Fresh Meat!

  • Hullo! I'm new too!

    Just wanted to say hi, really. I've submitted two characters that I hope will fit in, so if anyone needs a rat to join their war party, let me know! I've also got a wandering snake - a bit non traditional but I hope she'll be fun.

  • Hey glad your getting settled. I read up on your characters, now a Snake bard eh? Not something you see everyday. I wonder how my character Edgar Noah Krausser would react he if met you (he is a Rabbit that is a magician –---> Anyways as for your rat.....Your making me want to create a Pyromaniac as a character just to mess with that one xD

  • Thanks for the welcome.

    A magician rabbit? Oh goodness. They'd have the best show ever. And a pyromaniac would definitely illicit a shriek or two out of that poor rat. Potentially also a scorpion in the sleeping bag. XD

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