Journey to the Mountain (OPEN!!! OPEN!!!)

  • Adi was a jolly squirrel that morning. He roused Seig and set to work pulling down the shelter that he had set up the previous night. As he did, he cleared every trace that they had been there, scattering the moss, clearing nut fragments into a nearby bush, and brushing over footpaw prints.

    Seig was on a mission to find Salamandastron and join the legendary force of hares that lived there. He was a ferret, but a good one, that had aided Adi in a fight that may have ended them if they had not had the stout hearted ferret to lead them and afterwards train them to fight and build a new door that would stand up to an iron ram.

    Adi was Seig's guide. On many of his scout trips he had wandered far and meet Long Patrol warriors who let him trail them to the mountain and see it in action again. He knew the way perfectly now and he had no need of the Long Patrol to show him the way. Often he would visit, presenting the badger lord with a flagon of damson cordial, an interesting combo of damson plums and unripe strawberries that made any drinkers mouth tingle with anticipation of the next gulp.

    Now the pair were one night out from Adi's home, Spero Cave, four and a half days away from Salamandastron. As Seig set his pack on his back and Adi swung his on easily, they set off south-east once more, with Adi jumping silently from tree to tree, every once in a while disappearing to scout out the next route.

    ((Anyone is free to join, no need to ask, not even in the later parts of the thread. There won't be a writing order, but use your common sense.))

  • Humming an old tune from the North as he packed up their night time camp Seig and Adi got it done quick and were soon on the road again. It was good traveling weather and the ferret was in good spirits. He was still recovering from some of the injuries sustained during the defense of the cave but since they could go at his speed, considering that Adi wasn't walking with him most of the time, it wasn't that difficult. So instead Seig just took in the scenery of this forest. Humming a little he kept walking along with his halberd as a walking stick.

    As for joining the fortress guard that wasn't forefront on the ferrets mind. Mostly seeing such a keep was his main objective. From what he had been told by Adi they wouldn't like him because of his species but surely they would allow him just to look. After that? Who knows, maybe finally head home, maybe join up, maybe just wander around this land some more looking for something to do. While normally just lost in sense of direction Seig was a bit more lost metaphorically now with what to do with his life with how far he was away from home.

    Blinking a bit he adjusted his course to keep heading in the general direction that Adi had pointed him out…well what he was pretty sure that was at least, no need to get lost lost when he had a direction to follow.

  • Cheri ambled along on her merry way, going through the woods and enjoying the pleasant day. She stopped every now and then, to drink from the stream she was following, or eat a tasty berry she found growing alongside her path, or to just lie still and enjoy the sunshine.

    It was almost noon when she noticed that someone was following her. She continued on, edging closer to the stream, then stooped and picked up a large pebble. She leapt into the bushes, yelling wildly, "PAAAAKENNNNN MAAAARGOTHHHHHHH!"

    ((OOC - hey there! I did finally get around to it. Cheri does have a bio, under the name Paken Cherith. And BTW, Paken Margoth, her war cry, is the name of her great-great-great-to-the-umpth-degree-grandfather. So… Who's in the bushes?))

  • ((OOC: let us assume Adi, coming back from his scout trip, not far from where Seig is. Adi had gone to ground for a moment, so that he could take a peak at Paken, then she leaped on him. I reckon Seig hears the noise and leaps on her and we all tussle until Adi realizes you are a hare))

    Adi, who was at that point coming back from scouting ahead, had just spotted a beast, but not quite figured out who (the leaves were in the way), and had dropped into a bush to have a better look. Just before he was taken by surprise and attacked, he caught a brief glimpse of a fluffy bobtail.

    Adi was taken completely off guard and struggled up and tried to get back, at that exact unfortunate point his scar setting his back metaphorically on fire. He fell down again and lifted his paws feebly up in attempt to keep the attacker off.

  • (Good first impression I think :D. )

    Back to humming and trying to make sure he was going the right way Seig had just managed to get his mind of thoughts of what he wanted to do with his life as he stooped down to pick a berry from a bush. Giving it a look over and a sniff it seemed alright so far so he took a little nibble, and then the rest of it after it tasted great. It was during his swallowing that he heard the scream. Nearly choking on the berry he quickly headed in the direction of the shout with his halberd held ready. Upon arriving and seeing the large fluffeh tail of a squirrel sticking out of a bush the ferret quickly moved over to it and just had time to spot a furry shape on top of the squirrel tail before he swung down with his halberd shaft - intending to knock the other creature off Adi and stun them so they could figure out what this creature was and what their issue was.

