Serena Rosebud and Company

  • Nicknames : Seri

    Full Name: Serena Rosebud

    Species: Sea Otter

    Gender  - Female

    Age  - 14 years

    Description: Fairly short as otters go. Rather pretty, but with a long faint scar across her left cheek. Silver/gray fur, cool blue eyes. Usually wears a knee-length black tunic tied at the waist with a blue sash that matches her eyes.

    Possessions: Healing herbs in woven pouch, 6 silver bangles given to her by her mother, a bow given by her oldest brother.

    Strengths: Good with Dibbuns, manages to keep even the rowdiest entertained. Somewhat knowledgeable in healing, writing, reading, and cooking. Very good swimmer.

    Weaknesses: Has a hard time getting along with others her age, until she gets to know them. Dislikes any weapons, but can use a bow if required. Can get very short-tempered when tired. Occasionally has seizures and dizzy spells caused by her fall.

    Personality: Cheerful, helpful, quiet-mannered. Somewhat of a wallflower until others get to know her.

    Little sister of Skor Axehound, only daughter of Reagan. At the age of 6, while on a trip with her parents to Redwall Abbey, Seri fell off the wall, seriously injuring herself. She was lucky to survive. Her parents left her at the Abbey for better care, intending to get her the next summer, but upon their arrival there the next season they found she was much happier there than learning weaponry and such on the north coast, so they allowed her to stay. The scar on her face was left from the fall. She has spent the past 8 years assisting various people around the Abbey, the Friar, the Abbot, the Recorder, the Healer, and the Badger Mum. As such, she has gained a lot of knowledge about many things around the Abbey. She can write, read, cook, and do some healing.

    Serena has taken charge of an orphaned otter babe, named Wintergreen. She also has one close friend, Mara, a squirrel-maid.

    When Serena was twelve, her oldest brother Surindale came to Redwall for a while. During the time he spent there, he crafted Serena a bow and taught her how to use it. She has not seen her brother Skor since she was at the North Coast.

  • Nickname: Mara

    Full Name: Mara Silvantail

    Species: Gray Squirrel

    Age: 14 years

    Description: Silver/gray fur, brown eyes, usually wears a brown dress and green apron.

    Possessions: A few semi-precious stones - Jasper, Turquoise, Quartz, strung on a necklace.

    Strengths: Mara listens well to those older than her, considering all angles of a matter before making a decision. She gets along well with all creatures, at least, she tries her hardest to. Good at climbing.

    Weaknesses: Easily frightened, Mara is the type who jumps and squeals when someone unexpectedly speaks to her, or walks up behind her. She doesn’t know how to use any kind of weapon save a soup ladle.

    Personality: She is sweet, mild-tempered, kind but firm with the Dibbuns. She is good match for Serena Rosebud, as she has a soothing personality and can bring her out of her seizures.

    Background: A few weeks after she was born, Mara’s family - her parents and two older brothers - mysteriously disappeared. Mara suspects a vermin attack, but doesn’t know for sure. She was left in the nest for 2 days, until one of the brothers, Brother Talbun, from Redwall Abbey happened to be climbing the tree that she was in. He rescued her and took her back to the Abbey, where she was raised by the Badger Mum. When Mara was six, Serena came to Redwall. They became fast friends, and their friendship was a lasting one.

    At the age of 12, while on a trip into Mossflower wood with Brother Talbun, Mara found an orphaned otter babe, she brought her back. She took her to the Badger Mum, who frightened the babe for reasons as yet unknown. Mara and Serena wound up taking responsibility for her.

  • Nickname: Wintergreen (Winta)

    Full Name: Wintergreen Silvanbud

    Species: Rare Albino River Otter

    Age: 2 years (Dibbun)

    Description: White fur, blue eyes. Usually wears a blue dress and dark green apron/bib.

    Possessions: Rattle made from a dried gourd, filled with river sand and pebbles. A handful of shells and pretty pebbles.

    Strengths: Early walker and talker. Good swimmer, especially for her age. Listens to her foster mothers (Mara and Serena) fairly well, unless she is on the trail of something sweet.

    Weaknesses: Bashful, prefers to stay with her foster mothers than to play with the other Dibbuns. Very fond of sweet things. Curious, especially about interesting plants, but fortunately for her doesn’t eat them (usually).

    Personality: Quiet, easily frightened. Usually looks pensive and thoughtful.

    Background: Her father was killed by foxes before she was born, her mother died in birth, due to weakness and hunger. She was found by Mara and Brother Talbun, who took her back to the Abbey. Serena and Mara raised her, as Redwall’s Badger Mum, Tyrilla, actually frightened her.

    Only recently have they been able to get her to sleep in the same room with the other Dibbuns, or to play with them. She still prefers to follow her foster mothers, leading to some interesting experiences such as pinching her rudder in the honey barrel. Also nearly poisoned herself by playing with Lily-of-the-Valley. Her last name is a combination of Serena’s and Mara’s.

  • Nickname: Shirash

    Full Name: Shirash Moonhunter

    Species: Weasel/Ferret cross

    Age: 37

    Description: Blood-red eyes, short black fur. About 6 feet tall, thin but strong. His entire body is covered in scars. Wears short black tunic, mottled blue/gray/green/black hooded cloak (ankle-length), and a red headband.

    Possessions: Climbing ropes, strangling noose, 5 foot long bow, four strand whip, leather pouch with tokens from each beast he’s killed.

    Strengths: Excellent swimmer; runner; climber; assassin.

    Weaknesses: Overconfident; holds grudges, but sometimes forgets faces; jumps before he looks.

    Personality: Arrogant, overbearing, murderous, enjoys torturing his target before he kills him/her.

    Background: Raised by a master assassin, killed him and took his job. Was hired by Jerik Redeye to kill Reagan, Otter Chieftain on the North Coast. While at Redwall, attempting to do his job, he stumbled upon a young otter maid. The end result was that he fell off the wall. He was not killed, but the hawthorn bush that broke his fall also left deep gouges all over his body.  He was found by an ancient female weasel out foraging, who dragged him to her lair a days march to the north of Redwall, and tended him. It was due mostly to his intense desire to live that he survived.

    For three years he lived with her, training his body to respond to him the way it had before. After he was fully healed, he murdered her and left the lair, never once looking back. He spent the next five years roaming the woodlands and surrounding areas, looking for the otter maid that caused his accident. He suspected she might be in Redwall, but refrained from going there until he had searched nearly everywhere else within a reasonable distance.

    Alignment: Vermin

    Job: Assassin-for-hire

  • OK yep I totally picture my Assassin character, Serghei and Shirash both admiring and hating one another with a fiery passion .

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