Tales of Warm waters (OPEN)

  • "Armos what do you think about this?" Ezikiel said to his first mate and closest friend. The fox looked at the charts and shook his head. "Capt, I'm not really that sure actually. This route is shorter but there are fair amount of reefs in the area our ship could hit. I personally think we should follow this route here." Armos said as he pointed to on  the map. "It might be a wee bit longer but I do believe it is much safer." Ezikeil chuckled at Armos. "Armos I never knew that Highlanders are afraid of some reefs." Armos playfully smacked the ferret in the shoulder. "Aw, go bile yer head laddie." Ezikiel shook his head chuckling. "Alright Armos, we take your route due to the weather and by the way, have you seen Mrs Pierre? I think she should be here to discuss this as well."

  • Dominqiue furrowed her brow in disgust as she saw Stultra wrenching his guts out after his meal. She was sitting on some crates,  "It will pass soon Stultra." she said looking at the hare sympathetically. "Just give it a few days. On the bright side the storm is over…so it should be smooth sailing here to port."

    She focused back on her paws, she washed off her paws with a damp cloth and rubbed some ointment on her burnt paws. Gritting her teeth she wrapped up her paws, using her teeth to help tied off the ends. It was only two days since she helped take down Salamandastron for the most part, let her true identiy be known and got promoted Captain of her own ship. two days ago she was just Ryills, the riverdog, an ordinary bullied crew member and today she was Captain Dominique Pierre. She smiled slightly to herself, funny how things work out.

    She heard a thump and saw Stultra sitting on the ground, staring miserably at the ground, "While you are recovering for the time being..." she said jumping down, "I'll teach you some ship terms, that will give us something to do.

    "Simple to start off, left side of the ship is Port..right side is starboard. A good way to remember is left has four letters, port has four letters, so port-left. Starboard right, really don't have a way to remember that one, but when sailing with the wind coming from the starboard side of the vessel is starboard tack, port tack is when the wind is coming from the left-port, and always yields to starboard tack." She quickly added, "Tack is when sailing with the wind by the way."

    Dominique pointed to the front of the ship, "That is the Stem." motioning her head  to the back of the ship she said, "Thats the Stern. At the stern is where the ships rudder is that steers the ship and the wheel is to steer the ship."

    Looking at Stultra she smiled and grimmced as she saw him lean over the side of the ship, "Think on that for a bit and I"ll be back." she better go off to find some water for poor Stultra. He weaved her way through the ship and found a flask of water for Stultra, she was heading on her way back we she saw Armos and Ezikeil discussing where to go. "In my opnion, I would try to avoid the reefs, with a strom recently by, who knows when another storm could hit us, and.." she pointed on the map, "If I remember correctly, heading close to the reefs is a few currents that, if we don't have enough wind, will bash us on the reefs." She looked at Ezikel, "So I side with Armos, might be a bit longer, but it would be safter."

  • Ezikeil sighed. "Fine, as long as we make it back to Caribe, I am happy." Ezikeil look on as the crew continued to work until he spotted a certain hare puking his guts out over the side of the ship and sighed. "I warned him not to eat so much. "He said shaking his head. "Dominique, I think it is going to take much more then teaching him some words for him to become a true sailor. I am going to have our quartermaster Remus give you a hand in teaching him. For the time being you are going to help me and Armos, It will be good practice for you. I am sure you want your crew to know that you know what you are doing." Ezikeil said as he then handed the map to a sailor. "Make sure we say on the right route, we follow the Star of Pandora and be sure to let Remus know he will help teach Stulta how to sail." The sailor nodded as he went off. The ferret then went on and pulled out several blueprints of the ship and one that appeared to be a 3 mast frigate. Armos's jaw dropped as he looked at the prints. "My goodness Capt, isn't that one of those new Ship of the line Frigates?." Ezikeil grinned as he responded. "This is what the his grace wishes to give me, She has 2 decks devoted to only weapons, A iron plated ram in the front while still maintaining a sleek profile  for shallow waters. If i am correct she can carry about 60 cannons on board! But don't mistaken me Armos, We can still handle such a beast but I think it would be a great asset if we have some heavy armament on our side."