    "Off with you!"

  • "Oi! That hurts!" Cheri squeaked as she moved slightly, catching only part of the blow. "That wasn't nice, stop it this instant!" The beast she had pounced on moved suddenly, sending her headlong into some bracken. She scrambled upright, brushing twigs from her long ears and huffing indignantly. The point of the halberd jabbed into her ribs and she backed away slowly.

    For the first time she was able to see the other beasts. There were two, a ferret and a squirrel. The ferret held the halberd, still pointing it at her.

    "Ah, I see how it is. An evil squirrel joins forces with a wicked ferret and together they attack a poor, lost hare, to rob her blind no doubt, givin' no thought to the fact that she might just be wandering about with nothing but her two fore paws to her name." She scowled and raised her paws, clenched tightly. "But they must 'ave misjudged somewhere, because I'm a fighting hare, great-great-great-to-the-umpth-degree grand daughter of Paken Margoth, and I'll clean their clocks if they come one step closer, pointy stick or no. Come on then, are you lot as cowardly as all that?" She started to dance in small circles, waving her clenched fists.

    A songbird trilled in the branches above her, and she froze. She turned slowly in a circle, searching the tops of the trees for the source of the musical sound. Locating it, she started to trill back softly. The bird flew away and she slumped dejectedly to the ground, apparently forgetting about the pair altogether. She began to hum to herself.

    "I'm a wandering Margoth,
    Cheri is my name.
    Strong be my arm,
    and swift be my aim.
    Wandering alone I am,
    on a summer's day.
    Searching for one I am,
    Nedi is his name."

  • Adi recovered quickly and grinned at the indignant hare as Seig menaced her with his halberd.
    "Hmm, well this is how I see it. I am coming back from scouting out the land for Seig here, and I hear a creature below me, no doubt about to attack my friend here" he nodded at Seig.
    "So I come down to have a look an check who it is, and it's a bunny. I thought I had nothing to fear, then it attacks me with a stone, brings me down and causes enough racket to alert unwelcome company from a mile or two away. Then when Seig defends me, the bunny starts complaining about wicked ole ferrets and nasty squirrels and insulting them." As the hare turned away and began humming, Adi leaped to his feet and ran to face her, holding a paw out.
    "I'm Adipisci Velit, and neither me or the ferret mean you any harm. Are you hungry?" he asked slyly, knowing very few hares would refuse food.

  • (that it I'm joining up lets see how my new guy fairs off in this…)

    Sanzo walked through the forest admiring the local plant life. He was new to the lands and was very hesitant about certain things in the area. After a short while Sanzo decides it would be best to get some rest since he had been walking for hours. He eventually finds a spot under a tree and places his bag down. The Sable then picks up the rather larger bag he carried and place is by his side as he sat down. He then opens the bag revealing a rather unique weapon. It was a staff about the same size as him with a rather large but exotically crafted blade on top the staff and left it by his side at the ready as he began to doze off.

    (feel free to scare the living daylights out of him but be warned, might not be the brightest idea.)

  • When the creature, who turned out to be a hare, stopped attacking Adi Seig took a step back as they separate themselves. He still held his halberd ready as the hare started to spout of things about evil squirrels and wicked ferrets. The so called wicked ferret certainly didn't look to pleased to be called so but didn't swing again at the hare as it started to hop around them talking about that she was a fist fighter and that her family was and more…things. Seig had a brief moment of letting her know what he thought of her supposed skills by lopping one of those fists off her arm but then thought against it.

    Just standing there Seig watched her then stop her circling and then starting to hum. Thankfully Adi seemed to take the initiative and spoke up on their behalf. After he was finished Seig swallowed his urges to strike this rude creature and thumped the butt of his halberd into the ground before crossing his fist across his chest and bowing his head slightly to the hare.

    "Seig Averi Miss, apologies for attacking you but it seemed like you were assaulting my friend - I would also prefer if you didn't call me things like wicked or evil." Oh please keep being rude…let me remove one of those 'only things you have' for you... Thankfully Seig was trained to not act on impulses.

    (We'll hopefully meet up with your guy soon Rodo, or I guess he could hear the commotion)

  • "Seig Averi Miss, apologies for attacking you but it seemed like you were assaulting my friend - I would also prefer if you didn't call me things like wicked or evil."

