Sanzo Yamato

  • Name: Sanzo Yamato

    Family: Toju Yamato (father)

    Anii Yamato (mother)

    Narumi Yamato (younger sister)

    Kazunori Yamato (Older brother)

    Age: 21

    Species: -EDIT- Red Panda (originally was a Japanese Sable but whatever)

    Appearance: He is a rather Average sized beast with more fur that seems to have a faint bronze-ish hue to it with more brownish fur around his paws, legs and tail. His outfit is made up of a uniquely designed long sleeved black and white shirt with red knot buttons along with red long pants with black martial arts shoes (i wish i knew the proper terms)
    (here is a link on what the outfit would look like minus the colors being correct –---> )

    -He uses a large staff- like weapon that is slightly taller than him counting the blade atop it which is known as a Guandao (link about the weapon ----> )

    • He specializes in a fighting style  known as "Senzoku" or Thousand paw (yes i made it up) which relies on swift and rapid strikes.


    -Quick to react
    -he uses his incredible speed to strike his opponents in combat

    • Senzoku+ Guandao- with its rapid strikes and momentum his fighting Style can be combined with his weapon in order to pull off some rather insane attacks
      -Drunken Fist: Despite his appearance. Sanzo loves his drinks and Believe it or not one might can consider him even more of a threat when he is drunk  due to the fact he is a expert in the way of the drunken fist and even his own unique style of combining drunken martial arts with his polearm.insert drunk kung fu moment

    -a bit to quick to react and might jump the gun
    -his fighting style is no match in hand to hand combat with large enemies such as badgers
    -the use of his weapon would be strictly restricted in close quarter environments
    -If Sanzo begins to sober up when he is in a drunken fight well....yeah that instant hangover isn't gonna let him win that fight...

    Personality: He is a very well mannered beast with a strong sense of honor. He is a rather serious at times but can be very light hearted and happy. If you want the quickest way to piss him off, insult his honor.
    Also you can say is a bit more "interesting" when you get him drunk. By that I mean he will be funny to watch because that is when he is playful to THE MAX (even when fighting so don't be surprised if he is making drunken taunts at you in battle)

    Hailing from the far eastern reaches of the world. Sanzo is the second youngest in his family. His father Toju was once a monk who used to devote his life into his teachings and martial arts until meeting his wife and having three children. Toju loves each of them dearly and has taught them different fighting styles and weapons combat styles. Sanzo was a natural at what his father had taught him and is very close to him.(will add more later!)

    (Also guys i would LOVE advice for this guy and maybe some help coming up with more info i can add. if you got any ideas  please PLEASE pm me or post here. thanks!)

  • Okay, seriously loving the non-European animal. 🙂

  • Thanks! You see I am not really a fan of creating OC that i guess have that sorta "Vanilla" style I guess I could say that. So one of the things I love to do is actually make  my characters foreign to Mossflower from other countries and give them traits from other countries (prime example is a my Fox Armos McCormac, I pretty much made him Scottish, And then there is Ezikeil DeSota which would be Spaniard).But yeah I love making my guys "exotic".

  • It's different, which is nice, and lends a different flavor to the RPs they are in. 🙂

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