Gone Fishin (intro post and wide open!)

  • ((Hello! This is open to anyone who happens to be interested. If I've made an obvious mistake or changing something would make your lives easier, please let me know. It's been a few years since I read the Redwall books. Imma get a few on my nook and rectify that.))

    The winter had mostly relinquished its hold on the shadowy woods of Mossflower. It was still bitterly cold some mornings, but once the sun got itself sorted in the sky it quickly became a pleasantly warm day. The evergreens were looking greener and healthier than they had all season, and there were green buds and new leaves and blooming flowers to entice the birds and insects.

    Another creature had stirred out of her winter sleep these last few weeks, too. Someone who took most of the morning to get going at all. Ribbonwhite was now slowly uncoiling from the top of the river stone where she'd spent a good few hours absorbing the warmth from the sunlight that splashed through the canopy overhanging the stream's banks. She didn't like the cold, for obvious reasons. Her mellow white scales had no warm fur covering, and her sluggish heart had no ability to provide adequate heat to her long and heavily muscled body. From nose to tail tip, she was several feet now; truly a monster compared to the sickly and starving little hatchling she should have been. Most of that length was hidden for the moment, piled on top of itself to conserve warmth, but lazily her tail droops out of a loop to assure herself that the bundle she'd painstakingly carried this far was still there, leaning against the base of the stone.

    Both items were a bit worse for wear. Three broad leaves rubbed with wax to keep them supple were long dead and beginning to crumble, but they had their edges sewn together and were secured by a long loop of braided yarn, so yet kept the sun from her reddish-orange eyes when she wore it atop her head. The second item was a skinny but broad drum set with hammered tin discs in its frame that rattled musically with every strike. There was a hole in its well used head - Ribbonwhite regretted that deeply but she hadn't noticed her fangs rubbing against it until Pop! Edith - or Essith as Ribbon could only ever pronounce - would have chided her for her carelessness with such a lovely belonging. It's birch rim was still painted with a lovely swirl of blue river currents and colorful fish twining around the tin discs. Really, though, in her mouth was the only effective way the snake could think to carry the thing, and she certainly wasn't going to drop it now.

    They could wait there for the moment, however. Breakfast was calling. She'd been watching the silvery flashes of fish in the shallows all morning while she waited to warm up, and the water murmured invitingly over its rock bed for the first swim of the year. Her head is the next thing to reveal itself from the seething coils. Broad and elegantly tapered, she lacked the wedge shape of her poisonous Moccasin cousin, but admired her reflection in the water at the base of the rock as she tested the waters with a flick of forked tongue. Cold. Her sides huffed in a short sigh. It couldn't be helped. She was hungry. Winter had been long and her hibernation made for a very empty belly.

    With a silent grace, the snake slid fully off the rock and into the river. It met her scales like ice, but after bobbing for a moment she disappeared beneath the dark water, white color plainly visible until she entered the deeper shadows where the fish scattered. Soon, though, they'd be back.

    And she'd be waiting.

  • Fenrath sat on a large, flat rock by the stream, looking for all the world like a large, black lump. He had been sitting here since early morning, and his limbs were starting to stiffen painfully. He wished that he had not come here so early, but he was very hungry and was willing to wait all day for a meal, though he hoped he didn’t have to. Patience, his master had beat into his head time and time again, patience. Fen was very glad for those lessons, certainly, anyone else would have surely given up and gone elsewhere by now.

    Suddenly, Fenrath’s paw shot out towards the water, a small knife hidden in it, and speared a fair sized fish that had been bolting upstream. He chuckled as he lifted his catch, not even creatures of water could escape his deadly speed. Fenrath stretched and shrugged off his cloak, which didn’t actually do much on account of his dark fur. A thought suddenly came to him, something had spooked this fish, probably something big. So, lacking anything better to do, Fen picked up his cloak and catch, and headed towards his campsite, which just happened to be in the direction of whatever had scared those fish.

    (OOC: Hi there! Nice to meet you! I think this is fine for an rp here, oh, and you probably want to learn more about Fen, here: http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/index.php?topic=1888.msg38081#msg38081 Enjoy!)

