Hide and Seek (OPEN)

  • Jada had been playing hide and seek with the other dibbuns inside the abbey since it has been so cold this winter. There is not much else to do when one is cooped up inside for so long. He had decided to hide down in the cellars, even though he knew he wasn't supposed to be down there. Jada liked to win and therefore he was going to do whatever it took. He and his stick clattered down the stairs as fast as he dared. He looked around and tried to find an empty barrel, but unfortunately he could not find one. The cellar keeper was especially neat and tidy and kept his empty barrels in a separate room. Oh well I can still find a good spot he thought to himself as he squeezed in between two massive barrels containing some october ale set down by the cellar keeper late last season. No one will find me here. And no one did, for so long Jada began to nod off to sleep and eventually started snoring.

  • A little mouse-maid called Fabiana was playing hide and seek, she was it and so far she couldn't find anyone! her big brown ears twitched as she listened to hear anyone who was scuffling. But silent met her ears, she humped slightly, YOU GUYS! Come out! I can't find you. Where are you guys!?" she started to pout silently and sat down in the middle of the kitchen. Not even a single scone was out for her to snatch. After awhile she started to hear what it was like..was someone snoring? Where was it coming from. She looked underneath her, the entrance to the cellar.

    "Hello?" she said curiously, she knew she wasn't supposed to go down here, but Fabiana by nature was very curious, so the mouse with the big brown ears, crept down the stairs. She never liked the cellar at all, she always found it slightly scary, "Jada? Markus?" she called out her voice shaking. "Anyone?" she reached the bottom and looked around the corner, the snoring was coming from the left side. Her paws where sweaty, "Alright Fabiana you got this.." she said, trying to convince herself to walk forward and see if it was acually one of her fellow dibbuns. "Just walked over and look at the barrels, that it, then you  go back up and give in." she took a few steps forward and peeked over the barrel, "AHA FOUND YA JADA!" she said triumphantly.

  • Jada had been enjoying a nice dream about pinching pies from the kitchens. He could almost smell the blueberries. That may have been because the barrel he was in once held raspberry cordial. He heard his name vaguely and thought he had been caught by the friar. He woke with a start… "wha... what???? Oh Fabiana! You got me! Rats!!!!" Jada was a little steamed at himself for falling asleep. He thought he had been so clever coming where dibbuns weren't supposed to be. He had to find out how she found him. "Fab, we're not supposed to be here, how'd you find me?"

  • Fab smiled, "Well, twas to give up.." she said, poking him in the side,  then me heard you snore. You snore Jada!" she crackled falling to the floor laughing, "Ya almost sounda like Friar when friar sleepada."

    She got up, with a smile on her face and brushed herself off. Her huge ears twitched and the smile vanished as she heard the cellar door open and footsteps coming down. Her eyes went wide with fright, "Jada, it Friar." she sqeaked and then doved behind Jada, "We stay quite, maybe he dont find us."

    Fabiana already got in trouble several times for being in places that she wasn't supposed to be, and being down at the cellar is a big no no.

  • Jada realized of course my snoring gave me away He shook his head as this slightly annoying mouse poked him He secretly liked the small mousemaid even though he pretended she annoyed him. She was nice to have around. It was much better to get into trouble with someone than by yourself. Jada's ears perked up when Fabiana said the friar was coming. The friar was not a beast to be crossed, especially when it came to naughty dibbuns being where they shouldn't! They had to hide… and quick! He saw the small mouse duck behind him. He crouched down himself and whispered " I think yer right. He can't hear us if we don't make any noise." He gave her a confident wink even though he didn't feel very confident. He waited with bated breath as the footsteps got louder and closer.

  • ((Hey guys, if you want to find out who the current friar is, look at this: http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/index.php?topic=2399.msg42906#msg42906
    btw i dont think she snores 😉 Just wondering, but do you mind if Femble joins in? ))

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  • OOC: Absolutely! The more the merrier!

  • Friar Femble awoke to a loud voice. "AHA FOUND YOU JADA!" Heart throbbing, Femble sat up quickly and fumbled for a light. After moments of jostling in the dark, Femble found what she needed; a lamp. Lighting it, she stumbled into the hallway, then down the stairs, slowly, hesitating at the slightest flicker.

    Femble made her way to the location of the noise; the cellar. As she walked, she wondered who else would be there, hiding, waiting, watching, with shining eyes. Femble shivered and tried not to think about it. She placed a paw on the handle, then turned it, pausing as the door squeaked open. She poked her head in, shining the lantern around, trying to see the cause of the noise. She saw nothing, and shivered, moving away from the dark cellar an back up the stairs, back to the warmth and safety of her own bed.

    ((I might create a dibbun later on as well))

  • Jada heard the pawsteps of somebeast. They were too heavy to be a fellow dibbun. They must belong to the cellarkeeper or the friar. Old Femble was scared of her own shadow though so there would be no way she would venture down into the darkish cellar. Jada heard the creak of the door and the light of a lantern sweep over the shadows of the cellar. There was no denying it, someone was looking for them. Jada held his breath and looked at Fab and her wide eyes. I hope whoever this is doesn't find us! The thoughts were rushing through his head. He didn't want to get into more trouble! He got into more trouble in one week than most dibbuns did in a whole season. Eventually the light receded and plunged the cellar into its previous state of semi darkness. Jada waited a minute then popped his head out. He whispered, "I think the scaredy friar is gone, heehee" He pushed his way over the barrels and into the broad chamber of the cellar.

