• After much deliberation, I decided that I would try to make an E-zine for RL.
    I asked Seth, and got Approval for it as well.
    So here we go,
    There are going to be multiple jobs that are going to need to be filled

    Editor in Chief- Snagtooth
    Editors- ???
    Artist- ???
    Journalists- ???

    Brief Descriptions for each:

    Editor in Chief- Create basic concepts and approves layouts and submitted articles for the E-zine

    Editor- Assists Editor in  Chief, edits articles for basic grammar errors, and creates basic layout for articles to be submitted

    Artist- Creates cover art, and any needed images for the E-zine

    Journalist- Anyone on the forum who wishes to submit an article. Can be long or short.

    So there we are.

    I also currently looking for a good name for the E-zine. The only one I've got right now is:
    Redwall's-Legacy E-zine

    I thing we can come up with something better than this though. Any ideas?

  • Hello folks!

    Does anyone want to help with the E-Zine? I think it would be great!

  • Well, all I can say is good luck with this venture. My schedule is going to be pretty packed as it is, so I fear I won't be able to be much help.

  • Hrmmm… Kiera! You're an excellent artist! Would you mind doing the artwork for the E-zine?

  • I'm willing to be an Editor. 😃

  • You will? That's great. Thank you very much. Now we just need some submissions for the E-zine…
    I'll try cooking up a basic Idea of how I'd like the E-zine to work and then go from there.

  • Well, if you don't mind suggestions, then I'd suggest having an overall theme for each issue. For example, The Myth's Magazine focuses on a single book in each of its issues.

  • OK, Good idea. Any others?
    I was thinking that articles could be submitted by the community and then selected for submission into the E-Zine. There would of course be articles submitted monthly by certain people but the community should have the opportunity to submit works. What do you think?

  • OK, Here's what I've worked out so far.

    Cover Art will be on top (Duh)
    Then there will be Table of contents

    Each month we will have the following:

    Site of the Month (For impressive site that have captured our attention)
    RL Reccomends (A book that we recommend)
    Member of the Month (History and facts and interview with the Member of the Month)
    A Weekly Chapter to a Fan-fic

    There will also be compilations of articles written by members of RLF

    Sound good? Any recommendations?

  • Er, this magazine is Redwall-related, right? Yes, it is. How about a FAQ section. There are a lot of questions people frequently ask.

    I'll be a journalist. Mind you, I sometimes will have lack of articles, so I suggest having another person with me as journalist.

  • OK, Thanx!
    I actually plan to have a lot of Journalists.
    To get started though, I'm gonna needsan article as quickly as you can get one to me. I want to release our first issue Sept. 1

    Pick a topic and start typing. Thanx again Jet. I'll be submitting some too.

  • OK, We will be releasing our first issue of the E-Zine (Currently called R-LEZ). on the 6th. This will give people the oppurtunity to submit works before we release. Please start those submissions.

  • Snagtooth, what are the topics you know are being done thus far?

    hrms and giggles We could have an 'Interview with a Villain' column!

    EDIT: Or, maybe just 'Interview with a Vermin' or something…

  • Hmm, I'm going to start on an article right now. The topic is about large family trees, such as Matthias' family, the Greeneyes, the Brock badger line etc. Is that good enough? 'cause I can change it, if you want.

  • No, that sounds great! Very original and should be very informative as well. Thank you.

  • chuckles I s'pose I could try to come up with some questions or something, but… It would truly need to be an interview... I mean, with two actual people. I couldn't ask myself questions like that...

    hrms AIM or like would prove quite useful, too...

  • Fantastic! Could you interview the Member of the Month when we have one?
    That would be fantastic!

    Thanx for everyone's help so far.

    We are still Desperately in need of some cover art for the E-Zine. If you are available please let me know!

  • Hm, well, I might try my paw at it. Depends what you want me to draw, though.

  • Thank you, that is very kind.
    If you could just draw something that would look nice for a cover, it would be great.
    Thanx again.

    (( If you can't do it, that's fine. We'll use something from the Gallery in that case. ))

  • Strike that.
    Keira has kindly consented to offer her services for the Cover art.
    She already has a sketch done and I have now approved it for the cover.
    Once it's done, I (Or Keira) will supply a link her for the cover art.

    Just heads up! The deadline for all submissions is Thursday.

    Thank you again. Please get those submissions in.

    (Cyber, if you are willing to interview the MoTM winner, yours will need to be turned in a little later. Thanx!)

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