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    Slightly further Downstream a Rabbit sat there lazily as he watched his fishing rod which was propped up against some. The rabbit groaned as he waited for some kind of fish to bite."Aw come now give ol, Noah something to eat…." The rabbit muttered as he pulled out a deck of cards from his bag and began to toy with them. Suddenly the rod began to tug a bit. Glancing up Noah spotted the tug and quickly placed the cards back in his bag only to comically dive towards the rod as it flung of the rocks he had set us to keep the rod propped up. The rabbit stood up and began fighting whatever he had caught. "Come to papa!" The rabbit yelled as he fought back his catch. After several moments of such a rather odd and hilarious scene the rabbit suddenly lost his footing as the string snapped only causing him to fall forward into the water. Noah quickly popped his had out of the water and waved his fist upstream. "Beginners luck! You monster! Beginners luck!"

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    Ribbonwhite stayed submerged out there for a long time, delicately picking her way across the riverbed. She could have stayed and fished from the shore, but the larger fish always lurked farther out, and so she eventually found a likely spot and wedged herself against a rock, only occasionally extending her long body - very slowly - to gulp a lungful of air.

    Eventually her patience pays off. A commotion of movement in the reeds; a young bass struggled mightily against some unseen adversary. It jerked and danced up and down to an invisible rhythm, and Ribbon's eyes locked on as she swayed gently, mimicking the harmless motion of a stick. The hapless fish tried to swim away and was pulled back, right across her nose…


    Uncoiling with a blinding speed that strikes the fish broadside, hooked fangs find purchase through the slick scales and she yanks the wildly thrashing animal into her coils. Something snaps, like a tension that'd held the fish in place, and snake and fish tumble until the struggle is over.

    Righting herself and wriggling swiftly, she surfaces with her prize in her mouth... and a familiar hook and line still imbedded in its jaw. Noah, you've been robbed.

    Ribbon makes the shoreline. she was downstream from where she had entered. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem for her kind, but for her... she had left something precious behind. Sunning and digesting would have to wait, though the taste of the fish she held aloft was maddening. Another pang of regret for the past gripped her through the blind instinct of her reptilian nature... her hedgehog benefactor had been able to use her dainty mammal hands to cook fish such as this. They were fine raw but... Oh the miracles the little spiny creature could work with spices and a fire.

    Without her head on the ground, and with her mouth and its scenting tongue currently occupied, /and/ with the sun starting to glare down onto too-sensitive eyes, Ribbonwhite is unawares of the big otter Fenrath sharing this side of the bank until the brush parts and there he is in a clearing. She was between him and his camp, and he.. Well, he might miss the little ruined hedgehog drum and funny leaf cap, but he was far too close to it for her liking.

    For a moment, she must look rather ridiculous. A big white rope holding up a big dead fish like a dog fetching it for a master, wet carcass flopping on either side of her jaws and a hook and line dripping in the fish's mouth. But for all the humor... that was a snake. A large one. White, it was near impossible to tell its species between the snakes that regularly caught fish - among them such deadlies as the Cottonmouth, Moccasin, and Copperhead. White serpents didn't normally live too long, either, so for this beast to have been around long enough to get this big, it was probably a viciously clever thing.... even if it was carrying its kill for some odd reason.

    Startled, and afraid to lose the belongings near the rock, Ribbonwhite arches her neck behind her head, drawing her length around her into a coil, but her huffed hiss of warning is muffled by the fish still firmly in her mouth. She has to slowly lower her head ... intent on carefully wedging the fish against the ground in order to get her backwards-facing teeth to release... That was a big mammal, and she knew knives when she saw them.

  • (One does not simply steal Noah's meal. just be happy he isn't a hare)

    After several moments of swearing Noah had finally managed to climb out of the rivers. Dripping wet, the rabbit grabs his bag and looked upstream where the he catch had went. Still fuming Noah began to head upstream in hopes of finding a better spot to fish….or maybe even a tavern...filled with beautiful maids. The rabbit's face turned bright red with a rather large smile at the thought as he continued to walk.

    (Word of warning to all maids who doesn't know this one fact about Noah, He is a HUGE pervert. I think im going to enjoy the comedy that will come from playing as him xD)

  • Fenrath stared at the pale snake in front of him, surprise and a bit of fear etched into his face. He knew better than to try and fight a snake, any snake, particularly when it appeared to be threatening him. He brought his knife, which still had the fish on it, close to his chest and began to slowly creep around the snake. Had it not been for this lethal predator, Fenrath would have surely noticed the objects that had lain quite close to him. As it stood, his gaze was firmly locked on the deadly, white snake.

