• Name: Jada

    Full Name: Jada Acornhunter

    Age: 4-5

    Species: Squirrel

    Alignment: Good

    Jada's fur is the color of the sunset, a deep russet reddish orange. He is short, for now. He probably always will be because his parents were both shorter than average. He has dark green eyes, the color of the leaves just before the onset of autumn.  He has an incredibly bushy tail of which he is proud. He is usually clad in a roughspun tunic, which is the soft green worn by most of the dibbuns at the abbey. He detests it though and tries to get away with wearing less. He also has to use a walking stick for his left side. He was born lame in the left foot only.

      - Walking stick
      -two sets of abbey clothes and a brown winter cloak
      - Dagger given to him by his parents, but the abbey keeps that locked up 😞

        - Climbing (what all squirrels do)
        - Cooking (well helping in the kitchens)
        - Quick wits

        - Running (a lame footpaw does that you know) 
        - Phobia of deep water
        - impatience (can't keep still for long)
        - Vain (he thinks he and his way is the best)

    Jada is a silver tonged rouge, who gets along with everyone. His way with words has gotten him out of many a whack with the cook's spoon. He is optimistic regardless of the situation. He is generally easy going, unless it is someone in authority telling him to do something he has a mind not to do. He has a restless spirit and wants to be doing something all the time. He can never do one thing to completion, except cooking. He somehow finds the patience for cooking because he knows the reward at the end is worth it, although he complains the whole time. He is an avid member of D.A.B. and is constantly plotting new ways to escape the various tortures planned by his caretakers.

    Jada was born to a pair of wandering squirrels on the Northwest coast of Mossflower, near Salamandastron. His parents were members of the squirrel tribe that resided near the mountain until their wandering spirits took them out on their own. He was born with one footpaw slightly smaller than the other. His parents were concerned by that and tried to help him strengthen that as he got older. Once he was able to toddle they realized he would never be able to keep up with them on their travels. They brought him to the abbey when he was three seasons old. They told him he would have a good life there and that they would come visit when they were in the area. Jada took this as a betrayal and bawled for half a season. He determined that he would show his parents he would be strong as any squirrel could be. He took to the trees and trained the rest of his body to make up for his deficiency. He was soon climbing as good as any squirrel could. He began to love the orchards and the solitude the tree tops provided. He loved to be around the others, because they were there for him, unlike his parents. Occasionally he just needed to be alone and would sit in the treetops and contemplate life or make up a new playful scheme to get out of a bath or bedtime.

  • Awwww he sounds like a fun character to play with!

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