Arvin Cindertale and Crew

  • Full Name: Captain Arvin Cindertail
    Nicknames: The Runt (not to his face), Cindertail
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Species: Red Fox
    Occupation: Pirate Captain of The Dark Deceit
    Moral Alignment: Evil

    Arvin is bit of a runt. He is shorter and weaker than most foxes his age. His fur is fairly standard of his species, red with a white muzzle and belly. The exception to this is his tail. Unlike other foxes his tail is kind of scraggly and black. This is due to an incident with a cooking fire in his childhood. His eyes are sky blue, and very bright. Arvin wears a pair of black breeches, the only part of his outfit that fits. He wears big old sea boots and a red, gold trimmed captain’s coat, both too big for him. The boots are particularly too big, and frequently trip him. Atop his head he wears a simple black tricorne hat. To help keep his overly large coat on and hold his weapons Cindertail wears a black belt with a large, shiny brass buckle around his waist.

    Arvin loves all things shiny. So, he tends to wear a lot of jewelry. He wears a golden ear hoop in each ear and a silver one in the left. On his right paw he wears a golden bracelet decorated with various sizes of diamonds. His fingers are dotted with various rings of precious metal and gems. He has a rather big cutlass that he wears thrust through his belt on his left side. On his right side he carries two daggers. He is the captain of the two-masted schooner The Dark Deceit. Stained and painted black, and with black sails, the ship is meant for speed and stealth. Fast and easy to handle, it is prized for raids. It carries a fair sized crew of about 70-100 and is mostly used to raid merchant ships by boarding, often at night. The crew keeps oars and long poles in case of the sails being down for stealth or an extra burst of speed on the already quick ship. The ship has somewhat a secret weapon, a ram hidden under the waterline. This is really only used in last ditch attempts though, normally The Dark Deceit is too fast to be caught.

        - Arvin is very good at jumping from years of working on rigging and aiding in boarding actions. However, his natural agility is often inhibited by his oversized boots.
        - He is a strong swimmer. The other pirates joke if Arvin had a swimming contest with a fish, the fish would drown first.
        - Arvin has a keen survival sense. He may not be the brightest or the strongest chap, but he knows when to keep his head down.

        - Arvin is a wimp, and his crew knows it. The only reason they follow his command is because they know his big brother will get them if they don’t. He is a runt, and trips over his own clothing.
        - Arvin is a coward when attacked directly. If he is watching his crew attack his enemy from a safe distance he acts tough as nails. But if you charge him head on, he’ll just run.
        - Cindertail isn’t the brightest. The fact that he once sat down in a cooking fire about sums it up.

        From his character, Arvin is anything but a pirate captain. He was born a runt, always in the shadow of his big brother, Bloodtail. They both grew up on the ship of their father, an old pirate himself. When they were still little Arvin sat in a cooking fire completely accidentally, though he claims he tripped backwards. The crew laughed about the incident, and Cindertail’s new surname, for months. As soon as Bloodtail was old enough, he took command of his own ship and Arvin became his first mate. They sailed across all the known seas and soon the name of Bloodtail became feared everywhere. Bloodtail is a true dread pirate, cruel and vicious. To be his ally is to put your life at risk, and to be his enemy is to throw it away.
        At one point Bloodtail seized another pirate ship and made it his own. Arvin requested to be captain of the new ship, and Bloodtail let him. Arvin decided to call his new ship The Dark Deceit. The crew of the new ship hardly wanted to listen to Arvin, but Bloodtail kept them in line. The threat of having Bloodtail's wrath come down upon them keeps them obedient to Cindertail. The Dark Deceit now acts as the scouting and ambush ship of Bloodtail's fleet, as well as raiding independently.

    Father - pirate, presumed dead
    Mother - unknown, may not be the same as Bloodtail's mother
    Brother - Captain Nicolo Bloodtail

  • Full Name: First Mate Falsten Goldtooth
    Nicknames: Falsten, Goldtooth, First
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Species: Ermine
    Occupation: First Mate of The Dark Deceit
    Moral Alignment: Evil/Neutral

    Falsten is an ermine of average height, but quite muscular. He is none to stocky, but well built and rippling with muscles. His fur is pure white, with a black tip on his tail. His canines have been covered with gold caps of some kind, giving him his surname. His eyes are emerald green, standing out strongly in contrast with his white fur. He wears a pair of black breaches and sailor boots. He has a heavy green coat with some gold trim which helps keep out the cold. But he will normally shed this in battle, fighting either bare chested or in a simple navel undershirt. He wears an old black cavalier hat with a green feather thrust inside its brim. He wears a swashbuckler’s belt with a strap that goes over his left shoulder.

    Falsten believes that more weapons are better than less. In all he carries a cutlass, a heavy woodcutting hatchet, a dirk, and two knives. He wears the cutlass on the left side of his belt, the hatchet on the right, and the smaller blades on his shoulder strap. He has a pair of small golden ear hoops in his ears.