    Fenrath breathed a sigh of relief as he entered his camp, which was really no more than a small fire pit and a bedroll. That encounter with the snake had been far too close for comfort, but at least he knew what had frightened the fish in the first place. Sticking his catch on a stick, Fen began to start a fire to cook it. The thought of a warm meal sped his progress and  he quickly had the fish roasting slowly over it. Instead of staying to keep an eye on his meal, he decided to stretch his limbs a bit, and started to walk straight towards the stream.

    Fenrath almost ran straight into the hare then, but at the last moment he jumped back and crouched, looking the hare over. Standing, Fenrath tried to keep him calm, “Sorry about that, I wasn’t looking where I was going,” he explained, “I was a bit preoccupied.” Carefully scrutinizing him, Fenrath made a mental note, looks like he has money, might actually be worth it. So, in order to not lose track of him, Fen said, “Would you, perchance, like a bite to eat? I have a fish cooking just over there.” he gestured towards his campsite.

    (OOC: I’m going off the assumption that Noah might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, no offense.  ;D)

  • By the time she has worked the fish out of her mouth, the otter is all but out of sight. Oh, thank goodness.

    "Go." She breathes in his wake. /Had/ he just headed a snake /speak/ or had it just been her hiss and his imagination??

    She rushes to the rock, coiling around the objects protectively until she is sure he's gone. Stranger and stranger behavior from the white beast. Finally left in peace, she reaches her neck out to the discarded fish, tongue picking up the taste of metal. Hooked. Her prey had been hooked. By the otter? He'd had his own fish.

    Clasping the metal hook in her lips, she braces the fish in her coils and spends a good bit of time working both awkwardly until the hook is freed and she can safely swallow the bass.

    As it settles - a noticeable bulge in her middle - her instinct to hunt and eat fades happily into the desire to sit and soak in the warmth to counter the chill of her swim. She pondered her encounter. She'd never met an otter before. A lidless eye watched the hook shine in the grass, and after a time pondering, the snake made a decision.

    Wriggling her head oddly in the grass until the yarn went under her chin and the sewn leaves settled upon her head rather like a flat hat, Ribbonwhite gathered her drum and then the hook in her mouth. She had been rude. Hungry, but no excuse for rudeness. And he might want his hook back.

    Her tongue flicks beneath her bundle, tasting the grass where the otter had stepped. His scent was fresh, his heat vivid to her senses. It was an easy thing to set off in the direction he had taken.

    While Fenrath finds Noah, Ribbonwhite finds his camp. The fire was warm on her scales, and she puts the hook and drum down to coil around them. Exploring the area with her broad head nosing about and her tongue flickering madly at the end of her snout, it isn't long before she sees the fish on the stick…

    A more courteous beast would leave it. The goodbeast that raised her would scold her mightily. But Ribbonwhite was still a serpent, and the bass she'd just eaten had not yet gone to her stomach. She was still hungry. A moment later there is a well-gnawed stick on the ground and a second smaller bulge in her middle.

    Hissing contentedly, the snake again fetches the hook into her mouth and lays her head on the coil of herself nearest the fire, warming up nicely while she waits patiently for the owner of the camp to return. He would be so pleased, she thought to herself, to see the return of his hook, giving no thought to how it must look to know a snake had followed you home and lurked in waiting.

    ((Three posts in and I've robbed both beasts. XD))

  • (3 post in and we both have been robbed 😧 . Also Fen Noah is a rabbit not a hare. Dont let him catch you calling him a hare. Also Noah is actually pretty sharp. He just is a huge perv)

    Noah looked over the otter. Something felt slightly off about him but why not? The rabbit could use some entertainment and something to take his mind of his lost catch. The rabbit nodded. "Very well sir, lead on."

    (short post is short)

  • Fenrath promptly turned on his heel and led the way to his camp, where he stopped and stared at what he saw. The white snake was sitting by the fire, and it appeared to have eaten his breakfast. He wasn't exactly mad that they had stolen his food, being an otter he could easily catch more, it was the fact that they had taken the fish without asking. Of course, he didn't actually say anything about it, he would seem like a hypocrite, at least to himself. Sighing, he turned towards the rabbit, “I’ll be right back,” and with that, he ran towards the stream. With speed and grace that can only be attained by an otter, Fenrath quickly caught two more fish for him and the hare.