    (edit: Wow T.J you just got you got a tough ship here is a comparison:

    Your ship:                                My Ship:
    type: Ship of the line ( also      Type: East Indiamen (designed to withstand attacks)
    known as a frigate when
    built for speed)

    60 cannons(26 cannons          52(24 each side with 2 on front and back)
    on side, 4 in front)

    speed: 14 knots                      Speed: About 10 on a good day

    Your ship is a attacker              Mine is built to take hits

    makes me wonder which ship would win…..not that we would battle each other...I hope)

  • Ooc: I seriosuly thought Dominique would have a small ship, not a two deck 60 cannon ship.

  • (ready up on the frigate, I almost accidentally gave you a Man-o-War which is a a ship with 3 cannon decks and can carry 120 guns until and besides  in actuality i gave you a upgrade since a Ship of the Line isn't a actual frigate but are known as Frigates when built for speed a early frigate only could carry at least 28 guns.)

  • Dominique nodded and gave the ferret the flask of water she got for Stultra, "Here take this.." she said and then turned back to Ezikel. "That would be really helpful Captain, thank you." She gave a nervous smile. Dominique was excited to be captain of a ship, but she didn't know how the crew she would have would react to having a Riverdog be captain of a ship, hopefully there would be other woodland crew members besides Stultra and her and that she would be up to the taste of commanding her own ship.

    She looked over Ezikles shoulder at the blue prints, "Oh my…" she said, her eyes wide and full of admiration, "Is that your new ship?" she asked Ezikel, she got a look and then Dominique  jaw drop, "M-My ship...the one that I get to command?" she said in a small voice, "But sir.." she said, "I mean, I"m honored, but...what if I can't handle a ship like that? I mean..I have um experience is sailing ships and commanding them, but never that big..." she gave a nervous look and took a deep breath, "This is a lot...thank goodness I get good mentors for the being to help me." she smiled at Armos and Ezikel.

  • Ezikiel smiled as he looked at the otter. "Well at least you got some experience running a ship, now all that we need to do is sharpen your skills. Now allow me to explain some more important thing about your ship,particularity with the use of the new cannons. Now then all the information I had gotten form the merchant who sold us these cannons, he gave us some information about certain mistakes that caused the ships to sink and whatnot." Ezikiel looked at the rather surprised expression on the otter's face. "Dominique, You would be surprised about how ignorant some captains can be. Anyways first thing is that you do NOT fire all the cannons all at once on one side, that will capsize the ship. Next be sure to sore the black powder away from any fire or anything that can cause sparks, Remember my wildcat friend you worked for?" He frowned as the otter nodded slightly annoyed by the mention of the wildcat. "Well, he made that mistake after we bought the cannons. If I think he is still having that giant hole repaired on the side of his ship. I believe you was out with Barf purchasing certain supplies in town." Ezikiel shook his head before continuing. "I am glad that nobody was hurt in that incident at least. Anyways to add on to the powder, make sure is easily accessible in case we enter battle. You wont need to worry about training the crew because his grace is having them trained as we sail back. Now then lets begin with basic strategies you can use in combat and how to maintain morale. Any questions before we start?"

  • ((Top of the boat can be the bow as well, can't it?))
    Stulta leaned over the side, unable to tear his body away from it lest he was sick on the deck. He was hungry, very hungry, but he knew that as soon as he ate he would lose it again.

    Something that Captain Dominique had said filtered through his mind. "On the bright side the storm is over… Was it? It certainly seemed to have lessened, but the boat was still rocking- no, no, no don't think about it… BLEURGH. Stulta leaned as far over as he could, feeling the bile in his mouth subside slowly.

    He prodded his stomach gently, testing to see if there was anything left in there. To take is mind off the seasickness he focussed on what Dominique had said, trying to memorize it. Stem - front of ship, stern - back of ship, starboard - right, port - dock- no, left, Left LEFT. Tacking - something to do with changing the boat's course. Rudder - steers the ship, wheel - steers the ship. Which one do they use more? Stulta didn't know.