        - Falsten is a good leader and commander. He makes up for his captain’s woeful lacking of such skills.
        - He is a fair swordbeast, and an excellent combatant with his axe. When using his weapons, together with his strength and intelligence, he can be quite dangerous. 
        - Falsten is a quick thinker, and rather bright for a pirate.

        - Falsten is inept with ranged weapons such as bows and slings, so is useless beyond the range he can throw his axe.
        - Can't actually read or write, and as such, lacks book smarts. The best he can do is a "signature".

        Falsten was born in the land of snow and ice where he was a servant of the Wolverine rulers. His people were greatly oppressed there. Their cruel flesh eating masters had little patience or time for thinking, they fought mindless battles and sent their subjects to die. The weaker members of society were often eaten by the giant flesh hungry monsters. Falsten was a woodcutter, who lived in a small village close to the icy sea. Falsten was no idiot, and he knew there was a better life somewhere. He had heard tales of the strange lands over the sea, were it was always warm and food was everywhere.
        Determined to find that land one day, Falsten and his childhood friend, Illia Frostborn, slowly built a small ship using wood that Falsten had in storage and simple diagrams they procured. They were only about 18 in human years when they attempted to sail for the east. Unfortunately for them their small ship ran into a storm and capsized. The remains of the boat were found by Captain Bloodtail and his crew, the hapless ermines clinging to it. Left with little choice, Falsten convinced the corsairs to let him join their ranks, telling them that he and Illia had come from the land of flesh eaters, and so were as tough as any of the pirates. 
        Falsten proved himself to be a good and loyal pirate, so when Bloodtail seized another pirate ship, Falsten became first mate under Arvin Cindertail. Arvin was a bit of a wimp, so Falsten found himself having to keep the crew in line. He doesn’t mind though, he’ll let Arvin play commander while he makes the real decisions for him. He and Illia have grown to like each other more and more over the years. They were already childhood friends, and have been brought closer yet due to their unity in being alone as ermine on a ship of "eastern" beasts. It is obvious to most of the crew that they are more than just friends, but as pirates nobeast really concerns themselves with it.

    Father - unknown
    Mother - unknown
    Illia - Childhood Friend and Lover

  • Full Name: Illia Frostborn 
    Nicknames: Illia, Lia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Species: Ermine
    Occupation: Ship's Cook on The Dark Deceit

    Illia is thin and slender in build. She has a beautiful, lithe body, and a pretty face to go with it. She really doesn't look the pirating sort, she seems a sweet maid. But, she can be as fierce as any corsair when needed. She has snow white fur everywhere on her body except her tail tip, which is black. Her eyes are a bit of gold/yellow color, a very gold hazel. She wears black breeches, held up with a black belt, sporting a silver buckle. She wears a loose white shirt, flowy and with short sleeves. She has a heavy blue navel coat she will wear in cold nights, but rarely does she need to. She wears black, fitted boots and often a light blue bandanna tied around her head.

    Illia has a love for silver. She wears a silver ear hoop in each ear and two silver bracelets around each forepaw. In her belt she keeps thrust two dirks, and often the odd other knife (cooking or combat).

        - Illia is an excellent aim at knife throwing, and dexterous with them in paw.
        - Illia is quite acrobatic and agile, she makes a fairly good paw to paw combatant as she is hard to catch.
        - Illia is a good cook, even with what little she has to work with on board the ship.
        - Illia can do a good bit of reading and a little writing, a rare skill among pirates.

        - Illia isn't very strong, so will lose out in most contests of strength. Needs to avoid being caught in a fight.
        - Illia really is a lightweight. She can not compete with other pirates in drinking, and soon will be tipsy.

        Illia, as her surname suggests, was born in the land of ice and snow. She grew up as a childhood friend of Falsten. In the small village where she lived, her mother would cook and serve food to the working men. Illia helped, and picked up on a lot of her skills. Falsten always told her stories of lands beyond the great sea, which he has heard from those who claimed to have met beasts from the east. In that land the snow was only temporary, and vegetation and food abounded.
        They both decided to build a boat and cross the sea together. They were young, around 18, but they managed to piece together a small vessel. They started out for the east, but after a storm hit, it became obvious the tiny ship was not made for such a voyage. They were found by one of the most infamous of pirates, the dread pirate Captain Bloodtail. Falsten immediately set about trying to join the crew, in order to preserve their lives, which Bloodtail allowed. Of course, not without many threats about what would happen if they failed him. Illia was surprised he didn’t kill them at once.
        Both of them soon became valuable crew members. Falsten was known for his combat ability and logic, and Illia became known for her cooking and ability to read. When a second ship was captured and christened The Black Deceit, Falsten became first mate. Illia followed him to the new ship as its cook. A few saw this as an obvious sign that Falsten and Illia liked each other a little more than most friends. But, most of them had suspected that from the beginning. She dreams of one day settling down on the mainland, but until then she is content with the life she has, though she often fears for Falsten.

    Father - unknown
    Mother - unknown
    Falsten - Childhood Friend and Lover

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