Sir Darion Barkwood

  • ((Yes I know, one of the most cliched stories ever, but as a great squirrel once said cough Orion cough, "I started my character this way in the beginning, and would feel strange changing it now."  So, here is my cliche of chiches, Darion.))

    Name: Sir Darion Barkwood

    Age: 19 seasons (if seasons are human years)

    Species: Squirrel

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Darion has chestnut brown fur, hazel eyes and an otter's accent.  He wears a green tunic, a dark burgundy belt and a dark green cloak.  His weapons of choice are: a broadsword at his back, accompanied by a shortbow and quiver, and his trademark trowing dirk at his side.  He wears his aunt's old necklace, which is an overturned bowl with a blue crystal protruding out of the bottom.

    Bio: Long story short:  Darion was born on an island chain in the Northlands, but his parents were murdered by a band of rat pirates.  His aunt raised him to 15 in Mossflower Woods, at which point she was murdered by a band of fox bandits.  Darion has a burning predjudice against foxes now.  He spent 3 years hunting down his aunt's killers, at which point he single-handedly gave them a serious punishment with his newfound Bloodwrath.  He now has a permanent home at Redwall Abbey, but frequently runs off galavanting with his greatest friend; Dallno.  (Coming soon to a character sheet near you.  :P)

    Personality: Darion is rather happy-go-lucky, but serious when the situation calls for it.  He is extremely loyal, trustworthy and honorable.  His predjudice against foxes gets him in more trouble than it's worth, but he continues his vendetta.  He always seems to be attempting some maiden, always crashing and burning in the end.

  • Yah… Bit cliche but hey... We all start out that way.
    At least you gave him a weakness. 😛
    Some people make an Anakin Skywalker of Redwall Chara and then expect it to somehow be original. 🙂
    Good Profile though.

  • Thank you much!

  • Ah, the cliched "parents get killed, become orphan" biography. Still, there's uniqueness to every character, I suppose. Great job!

  • Heh, thanks.  My other classic characters aren't cliched, just to ressure you. 😛

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