    Back at his camp, Fen spitted his catch on a new stick and set them over the fire to cook. He kept a careful eye on the snake, scrutinizing them with a practiced eye. They had a drum, which meant that either they were some kind of bard, or more likely that it had belonged to a previous kill. Fenrath shifted himself so that his sabers were in clear view, “So, why are you here, and what do you want?” he asked, keeping an eye on his fish.

  • Flick…. Flick

    Ribbonwhite doesn't move until the vibrations in the earth tell her that something is coming. She felt it through the whole of her body, hugged snug to the dirt. She couldn't begin to fathom how furred beasts managed to see the world, tottering about precariously on their tiny limbs. It was a wonder, really.

    Fenrath appears, and this time Ribbon does not raise her head in a threat posture. He even has company in the form of a rabbit. She does raise her head, now, but only to about head height level with them. The remainder of her length shifts at her base as she continues to hold Noah's hook in her mouth. Fenrath returns quickly, and Ribbon watches his actions with the lidless stare of her kind. The smell of more fish settles on the camp, but the snake is sated. Fenrath and Noah's breakfasts are safe.

    He says something. Only a muffled sort of murmur reaches Ribbonwhite's 'ears', since her head is currently off of the ground, but she had years of practice watching the motions of the mouth, and as long as whoever was speaking did so within the broad angle of her field of view, she could understand. What's more, she could mimic!

    The white snake extends her head and neck towards the otter - probably not a comfortable gesture - but only deposits the shiny hook on the ground between them before withdrawing and flickering her pink tongue at both of them.

    "Yoursss." she says. A snake speaking. And polite enough to return property! What a world!

    Her voice is a whispered sigh - like speaking without a voice at all, only using the action of the air passing in and out.

    "Osser." Her tongue flicks out at Fenrath, unable to quite get her throat around the "t" sound in otter, before her broad head tilts to fix Noah with the predator's gaze, "Hhaare." Whoops.

    Her tail, hidden somewhere in the seemingly endlessly turning mass of her broad coiled form, emerges and presses its tip to her neck, indicating herself, "Rribbonwhiite."

    Well wasn't that a poetic name for a killer. Fitting, though.

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  • Noah eyed the hook that the snake had spit out. It became clear to him that he was fighting a snake over a fish. the rabbit was beyond words, that is until that snake made the biggest mistake in the world. "Hhaare" It had said. Noah's head shot up from looking at the hook to the snake with a face that clearly meant 'Call me that again and I will skin you alive'. "Before we continue this 'conversation'  allow me to set the record. I am not a hare but in fact a RABBIT ,you..you Dummkopf!" Noah had said purposefully speaking in his western homeland's native language so nobody knew what he had said. Afterwards the rabbit adjusted his coat and look at the snake rather calmly. "Now thats out of my system, we can resume. I think i'll ask the clear question, why are you here  snake?"

  • Fenrath stared at the hook that the pale snake had dropped in front of him. Even though the hook wasn't his, he didn't want to accidentally anger the snake by second guessing it. “Ribbonwhite,” he said, ignoring the hare/rabbit/whatever, “my name is Fenrath.” He made sure to talk slowly and articulately, so that Ribbonwhite could understand him easily. He picked up one of the cooked fish and turned to Noah, “It is very easy to mistake a rabbit for a hare, sir.” He took a bite of fish and savored the flavor, suddenly reminding him just how hungry he was. Fenrath pointed at the drum by Ribbonwhite, “Do you, play that?” he had honestly never heard of a snake ever bothering to play any kind of instrument.

  • Noah waved a paw in dismissal to the otter's comment. "Bah, well now you know I'm a rabbit." The rabbit said shaking his head before looking at that drum after the otter pointed it out. Looking at the drum, Noah shook his head. "Good question actually, I have never heard of a snake bard." Noah looked at the snake for a moment and adjusted his hat. "A better question would be how would a snake even get an instrument." He said giving Ribbonwhite a sideways look eyeing the snake. The're was something about odd about this snake and it really had bothered him. He had heard the stories of snakes eating some poor unlucky beast and whatnot so he wasn't planning on taking any chances, even if this one seems to be having a conversation.

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