Tyrilla Badger Mum

  • Nickname: Mum Ty

    Full Name: Tyrilla Badger Mum

    Species: Badger

    Age: 45

    Description:  Brown fur, with a broad white stripe down her back. Rich brown eyes. Usually wear a brown habit similar to those worn by the brothers and sisters at Redwall Abbey but of course much bigger.

    Possessions: Books. Books. Books. Oh, and a couple more books. Mum Ty has hand-written the largest collection of Badger-Lore ever found in one place.

    Strengths: Good with Dibbuns. Very good writer, very thorough researcher. Excellent memory.

    Weaknesses: Mum Ty is not trained in any sort of weaponry. She is withdrawn when meeting new beasts, giving her the impression of being cold and stern, which makes it hard for her to make close friends among other grown beasts.

    Personality: Interested in the going-ons around her. Through researcher, diligent. Enjoys working around the Dibbuns, as they bring interesting perspectives to her work.

    Background: Left her parents home far to the north of Redwall at the age of 22. Wandered for a long while, collecting information - facts and legends alike - about the ancient badgers. Settled at Redwall when she was 30, quickly became Badger Mum. Now spends most of her free time (of which there is little) writing all that she learned about the ancient badgers up in one of her many volumes. She currently has twenty three.

    She has only had one notable failure in her many years as Badger Mum, and that is Wintergreen. The otter babe was, when first brought to the Abbey, traumatized by Mum Ty. Now, she is comfortable being around the Badger Mum, but still wants to be with her foster mothers most of the time.

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