Writing a book - Need help!

  • Hey guys!

    I'm writing a full-length Redwall fan-fiction novel. (Current word count: 132,000…. I'm not messing around.)  Want to read it?

    Then I need your help! I need to see what sort of prophecies Salamandastron Badgerlords received, so I can figure out what sort of information a Badgerlord is likely to receive and how it gets presented. I have a situation in my story where a Badgerlord bumps shoulders with a dangerous character in disguise, and I'm not sure how much warning to give the Badgerlord.

    Could you look at your bookcase, grab whatever Redwall books you have, and skim for the parts where a badgerlord gets a prophecy? Then post a general description of what the badgerlord was told, and how the information was presented. PLEASE cite the book and page number too, so I can look them up if I need to. 😃

    ❤ Namaste

    PS - So you don't waste your time, Salamandastron is NOT mentioned at all in the following books:

    Martin the Warrior
    The Bellmaker
    The Legend of Luke

  • Oh, cool! I've been meaning to read them again soon anyway. 🙂

  • That all depends 😄

    Fist congrats on making a novel. I want to write a few short stories as well but i lack the time and patience to finish one XD

    I cant recall how prophecy was given to badger lords. I do remember that RW martin prophecies were usually criptic and poetic so they could only be figured out if someone actually took the time to sit down and think about it.

    Will the prophecy be given by the dangerous person or by some one else? Will the hero struggle to fufill it or struggle to avoid it, IE its a prophecy that fortells him he has to sacrifice everything he loves to over come great evil.

    Or does he work against his own prophecy because it requires him to sacrifice something or tells him something he does not want to hear?

  • Wow, that sounds hard - but fun. Ummmm, badger prophecies racks brain…

    I believe most of the prophecies were written on the walls of the mountain in the chamber thingy. But sometimes they'd come in dreams, like for Gorath, or Sunflash. I don't remember any that were told when the badger was awake and travelling. Sorry, I cant remember any off my head, and I don't have my collection in front of me. I will do some studying of it when I remember.

  • Awesome! Thank you, Deekra!

    I found a dream Lady Cregga has in The Long Patrol…. Still searching for others. Slowly we'll piece together a complete picture of badger dreams. 😃

  • Wasn't there an instance of a badge lord having a dream about Martin the Warrior in a stone room that had images on it, almost like the tapestry at Redwall Abbey? I'll have to reread the entire series in order to find which book it was, but I think it was Martin the Warrior….but I'm not sure.

  • In Lord Brocktree, Lord Brocktree is sleeping and he sees a bunch of badger warriors, including a brave mouse with a shining sword. We are all left to guess that's Martin.

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