Dreadful Winter ((Open))

  • OOC: If there are any other GUOSIM please join the thread, but everyone is welcome!

    Mingo sat huddled near the main fire. He was surrounded by his friends and fellow Guosim shrews. He looked at them with pride and thought This is the life. Warm fire, warm friends, a mug of shrew beer in your hand. While he was warm and fuzzy on the inside, his outside was freezing. It has been a hard winter so far and it appears to be going nowhere quickly. Mingo hated to be camped somewhere for too long, but he knew the shrewlets needed a warm place to wait out this winter. He had posted several guards to ensure no mishaps befell his beloved tribe. Thankfully there were only short shifts and it looks like the shift had just ended as he saw some shivering shrews slink in from the cold.

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