Mingo Asmodeus

  • Nickname: Ming

    Full Name: Mingo Asmodeus

    Species: Shrew

    Age: 47 human years

    Mingo has dark black fur which is slightly greying now. He is tall for a shrew and used to be lean, but he is beginning to develop a belly. He has brown eyes the color of tree bark. He is not very fastidious when it comes to his dress. He is usually clad in a green tunic fringed with yellow. He wears a bright yellow headband, which is the traditional shrew headgear. He has a yellow and green striped belt through which he puts his rapier. He also carries a sling and a leather pouch filled with rocks, but he hardly uses that.

    -green tunic
    -Yellow headband
    -green and yellow sash
    -sling w/stones in pouch
    -Gold pawring given by his wife
    -Logic- Mingo doesn't have to argue for long before the other side sees the wisdom of his side
    -Seamanship?- Mingo is really good at navigating the waterways in Mossflower wood. He perfers that over traipsing over hill and dale anyday.
    -Fighting- He is deadly with his rapier and his own paw

    -Cooking-Mingo would burn water
    -Blunt- Mingo says what he feels and means what he says, sometimes a little tact would go a long way, but that phrase does not apply to Mingo
    -Missing a paw- Mingo lost his right paw in a vermin attack. It affects some things, especially dressing and sometimes rowing.

    Mingo is your typical shrew: loud and raucous! He loves to be in the middle of everything. He is the first to get on the dance floor and the last to leave the battlefield. He is incredibly protective of his shrews and the goodbeasts of Mossflower. He is generally laid back and sensible though when he is with friends. He usually takes to goodbeasts and even a vermin or two has made their way into his friendship if they prove themselves worthy.

    Mingo was born into the Guosim. He was an terror as a shrewlet. Anytime a pie went missing or the cookfire went out Mingo was behind it. His hijinks were forgiven as he grew into a responsible, hard working shrew. He was given his headband when he was sixteen seasons and had directed his logboat back to the group after they had all gone over treacherous rapids and he had saved a few members of his boat from drowning. He continued to work hard and learn everything he could. Around his twenty fifth season a vermin group had tracked them to a watermeadow and attacked them while they were asleep. It had been Mingo's watch. He had dozed off for a second. The villians killed Log-a-Log Urfa and managed to slice off Mingo's right paw. Thankfully he was left pawed. The tribe did not speak to Mingo for a season, while they were searching for the scum who killed their chief. One night Mingo sighted a fire in the distance and realizing noone would come with him he snuck off by himself and saw the remnants of the vermin group. He successfully ended the three that were left and took the rat leader's head back as a trophy. The next morning saw Mingo holding the rat's head aloft and saying "I am sorry for what happened, but I hope this makes up for it." He was then declared Log-a-Log and the tribe has known prosperity under his reign.

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