They seemed to have a really good set up here and Tul really hoped that it would remain free of bandits and other baddies as these two seemed perfectly harmless. And helped himself, a former Pirate - even if he rarely did any raiding - without much hesitation. Too nice to be under attack.

    While he was pondering this he was still being led along and blinked out of his ruminations when the little Ott jumped up as Tul got a look at their garden. It was very impressive and being shipbound most of his life more fruit and vegetable plants than he had ever seen in one spot. The rat smiling wide at it all before erring and turning to the little ott.

    "Gud je'b on ta pla'tin…Bu' 'tis Z...Zcchni? Nev'r He'rd o' da' b'fore. Su'e wo'ld be fi'e ta."

  • "Zucchini are my favorite," Derry chirped. "But tomatoes are good too, an' beans," he added, leading the rat through the rows of vegetation towards the far corner. The garden was a large rectangle with paths for walking separating each kind of plant, and the vegetables were so lush that in spots Derry nearly disappeared from view.

    The group of three Zucchini plants he stopped at were viney and expansive, with large, yellow orange flowers and bright green leaves.  "These are my Zucchinis," Derry announced, obviously bursting with pride for his veggies. He set the bucket down and pointed to a leaf. "Lookit," he told his new friend. "Th' leaves hav' liddle spiny hairs on'em. An that's a Zucchini!" He pointed out one of many deep green, pendulous, oblong fruits attached to the vine with thick stems. He set the bucket down and pulled out a small knife. With an efficient movement and a grin full of pride, he held up a particularly large specimen. "You can hold th' veggies, okay?"

    With that, Derry began to harvest in earnest, going first to a tomato plant bursting with large, pink fruits and then to a pepper bush, picking three large, brightly orange bell peppers.

    When he deemed there was enough, he nodded to himself and turned to grin again at Tulian, thrilled to have a new friend to show off too, as well as someone to help carry the vegetable haul. "Now we can gets the fishies."

  • Tul was just happy to patter along behind the young otter and listen to him as he enjoyed the garden. It was…almost bringing a tear to his eye really. Seeing all this joy and energy devoted to something so simple that had nothing to do with the pursuit of wealth or trying to kill people. It wasn't enough for him to want to repent to the life he was previously apart of. But it sure made him happy that he had washed up here. To learn that some beasts were happy to just have a simple life like this and take such pleasure in just watching something grow. And then eat it. That surely helped with the enjoyment as Tul just nodded at Derrys words and carefully held the vegetables when prompted to.

    He kept following until Derry was happy with the amount gathered and then ooohed happily at the motion of fishing as he shook out his handpaws some. "F'sh'n? Ah' C'n fer' sh'r ha'p wi't tha' - whar' we' f'sh'n?"

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    "Fishin' some Dace fish," he grinned, trotting over to the stream.  It was, for the most part, as narrow and slow moving as where he and his mother habitually bathed.  But on one end of their land, close to the woods, it widened out in a very careful egg shape, narrow end towards the woods and the wide end towards the house and the road.  The little pool was smooth as glass on the surface, save for where water skimmers traversed the surface. On the far bank there were a smattering of cattails and lily pads, but where Derry now stood, the water was shallow, with a thin ribbon of silty, mica-flecked sand separating the water and the grass. "They like ta come close ta here an' eat all th' bugs, " the child informed Tul in a tone of revealing a well-guarded secret.

    Derry was about to drop the bucket and shed his clothes so he could fish, when he looked up at Tul questioningly. It hadn't occurred to ask before, in all the excitement of meeting his guest, but… Tul was a rat. He knew how to swim, of course, but.."D'you fish like otters fish, Mister Tul?"

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