    Stulta wiped his mouth and sat down. When he had discovered they would be sleeping in hammocks, he was distraught. Hammocks must be even rockier than the boat, and how was he supposed to get in one anyway? He was miserable. So miserable that his ears drooped. So miserable he didn't even feel like eating or drinking or even talking. Now he knew how a mole felt.

  • After such a vicious storm, the oceans was starting to settle down, but the crew kept a watchful eye out as every seadog worth of the salt on his fur knew the sea was a fickle mistress. At one moment it was calm and wonderful and in the eye-blink it could turn into merciless and powerful monster at which not even the most experienced crew stood chances against.

    But for now rampaging waves and rumbling clouds were calmed down and Defiance sailed confidently forward, the wind blowing on its sails, making the ship glide on the tide.

    But the waves also carried something else. A piece of ripped ship's hull, not bigger than a door and on it lied unmoving figure. Via the wind and the current that small raft was brought closer and closer to the Defiance.

    The harsh wind, the remaining reminder from the ceased storm,  blew over the salt-water and the half-breed shivered from the cold, but oddly enough his head was in burning pain. It might be because of the wound on the left side of his head. It was like something sharp had hit the young half-breed's temple and now the fresh blood was staining the pitch-black fur.

    …Not that Jarret was aware of any of it. He was hardly conscious as he lied on the small piece of wood which was now the only thing that kept his exhausted body from sinking into the depths of the sea. His already stiff arms and numb fingers tried to hold on the wet wood while his lower body was still on the water.

    Now I just sit back and wait for the "rat overboard!" n.n

  • (the front is supposed to be the bow i never heard of the term Stem. T.J where did you hear that term? and btw I'm going to start  this one as Remus, Ezikiel's quartermaster AND the one who is going to train Stulta and BTW here is a interesting fact I am giving Remus, before he Ezikeil's father recruited him he was a drill instructor…have fun Stulta! xD)

    A stoat walked up to the sicken hare and crouched up glaring at him."Get up." He said with utmost authority. Once the Hare got up the stoat gave him several sharp kicks and smacks forcing him into attention. "My name is Remus Ludwig, but you can call me Quartermaster Ludwig and form this point on I am in charge of making you a true sailor. Here on out the first and last thing I want to hear from your ugly mug is sir, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?" Remus yelled in the hare face clearly showing his old habits as a drill instructor. The Captain gave him orders to make sure the hare was going to become first mate material but first he has to earn his sea legs. Remus knew that this one would be a challenge but he has turned beasts who never even knew what was a mast was into tough as nails sailors in the past and some hare isn't going to change that.

    "Best overboard!" said a one of the sailors on board the ship. Ezikeil turned from the group and ran towards the side. "Keep a eye on him! We lose sight of him he will be dead with such rough seas!" Suddenly the busy yet, peaceful flow on the ship turned into a massive rush all focused on one thing. Getting that beast out of the water. Various crew members began to rush towards one of the rowboats and began to lower it with several beasts in it. After several minutes the  small boat made it to the floating plank with the beast on it. They managed to hoist the beast onto the boat and rowed back fighting the rather violent waves. Ezikeil looked on in concern. It wasn't safe to be rowing on such dangerous waters but if not that beast could had died. "Alright mates bring em up and get that beast to the sick bay! NOW!!"

  • ((I've heard of stem. In a song, actually, but I knew what it meant when it used the term with stern. Grrr I hate Remus already, but there's not much I can do to him at the moment except cope.))

    Stulta knew an old drill instructor when he saw one. He refrained from smart comments and sharp words and pulled himself together. Worse things happen at sea. Hmph, well, he was at sea now and he was not going to let those worse things get him down.
    "Sah! Yes! Sah!" he snapped, as expected of him, and, ignoring the kicks aimed in his way, got to his feet, and… tumbled down again. He tried again, this time with a bit more success, but he still clung to the railing next to where he had been sitting.

