So should I do this?

  • Okay so I have been noticing some Character profiles that actually contain multiple characters and me obviously had no idea one can do that so here is one of my questions. I have this character I made awhile back named Ezikeil DeSota( some of you all have met him before and for those of you who haven't, He is a Pirate captain(He would be a Spaniard irl if I may add) . Now here is the thing, His profile has existed since last December so it has been here for quite a bit now here is the question; Would be be better to create the character profiles for members of his crew as individual topics or add them into Ezikeil's profile as separate posts in his thread? I am not really sure which would be best and I would appreciate some advice.

    Thank you all in advance. Cheers!

  • Depends on their importance. Usually with npcs you can fit in a short summery of them In your profile. Like in a Crew sub heading. Just include important details such as a summery of their description, personality and role on the ship.


    Liam Grey: A big fat pine marten. He has a greedy self centered out look on life and works as the ships quartermaster.

  • I did Serena and Company because the characters in there are for a thread Skor and I are contemplating. Seri will probably do other threads, but we're planing to kill off Shirash and Mara's probably going to die also. 😢

  • Usually multiple profiles are done in the same thread of the characters are usually together. A captain and the ships crew would fit that characteristic. So when people who are RolePlaying in a thread with you can go to a single character thread and get all the characters that man the ship that Ezikeil captains. Whenever you are playing as Ezikeil, chances are the crew isn't far behind, especially if they are sailing and not on land.

  • Ah thanks!

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