Edgar Noah Krausser

  • Name: Edgar Noah Krausser

    Also known as(nickname): Noah, "The great Krausser"


    Species: Rabbit

    alignment: neutral (has morals though)

    Job: "Master magician" (he is a illusionist)

    Appearence: A primarily white furred rabbit with a rather large black spot on on the right side of his face and ends of his slightly droopy ears. His build is a rather average and has a height of 5'9 (excluding ears)

    Scars: small scar on his nose given to him for a rather heated and drunken debate a year earlier

    Clothing: He typically wears tan trousers, brown boots that go to his knee and a white long sleeved shirt along with his signature reddish brown coat  (coat looks like this http://www.sutlers.co.uk/acatalog/Tripcapbrown.jpg).


    • a finely crafted rapier
      -a small dirk
      -a deck of cards(or any other object a magician or illusionist may have)
      -small pouch containing pellets than when thrown produces a smoke that can be of various colors


    -he can perform various grand illusions and tricks that can baffle his enemy
    -due to experience he is a skilled escapist (things like cuffs and rope. it isn't like he can walk though walls)
    -trained in the art of fencing and can wield his blade his deadly speed
    -very charismatic


    -many of his illusions take time to be done or must be prepared beforehand

    • his escapes can be time consuming and can be noticed when guard is paying close attention
      -sometimes very cocky
      -a little to charismatic (loves to flirt with ladies…okay he is a pervert)


    Hailing from one of the western nations (think Germany), Edgar Noah Krausser (goes by Noah)is the son a famous actress and a soldier who had a love for magic and illusions. By the age of 5 Noah's father noticed him developing the same passion for magic and illusion as he did and began to teach him the tricks he did know. Eventually Noah began to become very talented and even was able to perform advanced illusions and tricks by the age of 15 with the encouragement and his father and his mother. He eventually began to perform his magic for prominent and influential beasts. He offically made this his career at age 19 and has been a very popular entertainer since

    (ideas welcomed)

  • Certainly an interesting character, I'd like to meet this master "magician." Just remember that there is no actual magic like this in the redwall universe.

  • I know that hence the (illusionist) part. Every single trick he does is actually a illusion or simply sleight of hand. He can't turn someone into a duck or anything but he can trick people into thinking he did. Good examples of some trick s would be like Darcy Oake(both illusion and sleight of hand), James Moore(illusion) or Smoothini(bar magic).

    If you want I can provide links that shows their styles of magic (also all 3 auditioned in a Got talent Darcy and James was on Britian's while Smothini was on america's)

    also i did a quick update as well….by to charismatic i mean he is a huge pervert so expect more comical pervert moments from him xD

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