Kino-attero The Terrible (Finished for the most part =3)

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    Your character's full name: Kino-attero Motunga Redtail
    Age:  32
    Species: Lizard
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A large and very muscular lizard with barrel chest, rock hard but thick stomach, and very large legs and arms. He stands at a towering height of eight feet and two inches (animal height) and a weight of three hundred and seventy pounds (animal weight). Many battle scars cover his face, body and arms with abdominal area wrapped up under his tattered tunic. He wears spiked plates on his right shoulder, chest, back and legs. His creepy green eyes glow eerily in the darkness which help scare off the weak and unworthy. He has a thick and hard tail and very sharp teeth and claws. Kino's a very scaly brute with immense power and size, but an ugly busted up face and body.

    Weapons and Personal Items: He carries Wide sword that contains odd holes and jagged edges. He uses his large claws to slash and swipe at others to leave deadly marks on the body. His thick whip like tail is used like a club when he swings it at opponents.

    Kino-attero, a mean spirited Lizard with a hard soul. His black, cold heart makes him an ideal enemy and a hated vermin. He talks down to most creatures and argues with creatures that are deemed unworthy and weaker than him. He has no desire to make friends; only to feed himself and kill others for his own personal game. Hes known for stealing goods from the innocent then killing them and usually eating them. He's a sick beast with a terrible mind having no remorse.


      Kino's Large muscular body to block blunt attacks
      His large blade to block and deal heavy damage
      He can use his immense strength is put to his advantage against those who are much weaker.
      His height helps from keeping most creatures from slashing at his face.

        He is very slow and can't keep up with high speed creatures
        Sometimes his height could be a burden when arrows are being used or others that attack with lower attacks.
        Quick weapons are harder for him to block


    Originally from Semptra, he moved to the Marshlands when he was young. He grew up with his parents as Bandits and ruthless killers. His father was one of the best and was the old leader of Mossflower Bandits. During the years in his training to steal and to grow stronger the Bandits were attacked by a powerful group of Redwallers; father and mother were killed in battle. The large group of bandits was broken up; Kino was left alone at age fourteen.

    Years later after many seasons of travel, Kino made it back to his homeland with a band of Lizards that lived in Mossflower, he saw the vast amount of ships being built and the many pirates that left for their journeys. He was pleased with what he saw. He was eighteen at the time.

    He stayed on the Isle for a long while to train, kill, and eat, to get bigger and stronger. His heart grew colder; his soul was as black as the bottom of the sea. He was still hurt over the loss of his parents, having emotional break downs in the middle of the night. It made for him hating anything that represented good. Kino's mind became sick and twisted; he fed off of the loss and continued to grow.

    He eventually outgrew his mates, and eventually the whole group split up for their own personal reasons. Kino traveled by ship back to Mossflower to avenge the death of his Parents. He knew exactly where the beasts of Redwall lived, but he stayed in the marshlands to stalk and kill prey and travelers.

    The large lizard still lives in the Marshlands til this day; waiting until the day he can claim the lives that stole any sanity and happiness from him. It will be a gruesome victory for this twisted soul…

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    alright finally done 🙂

  • 370 pounds of muscle? Your lizard is one huge lizard … Anyway, it looks good. Make sure you edit it a lot to make it more interesting!

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    Will do! ^_^ Yeah hes very tall and very heavy. 😛

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    He's baaaaack~

  • Oh-noes! We're all going to die! Nice drawing btw!

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    Aww hes a big brute, just out smart him and all is well! Haha~ x3

    Thanks! I did it a couple of months ago, I'll post new drawings in february (Don't have a scanner since mine broke, and I'm getting a graphics tablet soon) I'm just practicing learning new stuff, hopefully in the time frame my skills improve greatly 🙂

  • …awesomeness...
    May fav' drawing of yours yet!  😄

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    Why thank you, Miss Eli. ;3

    I'll have more pics of my characters in 2011, all these drawing tutorials and stuff I've been looking over, hopefully I learn a thing or two. Improvement is key. 😄

  • If I'm not mistaken, arn't monitur lizards part of traditional redwall?

  • Yes they are, they're always cannibalistic!

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    Yup, they eat everything that has to do with blood and raw meat.

    Hare and Otter stew is the best as Kino likes to say~ 8D

  • Mmm…sounds tasty!

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    Sprinkle some hotroot in dere too, recommended by the Otters of course, and add some potatoes, some veggies and some other spices. you got yer self a mean meal!

  • Serve with Fava beans and a nice Chianti.

  • Mmm yum yum, then wash it down with the Census taker's liver!

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    I didn't say anything about livers now. o.o

    Dats groce D8

  • Silence of the Lambs, man.  Yuuuummmmy.

  • I ❤ Silence of the Lambs 8D  Both the movie and the book, though the book was better!!  BUT, surprisingly the movie didn't butcher it too much!!!

    Hannibal is another story though xP

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    -reads above movie posts-

    .. What about Dude wheres my car? and American pie? .3.

    .. SCARY MOVIE? C'mon guise! 😧 Friday, Friday after next, next friday.. RUSH HOUR, MONEY TALKS!

    Lulz, lulz everywhere~

    ..Green mile anybody? Saving Private Ryan?… .o.

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