Journey to the Mountain (OPEN!!! OPEN!!!)

  • Jalie watched in dismay as her companions fell around her. She kept grabbing smoke pots and stuffing her own herbs in them, to counter the smell. Adi had fallen near Cheri, so she made her way towards them. She'd found a long stick lying on the ground and was using it as a quarter staff, to knock out any Flitcheye who got in her path. Upon reachng Adi, she dragged him quickly to Cheri's side, planted a couple of her foul smelling torches around them, and glared at the horde of Flitcheye descending on her.

    Jalie was a healer and strongly disliked hurting anyone. But she had thrown her lot in with her companions, and besides, the Flitcheye had attacked without, as far as she could see, cause. She hated that even more.

    So it was without hesitation that Jalie beat at the Flitcheye, keeping them from carrying away her unconcious companions. She began to falter, however, and her blows began weaker. She was growing deadly tired. Not from the effects of the sickly-sweet herbs, but because this battle had gone on for a very long time.

    "Sanzo! Can we finish with these little runts quickly?" She called in the directions of the sable.

    (OOC: So do you guys use 'towards' or 'toward'? My poetry teacher said since I'm American, not British, I should never ever use 'towards', I should use 'toward' instead. All due respect to my poetry teacher, but I like 'towards' much better. Also I use several other British terms for things - too much BBC, I guess, and Jane Austen. But anyway, which do you use?)

    (OOC: Does anyone mind if we get rid of these little buggers in a dramatic fashion? And does anyone have any ideas for said drama? I'm not sure if Jalie carries explosives or not, although with that big bag of hers it is a possibility…)

  • (go for it and i do prefer towards, even though Im american but i used whatever sounds right.)

    "Sanzo! Can we finish with these little runts quickly?" Sanzo glanced back at Jalie for a moment and gave her a nod. "Do what you must, do not worry about me!" He yelled back before delivering a sharp kick into a fitcheye's face before stabbing him with his blade. After this he looks back and sees his last companion beginning to grow weak. "Jalie!" He shouts at her. "If you have a idea, it seems now is the time to execute it!"

  • ((OOC: Yeah you could maybe have some special herbs for an explosion, but they'd just explode in our faces too. And then what? There isn't very much of a chance of winning this fight - 3 down, 2 to go, and both finding it increasingly hard. We should just get captured and let them eat Seig. Just kidding 😛 Or be rescued… by someone other than ourselves))

  • (not gonna spoil what i might be planning but if the tides of this battle doesn't change, Sanzo might be in for some bad luck and I vote for Seig gettin eaten by the fitcheye! Lol jk, actually I like the idea of somebest coming to our aid…..THEN Sieg gets eaten.)

  • ((Haha yeah. Er… if you have any spare characters any of you, you can stick them in... if you dont mind them getting eaten as well. I have a fox and a wild cat doing nothing at the moment. They can just happen to hear the noise and come around for a visit))

  • (Well lets hope the fitcheye knows how to bake, You know maybe a giant pie would be nice. ANYWAYS i have a character i can use but im gonna need the ok from you guys because technically he qualifies as a non traditional character thanks to his weapon (he uses a musket) so if you want to see him im gonna need the ok.)

  • (for those who wants to know about the character im talking about –------->
    note: yes any advice to improve him is welcomed)

  • ((For one of his weaknesses you wrote "He can hit what he can't see" "CAN? Just take away the musket and he's all goods. I reckon that my two and your one and anyone else's characters should just all leap in at roughly the same time…))

  • (remove the musket and im good? Meh, he is a marksman, i could make him a archer. you know what  instead i think ill use my two assassins. they'd probably fit better then he would anyways)

  • ((Oh, okay. No need to be grumpy 😛 We should probs get back to the RP))

  • (I'm seeing a theme here of Seig being eaten o: - and while I have no doubts he would be very tasty hopefully it wont come to that >.>)

  • (hang on i just realized something, "he CAN hit what he can't see, actually that was a typo… was supposed to be can't. Yet somehow I failed to realize what you was talking about when you pointed it out....

    .....I had one job.....

    ANYWAYS I already posted so somebody else has to :/)

  • ((Okay, I'll see about posting… Unless someone wants to interrupt and turn the tide of the battle?))

  • ((No no, you go for it.))

  • (( Okay… Draws deep breath, pops knuckles, and starts typing...))