    ((hmph. Some Hare? Some Hare? Stulta is not just Some Hare! Meanie drill instructor poo! xP ))

  • ooc: I guess bow is a more accure term but a stem is part of the bow, the part that sticks out, ITs like the addition to the bow is the keel…

    Ic: Dominique shook her head slowly, "No sir. No questions." she was distracted by quite a bit of yelling and she looked toward Stultra and saw a stoat, that she must of been the drill sargent, yelling at at very miserable Stultra, she turned to Ezikel, "Are you sure you don't wannt give him like til tomorrow to get sea legs?" she said in a pitiful voice. She never got a response when she heard the cry, 'Beast overboard.' she ran to the rail and looked over and saw a rat on a small wood piece. She couldn't but help clap a paw over her mouth as she saw the state the poor rat was in. She watched the crew dispatched a row boat in the rough seas and got the rat out of the water.

    "oh my.." she saw the rat being carried into the sick bay, she turned and looked at Ezikel, "Ezikel, what if there are other crew members? they must of ship wrecked in the storm, there could be more floating around needing help. We just can't leave them?"

  • (Cater Im having the ship sail by the wreckage, if you dont like this let me know and ill tweak it)

    Ezikeil shook his head. "For the sake of Stulta, everyday that goes by means less time for him to be worthy of being a sailor and Remus was a Drill Sargent before he became the ship's Quartermaster, Remus used to be known across the Island for being able to turn the sorry lots into the fines troops ever. Unfortunately, Caribe doesn't have a Navy per say, they rely on us local pirates and privateers to take that role and why say no when you get a place to hang your hat and even pay, as long as you follow the laws of course. Anyways the only military force they had that even stood on ships is their Marines, Remus was one of the best instructors for them." Ezikeil look at the otter to see if she understood. "If he isn't ready by the time we arrive we will have to have him train with those Marines for several weeks, I don't want to deal with such issues when we have a personal instructor. Now for the other question-" Ezikeil was cut off when he heard  another shout. "Wreckage port-side!" Ezikeil look over and saw the rather horrid and ghastly remains of the ship. Suddenly he began to feel light headed lost balance but was caught by Armos. "Capt, Yer alright? Don't tell me yer getting another one." The ferret shook his head. "No, I don't think so.." Ezikeil got up and looked at Dominique and back to the wreak. "Judging by the remains those that didn't abandoned ship are already dead, especially with the weather. That one just might even be the sole survivor to." Ezikeil shuddered for a second. "I-I need to go lie down." Ezikeil said in a rather uneasy tone as he turned and headed back to his quarters.

  • Dominique gave an exasperated looked, "Really? awww man, you guys are heartless." she said shaking her head, "I tired Stultra." she muttered. She would check on him later, the hare had taken a soft spot in her heart.

    Wreckage port-side Dominique turned back to the sea and her heart sank, the ship was destroyed, and from what Ezikel said, it would be a amazing if they found anyone alive. She just stood there in shock, then snapped out of it when Ezikel almost fainted? A frown crossed her face as Ezikel made his way to the captains cabin, "Armos…is Ezikel alright?"

  • Armos shook his said. "Lassie, I am sure you remember how I told you the story of how his father died. You see the whole thing was very traumatizing, I am surprised he never tried to take his own life actually.  You see because of those horrible thing he went through you can say that even through he is a amazing captain he isn't right in the head. Poor lad, certain things can trigger him to enter a very fragile state. One moment he is perfectly fine the next moment…"Armos paused and bit his lip for a moment before continuing. "The next moment he is back on his father's ship on that fateful day. I have seen it happen to him and it is a terrible thing to witness lassie." Armos sighed as he watch the ferret walk into his quarters and shut the door behind him. "Its a thing that should've never happened to a beast that young...."

  • (Oy, rodo, dont forget poor stulta)

  • Your post was all good Rodo-Takosu n.n  By the way do we have some kind of posting order in here?

