Hi, New Here

  • Hi, I was recommended to this website via Deekra (shoutout) so I have absolutely No idea how this website works (except that Deekra is trying to get to be Admin for a day, and you post stuff…) anyway, hello, goodbye etc. See you round!  😉

  • Hey Amber3477. I am glad you finally joined (just about had to resort to peer pressure because she was taking such a long time… homework sigh)!

    We don't just write about stuff, we write stories, or general conversations about stories. There are some stories still open and you can create then yourself.

    I hope you enjoy your time here.

  • Hello Amber, and welcome to "Redwall's Legacy"

    This site is a Redwall forum, where members can post and talk about Redwall. Much of the forum is Roleplay, where you make a character up and use said character to create stories within the Redwall Universe with other members and their characters.

    If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.
    you can also go here for more information… http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/index.php?topic=2495.0

  • Hi Deekra and Kiara,

    Thanks for the explanation, that should help me through the site. I look forward to having some good conversations with other users on the site!

  • Sup amber hope your enjoying it so far. Hey If your interested in doing some rping why not ya shoot me a message. Always great to have more people.

  • I will do my part and welcome new players to the forum! 😄

    I like to think of rp as a collective story telling process. We each assume the role of a character of our own design and toss them into situations with other characters, sometimes peacefull sometimes not so peacefull, and basically weave a story together post by post until we have something fun for others to read…we hope! :3

    So welcome to the forum!

  • Hiya Amber,

    We have lotsa fun around here creating stories together! This is where we make characters that live in the best fictional world ever: Redwall! I have a dibbun character that gets up to lotsa mischief! That is a lot of fun and hopefully soon we are going to create story arcs that will involve a lot of characters!

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