Pond jumpers

  • Vardon had a very good and strange sense of humor. he did alot of things other bagers wouldn't even consider trying! he was a young beast in age but a dibbin at heart. 😉 😄 he was acctualy thrown out of salamanderstron because he kept juming into the  coastal pool and showering water every were. on levrets and hares, on his mum and dad. after the first couple of times those little blighters pick  up on the idea. a few paddlings followed and a stern warning but after the last time his parents had had enough. so there here he was! his parents sent him with 1/2 the long patrol up to redwall abby. Vardon at this moment was toying with the idea of jumping out the infermary window. the great hall was below him and people were just finishing up breakfast. he was sure to get dish duty. he made up his mind to jump. he opened the window and threw himself out! down.. down…down... he went and all of the sudden, right before he hit the surface of the abbey pond, Sister Burcon the hedgehog opened the door to let the dibbuns out to play when SPLASH! WHOSH!! she was drenched to the bones. the dibbuns thought it all to funny that she take a bath. vardon at this moment was trying to make a hasty escape. he succeded, but was sure be seeked out for everyone knew why he was there.

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    Lily Rebecca Fieldmouse was a very proper fieldmouse. She was also a snitch. The moment she saw the badger leep from the window, she ran to go tell someone in authority. "Moooommmmmmyyyy! the big badgers jumping into the pond again!" As Lily turned the corner to go inside to find her mother, she ran right into someone who had been coming from the other direction. bump

  • Marr walked slowly along a hallway, headed for the kitchen.  He'd just gotten off duty last night, and had promptly collapsed into bed afterwards.  Now, he found himself famished, and desperately needing a great, hearty breakfast.

    He raised an eyebrow, however at the sound of a screechy, young voice shouting down the corridor, the sound echoing off windows and very nearly hurting his ears.  And as he turned around the next corner he reached, footsteps sounded loudly for a few moments before he was aware that another, tiny, creature had crashed headlong into him.  He chuckled softly as he glanced down and saw a young fieldmouse, whose head barely reached his stomach, fell back from him.

    "Ach, da, klein Madchen!  Vhere are you going in such a hurry, hm?"

  • Lily looked up at the large [what is he?] and stopped yelling. She wasn't sure if he was an authoritative figure but she hoped she was. Taking a deep breath she proceeded to give her rehearsed tattling.
    "The big badger was in the infirmary and he jumped into the pond from the window. He got people wet and he didn't apologize or anything. I think he should be punished don't you? He was awfully unkind. He just ran away after he did it and he should get in trouble. Can you get him in trouble?"

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    Marr raised an eyebrow and chuckled softly as the young one breathlessly rattled off a story about how a badger was being 'bad' and should be punished.  Ah, so this was one of those young'uns who felt they were much, much more important than they were.

    "Vell, young miss.  I dunno about getting him into trouble.  But let's see about finding zhis big badger and having him apologize, ja?  How does zhat sound?"

  • Quarrel walked by and chuckled as he headed for the infirmary, "Sounds to me more like we need to go and try it ourselves more than anything." He wondered what it was like ten feet under the surface of the pond. He liked reading about adventures in the library, but he liked to experience them himself as well.
        He proceded on toward the infirmary were he could leap into the sky and into the water below.

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  • Vardon was at this moment in the corridor heading for the infirmary. he thought it was great fun to haul yourself out the window and dive towards the pond. the fun was spoiled from the last time when that fat hedgehog opened the grounds door. he was just nearing the infirmary door when he bumped into a small group headed inthe same direction. " Old frier-bottoms probaly sent ya didn't he?"

  • Lily pointed at Vardon. Her voice went shrill as she made her attempt at sounding cross. This was an evil beast that needed punishment.  "There he is! That's the one! He's a bad Badger mista Skipper! Spank him! Please spank him!"

  • Vardon roared with laughter, he laughed so hard that it brought tears to his eyes and his belly hurt. "Spank me you say. Well i'm big enough that if old blubber-nose tried that he would be squashed if i sat on him. HA HA HA!"

  • "You are a mean badger!" Lily said insistently. False tears of disappointment came to her eyes, "He's making fun of me mista otter. He's being mean."

  • A squirrel maiden came out from a room in the back of the building. "Whats going on out here?"

  • Displeased with Marr's lack of desire to punish the badger, Lily decided to try a new approach, with the squirrel maiden.
    ''Please, could you punish the mean badger?''
    Lily batted her long eye lashes and made herself as cute as possible.

  • "I could but I don't think it would do any good. Why don't you come with me? I'll see what we can do for a treat." Star offered a paw to the little mouse maid.

  • Relived that the squrrel maiden had gotten rid of the pesky squirt Vardon continued through the infirmary door. What luck! it was vacaint. he called to the little group following him. "You coming or not."

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  • Star stepped out infront of Vardon. "Where do you think you are going?!"

  • Lily was exstatic, "Are going to spank 'im? Will I still get my treat? Huh? Can I please? Please spank him!"

  • Marr watched the young maid at his feet with amusement.  Little ones, always thought they were so important.  He chuckled softly, glancing up at the badger, who, despite being pretty rude and a bit inconsiderate, seemed to be doing nobody any real harm.

    Looking over as the squirrel (right, squirrel? Correct me if I'm wrong) stepped into the room and looked over the situation, Marr rubbed a paw ruefully behind his neck as the young one seemed to implore the newcomer to "spank the naughty badger."  That shrilly voice was killing his oversensitive ears…

    The badger started to leave, but the squirrel maid stopped him in his tracks whilst still holding the paw of the young mouse.  Marr stepped back from the little party, tapping his rudder methodically on the sandstone masonry.  Dibbuns weren't really his area of expertise... Lacking in ways to help the situation, he turned and started quickly and quietly back down the hall, taking an alternate route to the kitchens.  His stomach urged him on.

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  • Rockfire had been watching the whole scene, but when the squealy little mousemaid ran out, and told the adults to spank a badger that had done what was probably the most awesome thing Rockfire had seen in his short life,  he emerged from his hiding place. He walked over towards the squirrel, the mousemaid, and the badger, and said agrily to the mousemaid, "'ey! Why you tellin' on 'im!? Dat was awesome!"

  • Quarrel looked over at Vardon, ignoring the others(including those who hadn't noticed him), "As to your earlier question: Yes, the friar sent me to get you downstiars to do the dishes." He smiled inoccently. It was a little white lie, a prank that Vardon wouldn't hesitate to commit himself.
       Without waiting for a response, he walked past and stepped directly to the window. Taking a quick look around to make sure that he wouldn't harm anyone in the fall, he leapt out the window and into the pond below. After a terriffic slash he came up hooting with laughter.
       "THAT WAS COLD!!!!!!!!!"

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