    Jarret's ear twitched. He thought as if he had heard something just now… Was somebody shouting? It sounded like somebody was shouting...commands, maybe? And then there was that familiar drumming when feet run over the wooden deck -- thought all those sounds and voices seemed so faint, like they were echoing from somewhere far.

    ... Was the assembly already started on the deck? -- Dear sky above, had he overslept?

    Panic squeezed his heart and Jarret tried to push himself up from his hammock, but his arms just didn't obey him – he couldn't even move them. And now that he mentioned it... he felt like he  couldn't move any part of his body, not even open his eyes! Was he even lying on the hammock anymore? The surface beneath him felt so hard… Had he rolled over and dropped on the floor and even then hadn't woken up?

    In hurry Jarret tried to push himself up again, but that didn't end any better than the first try. Why he couldn't get up? WHY he couldn't see anything besides grey blur?…

    ...Something wasn't right, and Jarret didn't mean only his inability control his own body. Something was amiss like he was missing some important parts from the whole picture. This... this couldn't be the morning assembly -- He couldn't be on the Ratel's ship because... Because something had happened... Rain, lightning... Something very important…

    And Jarret got this growing unpleasant awareness that he was forgetting not only that something but also somebody. It was like part of  him was almost screaming he needed to remember and it was important, but he just could recall the name or face. Every time he tried to grasp the memory, it slipped through his fingers like slippery eel.

    Jarret was sure he could remember if those hands just would stop bothering him while he was thinking! Who was yanking him? Was it Rasco, trying to shake him up?

    'I'm awake', he tried to say, but all voice he could make was raspy snarl.

    "–well, he's live alright--" was small part Jarret could hear somebody say.

    as Jarret is going to be more or less unconscious/feverish until Defiance reaches the Caribe, would it be okay if I play the beast in charge of sick bay, Rodo-Takosu? 🙂

  • Dominique shook Her head, "Tis tragic indeed, poor Captain. You would think that you would put it behind you, burry it. But I suppose something will always trigger your memory and bring you back to the horrible day and you end up re-living it as it was just yesterday." Her voice was whispy as she spoke. She looked out over the ocean at the ship wreck as they sailed through it, searching for any other survivors, "We have to realize thT we really can't control our destineys, for they are set out ahead of time for us. You can chart your own way in your life and that is up to you to make it as it is, but we all end up with destiney one way or another. Hopefully captain will see that he can control his own memories and thoughts and not let himself down or what happened to him previously."

    They had sailed through the wreckage and the ocean was becoming more calm, "yes it's hard and will be a endless road, but im sure Ezikel will triumph over his Daemons, he is a fighter and I don't think giving up is in his blood." She turned to Armos, "Shall we check on the surviver then? Perhaps he has come to." And she made her way down to the sick bay, passing Stulta and gave a sympathetic look at the miserable hard. "You got this Stulta." And automatically got a glare from Remus. She gave a small smile and continued on her way.

  • (Cater, go right on ahead. All I ask is that you send me any info you come up with the character)

    "Lassie, don't let Capt'n hear you say that." Armos said chuckling. "Captain does not believe that destiny is set in stone. "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.", That is what he always says when the topic arises." Armos then shook his head. "I know Ezikiel and I know him well, he migh' stop having such blackouts but those Demons will follow him forever. This I know for a that for a fact Lassie, There are some things in the world that stays with you forever." Armos said as he opened the door to the med-bay. "Lassies, first."

    (short post is short :/)

  • ooc: might waant to add in the Drill Sargent so Deekra can post a bit.

    ic: "Apparently the captain and I have different views." Dominique said, before ducking through the door into the sick bay. Her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting and she saw the rat laying on a cot, mumbling something. "How is he?" she asked the medic attending to him, "He will make it, but we gonna make it port fast," the medic said looking at Armos and Dominique, "Well we are heading to port now." she said and looked down at him, "Wonder which ship he came from?" she asked, "Does he look familiar to you Armos?"

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