  • Fabs heart hammered in her chest and her big ears twitched nervously. She to had heard the footsteps coming down the steps. The cellar was lit up for a second before she heard a door softly close and it returned dark.

    Fab twisted her paws nervously before junping out of her skin with Jada moved suddenly. She shook her head and said. " Thata a close one!!" She said, she felt a grin come on, "Thata fun!!!" She said gleefully clambering out from behind the barrels and stood next to Jada.

    "Letta us go explore down here." She said and took off down deeper in the cellar

  • Jada smiled as he saw Fab pop up and clamber over the barrels behind him. He turned as she said Letta us go explore down here His smile turned to a slight frown at the prospect. Jada didn't really like the darkness in the depths of the cellar. It was okay up here because a little bit of light trickled through the door, but down there there was no light, just lots of barrels and firkins. Jada couldn't let Fab see his hesitation and called out "Wait fer me! I gotta get my stick." He groped around in the semi dark wondering where he had put it. He eventually found it and began thumping his way after the little mouse maid, his heart thumping faster than the stick as the darkness enveloped them both.

  • Such and adventure! Maybe she could find treasure down here, then she can tell all the other dubbins of her and Jadas adventure how they defeated evil rats, went through traps and barely escaped death. They would be heros!

    Fab in her distraction of exploring, tripped over a loose stone and fell down, skinning her knee. "Owwww." she said, rubbing her knee tears threatening to spill down her face. Sniffling slighly, she looked around. Being caught up in almost getting caught and the excitement of breaking the rules she didn't realize how dark and damp the cellar was. The cellar was dimly lit and dark in many places. She shivered slightly, maybe this wasn't such a good idea afterwards. Dread filled her heart as she looked around and to her it seemed that the cellar was getting darker and closing in on her.

    "Jada, she called tentativley, looking for her young squirrel friend and saw him coming towards her, "Jada," she said in a small voice, she tried to keep her voice steady. She stood up and shivered next to Jada, "Maybe should we back? This place scary."

  • Jada could not see his paw in front of his face. The darkness was so complete that Jada did not know where to look when he heard Fabine fall to the ground. He heard her sniffling and wanted to comfort her, but he couldn't find her. He thought of Fabine as a little sister that he never had. His eyes were eventually getting adjusted to the dark and he saw her as she said his name.

    "It's okay Fab, I'm here." He said it to be reassuring, but he wasn't so sure himself. He heard her say suggest them going back, but by now they were filthy. Jada knew a good scrubbing was in store for the pair of them when they returned to the abbey. "Fab, we's to far gone to go back now! Da badger mum'll scrub us until our fur falls off. No, we gotta stay down here and make sure they don't find us." His logic was of course flawed, but when was dibbun logic ever really good?

  • Fabine snuffled and wiped her eyes, "H-How long we needa stay down here?" she said in a small voice looking around the dark cellar her ears twitching trying to hear anything, but all she heard was Jada's breath. Maybe they would stay down here for ever? The thought of that just terrified her, even with all the cordial that was in the barrels, the little mouse didn't want to stay down here forever..

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    Jada had already been hesitant about staying down here, and Fab was giving him every opportunity to turn back. Jada's belly began to rumblr. There wasn't any food down here and it had been a while since he ate. "well  we might not need to stay down here foreva, but we's got to hide somewhere. He then made a decisive decision. "Fab, lets us go to tha kitchens and swipe some pies and cakes and then we'll find a better spot and hide there foreva." Jada was hoping she'd agreed. He also secretly hoped they ran into someone, just not the badger mum or the abbot!

  • Fab perked up at the sound of Jada suggesting they get some food and then go hide away at another place. Wiping her nose she nodded vigorously. " thata sound good to me." She said her voice picking up excitedly.

    "Letta go grab some yummy cakes. Then we go hide with the cake and no Bath for us."  She looked down at her paws paws so grimy and dirty. But she didn't mind and followed Jada out.

  • Jada laughed a little. They probably needed a bath, but there was nothing worse than that in his mind, except for being sent to bed without supper. He strolled confidently up the steps and opened the door a crack. It came open with a loud creak. Jada bit his lip, nervous that someone would hear the noise and find them. He looked left and right, not seeing anyone he hesitantly crept out of the ajar door. He looked back to Fab and said "hurry we got to go while noone is watching."

  • Tyrilla Badger Mum padded softly into the kitchen, her steps surprisingly light for one of her bulk. She was hungry, having missed dinner, as she had her nose buried in a book while watching over a sick Dibbun. She was in a darkened corner, investigating a shelf of warm bread when a door creaked behind her.

    OCC - She can catch them or not… What ever you guys want. 🙂 ~Seri

  • Fab followed after Jada, she didn't notice Tyrilla in the corner munching on some food and a book in her hand. Her eyes where focused on something else. Scones, freshly baked scones. Her nose twitched in anticipation and she smelled it and her mouth started to water. She scurried next to Jada and grinned excietly, "Jada." she whispered, "Lets take em scones and finda place to hide, with some water also." she shook her head, "No baths for us, eva!"

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