    Jalie was startled by a harsh cry from above her. Glancing up, she gasped as a falcon drifted down into the clearing. Some of the Flitcheye fled, but the rest reformed their lines around the bird. Jalie looked around, spotted a half dozen Flitcheye starting to drag Seig away again, and started towards them. She was stopped however by a large red squirrel who jumped out of the tree above her and held her back.

    "I wouldnae get 'tween Priscilla and her prey, marm. She dinnae take kindly ta' that. Where was it ye was headin'?" He whispered in her ear. She pointed to Seig's prone body being dragged off and the squirrel nodded. He released her and circled around the ring of Flitcheye.

    Mulligan Scott was enjoying himself. His friend Priscilla had the Flitcheye under control, he could easily rescue the ferret, and that would charm the pretty black squirrel maid. He chuckled lightly and walked into a sable.

    "Beggin' ye pardon sirrah, I dinnae see ye there. Ye bein' a friend of the charmin' maid, or shall I kill ye now?" His paw slid down to the curious dagger at his side.

  • (ight my turn. ) Sanzo was thrown completely off guard when he saw the falcon swoop in. Which was posibly the reason why he didn't see the fitcheye archer (thats a thing right?). Sanzo fell to the ground as a arrow struck him in the back. Seeing that the sable was out of the fight several Fitcheye began to close on him to finish him off. Suddenly as the fitcheye was upon him their shouts and maniacal laughter turned into gurgles as several small throwing knives embedded themselves into their necks. Sanzo looked up in shock to see these beast choking on their own blood. Then he looked over and saw a fitcheye suddenly yanked into some bushes that appeared to bleed from its roots only moments after. The sable continued to watch as the surrounding fitcheye died in such identical and bloody ways.

    (So who can guess who these guys are? and yeah what a way to introduce em)

  • ((Squirrels? Not a clue. And Serena's post didn't quite work with yours, if you read the end of the post))

    Arrows streamed into the mess, each finding an accurate target. A shadowy form could be seen moving from bush to bush with ease. Suddenly a large orange wildcat ran roaring, swiping Flitchaye's heads off with practised ease. Sinewy muscles stood out on her as she chased a large group of screaming Flitchaye out of sight.

    Adi was, it seemed forgotten about in the mess. The Flitchaye were no longer absorbed in carrying him away, they were more for saving their lives. The joint force of arrows, a falcon, a wildcat, knife throwers, a self absorbed red squirrel, disintegrated the remaining forces quite quickly, and the silence that followed was almost eerie.

  • (Thats quite a rescue party that showed up, in a post or two I'll have Seig start to wake up, since he was breathing in the sleepy stuff for awhile.)

  • Mulligan Scott chuckled again and looked around for the black squirrel maid. She was kneeling beside an unconscious hare maid, trying to wake her up.

    "Halloo, lassie. D'ye require assistance?"

    She glared up at him for a moment. "No, thank you. Go find someone else to assist."

    Mulligan looked sharply at her then strode away whistling carelessly. Priscilla was preening herself, trying to get the blood off her feathers. Mulligan picked up a handful of damp moss and began wiping her wing feathers clean.

    "Teeheh! Your charming ways worked not this time, Mully!" She teased him in her strange, hoarse voice. "Very angry, the squirrel maid is."

    "I be thinking it's more upset than angry, Priscilla. Her friends nearly died, ye know."

    The bird nodded mockingly. "So Mully says, so it must be."

  • The arrows stopped firing. A slightly undersized 17 year old vixen (yes, Deekra had a birthday) walked into the clearing, unstringing a bow. She sighed and kneeled down to remove an arrow from a dead Flitchaye. Tears sprung to her eyes as she worked on the arrows, cleaning and collecting each one.

    Adi groaned and stirred, but did not wake up. The vixen jumped; he was right next to her. Ignoring her previous task, she leaned over the squirrel, and rummaged in one of her pouches, until her paw drew out a box with sticky sap and a couple of compressed herb bundles, which she placed in Adi's mouth deftly. Then she rubbed the same onto the bump on Adi's head where he had been hit by the club.

    Turning to look beside her, she spotted a black squirrelmaid.
    "Hello." she said. "Do you need any help? Or are you fine at the moment?"

    Just then, the wildcat strode back into the camp, her blade dripping. She was smiling with the exhilaration of the victory, blood on her razor sharp fangs.
    "That was a good fight!" she growled. "Are there any more?"

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