Alaric Merryweather Marillac

  • Name: (ex)Abbot Alaric Merryweather Marillac
    Aliases: Called Alaric by close friends, Abbot Marillac to strangers.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Species: Harvest Mouse
    Occupation: Scholar, Teacher, Abbot

    Physical Appearance:
      Alaric is very young for an Abbot, one of the youngest to rise to that position. His features show youthful life and vigor. His fur is a soft light brown, verging on gold. His eyes are a deep dark brown. Alaric has a bright, cheerful smile, and overall is rather good looking beast. He is rather slight in build, tall for one of his species, and quite thin. He does not possess much upper body strength, though this is rarely a problem. He does have strong legs though, and is a quick runner. Alaric is nearsighted, and so wears a pair of round spectacles. He wears the simple forest green habit of Redwall, tied with rope around the waist, and with a hood to protect him from the elements. Alaric covers his footpaws with sandals, but sometimes wears boots if the weather is ill.

      Alaric doesn't own much in terms of material possessions. One could say much of the Abbey is his, but he doesn't see it that way. In his eyes, he is a steward, not a master. Alaric never carries a weapon, at least nothing more than a simple staff or a random object on hand. He has no need to fight, except in defense. The only things Alaric calls his own is a journal, the clothing on his back, and a few books.

      Alaric is often much focused and task oriented. When on duty, he is a very serious and no-nonsense beast. He keeps calm under pressure, making sure everyone is in order. He is a good leader, and though he can be critical with his judgment, his criticism is always constructive. He deals with problems quickly and sternly, and deals with unkind strangers politely but curtly.
      Though the Abbot is young, he shows the wisdom and learning of a far older beast. He is well read, quite intelligent, and a good judge of character. Though he is not always sure what the right thing to do is, his decisions are always made with good judgment and a fair mind. He is willing to offer his wisdom to any beast who asks, though he will not force advice upon them in matters in which he is not involved.
      Alaric can be a bit of a loner at times, as he enjoys a good book, and will go to great lengths to find a quiet place to read. He likes to be alone with his thoughts when faced with a difficult problem. But Alaric likes being around other beasts, so he is usually not gone for long.
    For these traits, some see Alaric as a bit of stuck up fuddy-duddy. But, Alaric really isn't as cold and strict a beast as he sometimes appears. He really and truly cares about the Abbey beasts, more than anything else. They are his family to him, and while he can be a strict father, he loves them dearly. Whenever he somebeast is in trouble or hurt, he will do all that he can to help them. He has a very gentle side when not trying to keep order in the abbey, and is very kind to everybeast when he talks to them personally.
    When not task, or with close friends, he loosens up a great deal. He smiles much more, and will joke or laugh at the jokes of others. He enjoys feasts, good conversations, and sports, especially with the young ones. The Abbot loves young beasts, particularly orphans, who he feels great compassion for. This is what led him to be a teacher in the Abbey, along with his desire to share knowledge. When instructing the young, Alaric shows much more patience than he does with older beasts, and is all around much nicer.                     
      The Abbot is not a very aggressive beast, despite being stern at times. But, he loves the Abbey fiercely, and will defend the residents with his life. He will not tolerate anyone trying to hurt them, and will not back down, even if that means sacrificing himself.

    Alaric is a bright fellow, with both factual knowledge and that which is gained from experience. He has an excellent memory and he is wise beyond his years. He is a fast runner when his habit doesn't trip him up. Alaric has an excellent singing voice, much lower than his speaking voice. Alaric is very brave, and fears no enemy. He will stand up face to face with any threat against the Abbey. He has very good handwriting, and can write quickly too. Reading and writing are his strong points.

    Alaric has no combat skill other than the basics that is instinct. He has never been a warrior and never intends to. Without his glasses, he is very nearsighted, and can't really see who anyone is once they are more than four feet away. Alaric isn't very skilled in most physical activities (jumping, climbing, throwing, swimming etc.). Alaric has a fast metabolism, and tires somewhat quickly unless he eats often.

      To Alaric, his life before coming to Redwall is a haze. He was very young when he lost his parents in a forest fire. He misses them not so much because of memories, but because of watching other children with their living parents. After the fire, Alaric was brought with other orphaned young ones to Redwall abbey and raised there. He learned to stand without parents or siblings, and his heart grew strong. He loved his life at the abbey, and the brothers and sisters who cared for him.
      Of all the orphans, none was more attentive during classes than Alaric. He loved learning, filling his head with wisdom and knowledge. No matter how much he was taught, he always wanted more. He spent his free time helping around the abbey and reading as much as he could. When he came of age, there was no question that Alaric would become a novice. He had fallen in love with the life of service, and the brothers and sisters all came to love him, serious though he could be.   
      As he grew older, Alaric soon became a full member of the Redwall order. Everyone recognized that in wisdom and leadership he had surpassed even some of the oldest among them. When situations would confuse others he always took charge, finding a way to resolve the problem. His true love though was in education of Redwall's young. He took a teaching role, teaching all manners of subjects, particularly reading and writing. He loved the students that took to reading, and would go out of his way to recommend books to them. He stood up for the orphans, who he felt a special connection to. He tried to match them with families, and make sure those who were without did not feel alone.
              There came a day when the old Abbot passed on command, ready to rest. The Abbey came together to hear who he had announced as his successor. Many were surprised, but many were expecting it when Alaric's name was called. He was astonished, and at first asked if he could just stay a teacher, but the old Abbot told him that the decision had been long discussed and he should not be afraid. Inspired by this confidence, Alaric became Abbot Marillac. Over several seasons of leadership, he has proven himself a good choice for the position.

      Though many Abbots before him have married, and he is of the right age, Alaric does not appear to take any interest in such matters. He has many friends in the abbey, and many among the orphans.

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