Journey to the Mountain (OPEN!!! OPEN!!!)

  • "Safe travels Ma'am." Seig gave Illex that little send off and a salute as she stormed out of the camp. The ferret currently standing a bit away from the others as he watched where they came from. Not wanting to give those Flitchaye a chance to sneak up on them or anything else now. But truth be told despite his earlier nap Seig was starting to feel the first pangs of tiredness from today's ordeals. Probably best to set up camp soon after they all got along a bit.

    It was good to know that most if them would be joining, would make attacks a lot less likely with a larger party. Just need to be wary of that squirrel that thought himself and Sanzo as well as others evil. Then again they had a good amount of traveling time still to try and teach her. "Good to know many of us will be staying. We should start thinking about setting up camp to recover from the ordeals. With a watch schedule of course."

  • Ache considered the possibilities. There was no one forcing her to go along with this odd group, she could go on her own like the wildcat did if she wished. But she was curious about these beasts, especially the vermin who claimed to not be vermin, and she was interested in where they were headed.

    "I want to keep an eye on these bad, er ver-… these not goodbeasts." Ache said, still not sure what the polite term was for a band of vermin. She was not going to worry about it. She used a stick to work a bit of food out from between her teeth. "I've never seen Salamandastron- might be fun to climb it. Probably has a nice view too."

  • Adi counted who was coming, and who wasn't, the best he could.
    Ilex and Priscilla stay he thought. Serghei and the fox undecided. So that left…
    "Sanzo, Mulligan, Jalie, Cherie, Deekra, Seig and Ache, we should head off again. It's just past midday, and we've had time to rest and let lunch sink in, so we shoul use the rest of the daylight to keep going towards Salamandastron. Give me a small amount of time to scout, then we'll go."
    Adi nodded to Ache.
    "Will you come with me?? Two tails are better than one"

    Without waiting for a response, Adi disappeared into the nearest tree and popped his head out the top, spotting the faint line in the distance that was Salamandastron. He headed towards it, moving left a bit every now and then to check for other dangers. IF Ache had chosen to follow, she would logically head right and they would meet in the middle and head back.

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    Sanzo watched the two vanish into the treeline before he got up."Excuse me if anyone needs me I will be by the stream." The sable said as he grabbed his Guandao and heading through some foilage till he was at the stream. Even though he was out of sight he knew he was well with in earshot. Sanzo then placed his blade down and took off the top of his outfit and leaving a sleeveless silk shirt on and began to train. He decided to resume the training he had always done. It movements of the sable was rather unusual but seemed to portray much power in each move but he moved at a slow yet, dynamic pace in order to practice control. As he trained he pushed the questions in his head aside, now was the time to focus and not worry about such thoughts. He continued on as he listened to the relaxing sound of the stream. It kept him at ease since it reminded him of his father's monastery where he grew up amd trained in the arts of his eastern homeland.

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    Nodding at Adi as he seemed to be preparing for scouting he shielded his eyes as he looked up into the tree to see the squirrel already a good distance up in it. Those wacky squirrels. But then Sir Sanzo seemed to wait a short time alone. Which left Seig alone with the remainder of the group. Going back to standing watch the ferret soldier was soon distracted but the quiet wooshes of something being swung through the air at speed and the noises of training. Letting his eyes wander over toward then noise Seig finally let curiosity get the better of him as he wandered over to get a better look. He found the sable doing what seemed to be drills with his odd…more to say different polearm. Now that he a chance to see it in motion it it looked like a combination of a Bill Hook and a Bardiche. But from how the Sable was handling it Seig had very little doubt in its lethality and it seemed to be well balanced. The Ferret soon moving from the tree line to be standing a bit was off from the stream and Sanzo as he leant on his Halberd a bit and watched, his curaiss still on but helmet, gauntlets, and boots in his backpack now as he watched and waited. But didn't say anything as he didn't want to distracted Sir Sanzo...but he couldn't help but want to perhaps do some light sparring against this new weapon - but training beside him once Sanzo saw him and moved a bit to make space would be fine with Seig as well.

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