Sorrel Aya Mirroc

  • Name: Sorrel

    Full Name: Sorrel Aya Mirroc

    Age: 4-5 as a dibbun between 17-20 as an adult

    Species: Mouse

    Alignment: Good unless you've left damson pie on the window sill to cool, then she's a little varmint.

    Sorrel is a dark chestnut in colour with slightly lighter patches across the back of her head, above her nose and on her ear tips. Her Adult form is just over medium height with a slight build, long tail, and defiant hazel eyes, with what she lacks in strength she made up for by her skill, agility and speed. Dibbun Sorrel is rather tiny, with over sized ears that she grew into as she progresses into adulthood. The most noticeable of grown Sorrel's scars runs across the base of her left ear and ending at the base of her skull. She also carries light scarring from a scald across across her upper back from her times as a dibbun when she accidentally knocked a pan of boiling water down on top of her in the kitchens. This is rarely visible  due to her tunic.
    Adult Sorrel wears a medium length, wide skirted tunic (to allow freedom of movement)with a strong double belt, and stiff bark cloth wrist guards. Her love for long warm scarves and heavy cloaks is unabashedly displayed during the winter and autumn seasons and it is not uncommon for her to be found wearing thick scarves during spring or summer, an improvement on her younger dibbun self, who, if she could have gotten away with it, would have worn her warm winter trappings constantly, whatever the weather.

      - Scarves, so many scarves
      - Recurve Bow
      - Well balanced, light sword
      - Large box of "treasures" from her dibbun years
      - A rather extensive shell collection

        - Skilled with both the bow and sword
        - Agile
        - Reasonably fast
        - Is guaranteed never to freeze to death (on account of all those scarves)

        - Dodgy peripheral vision in her left eye 
        - Couldn't swim as a dibbun and carries her fear of deep water on into adulthood.
        - Regularly trips on lengthy scarf ends resulting in head-on collisions with everything
        - Usually ends up conk-ing herself in the head every time she tries to use a sling. 
        - Not particularly strong

    At first glance Dibbun Sorrel can seem proud and clingy but when you get to know her you soon come to see that pride is a shoddy attempt to hide her shy, clumsy nature, She is fiercely loyal and take allot of what is said to her to heart. Never the less she is a rascal with a mutinous streak a mile wide, with a love for all thing mischief and mayhem. She has a great fear of deep water/ being underwater and has been known to bite during bath-time.

    Adult Sorrel is more mature and collected with only a little of the old clumsiness remaining. She is kind and thoughtful, and as always fiercely loyal. At times Sorrel can be dangerously reckless and stubborn she resents admitting she is wrong. Her mischievous streak also prevails and more often than once has she been caught helping DAB members to escape bath time, once a DAB member, always a DAB member. Although she can now swim, the thought of deep water still frightens her, and she is hesitant to enter water that she doesn't know the depth of, or shrew boat because shrews seem to have a thing for rapids and those are also not good.

        Sorrel was initially found toddling around the woodland as an infant, with no one to claim the mouse baby the otters who had found her too her in. The young Sorrel could not swim, but she was content to muck about on the banks away from the water. That was until one day she had saw something flash bright in the water, curiosity overcame her and she crept to the edge of the bank to get a better look. Unbeknownst to the young dibbun or her carers, recent floodwater had washed away much of the supporting silt leaving the ground close to the edge unstable. The bank gave way under her and she fell into the river where she panicked and began thrashing around, this caused her to drift further from the bank into deeper water. She was quickly rescued but the damage was done, the little mouse was terrified of the water. the otters despaired, their Holt was in the middle of the river and little sorrel would scream and kick any time any of the tried to carry her across, they decided the best thing to do would be to take her to live in Redwall Abbey away from their river. The young Mouse thrived under the care of Abbey,and eventually joined DAB, often returning to the otters, whom she still loved dearly, where she learned to swim (abetted a not very well). Approaching her fifteenth season she became more and more restless, wandering further and further from the abbey and her friends and for longer periods of time, often disappearing for several seasons at a time only to return without warning late at night with tales of adventures and battles.

    • Regularly trips on lengthy scarf ends resulting in head-on collisions with everything

    I may or may not have got an excessive amount of amusement from that. 😛

  • @Serena:

    • Regularly trips on lengthy scarf ends resulting in head-on collisions with everything

    Thats needs to happen. xD It is good to have a ongoing joke with some characters.

  • Wow sorrel, your very clever. In your first ever post you manage to gain yourself two kudos. What's your trick?

  • What's  DAB again? 🙂 and glad that you have a character up and running. Don't hesitate to jump into any open RPGs or to start your own!!! 🙂

  • DAB is dibbuns against bedtime.

  • I thought dibbuns against bath time. Hahaha

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