    Cheri pouted. "I wasn't attacking him, he was in the bushes and he scared me." Her voice took on plaintive note. "I don't like being scared."

    She turned to the squirrel curiously and starting rapid-firing questions at him. "What sorts of food do you have? Why were you in the bushes anyway? Why didn't you come out and say hello like a normal beast? Do you travel with this not-wicked ferret? Is he always so scary? Why is he glaring at me? I'm Paken Cherith, by the way, but most beasts call me Cheri. What's your name? Your grumpy not-evil friend's name is Seig Averi, I think he said. Have you seen a hare named Nedi? I'm looking for him." She stopped and smiled expectantly at the baffled squirrel.

  • Adi paused for a moment, hoping to reorganise his muddled mind, and attempted an answer.
    "Yummy food, checking you, because I'm not a normal beast, yes, no, I don't know, hi Cheri, Adi remember? Yes Seig's his name, no" he exclaimed, proud of himself for remembering and answering all of the questions in order, then realising that it sounded like complete stupidity because he had said it all after Cheri had finished asking questions.

  • Cheri blinked as the squirrel replied to her questions almost as fast she had asked them. She was impressed at how well he had remembered them and answered in the proper order.

    "I wouldn't mind some yummy food, if your grumpy not-wicked friend doesn't mind and will stop glaring daggers at me."

    Jalie the black squirrel watched the proceedings with amusement. She was reclining on a large tree branch high over the trio, munching on a oat scone with berry jam spread over it. She finished the scone, and swung through the trees. She slid down the smooth trunk of a birch, into a sunlit clearing, instantly putting her guard up as she saw that the clearing was occupied by a Sable. She began to slither her way silently out of the clearing.

    (OOC - having dreamed on this story thread last night, I decided to post this morning… :P)

  • Now a bit lost because of all the rapid fire questions and answers Seig just rolled his eyes at having wicked and ferret in the same sentence again and just gave up trying to ask her not to as he fell into a more relaxed stance that also stopped him glaring at the hare as he just nodded and started to set up camp for this impromptu picnic.

    Setting his packs down he rested his halberd down into the grass as well before starting to get some of the 'yummy' food out as well as a blanket to act as the sitting area for the food. He let the squirrel and hare talk as he worked, soon with a good amount of their food set out as Seig knew how voracious Adi was, and just upscaled it for a hare.

  • (warning: the following post contains a rather ridiculous amount of martial arts being used. Thus is how you will meet my guy. Another warning: If you think he is dangerous imagine him drunk insert drunken Kung fu refrence…you have been warned.)

    It didn't surprised Sanzo when he felt a blade prodding his side as he slept. Now as for the one prodding him, He seemed pretty surprised to receive such a kick in the jaw that was powerful enough to send him rolling down a nearby hill (straight to you guys if I may). Sanzo quickly got up and noticed the remaining three armed vermin The largest one a fox seemed to be the leader of the small group consisting of a rat, and a stoat left. "Ah, lookie here mate, this one thinks he can kick Guff an' get a'way with it." The fox said pointing the sword at the sable. "We was just gonna take yer stuff an' go but know were gonna 'ave ta kill ye." At this point one of the vermin, a rat charged at him armed with a spear. Sanzo dodged the blade and and delivered a sharp blow to the rat's exposed jaw causing the rat to drop the spear. Sanzo then grabbed the rat and tossed him onto the stoat. When the now distracted stoat shoved the rat out of the way he too also met yet another kick in the face. Sanzo turned to the fox and got into a stance looking at the fox in the eye. After a moment of hesitant fox finally charged and lunged at him. Sanzo leans to the opposite side the fox lunged at and hit him in a exposed part in the back of the neck. The fox simply went limp and fell to the ground unable to move. The sable then proceeded  himself off with a frown. "Tch, all I wanted was some sleep." He said to himself.

    (Ok that was in my head for a lil while and I really wanted that to happen. Also if you guys do decided to head up the hill and see the fight, you might want to be careful approaching him. You see what he can do unarmed, you dont wanna know what he can do with that weapon. 😛 )

  • Jalie had gotten out of the clearing without disturbing the Sable, and was walking down the hill when a body thudded into her and knocked her down. She screamed and shoved the body off her, then jumped upright. The rat remained on the ground, moaning and nursing his apparently broken jaw. Jalie poked him with her paw and he ignored her, continuing to weep and mutter to himself.

    Cheri was interrupted in the middle of her meal, shared with Seig and Adi, by a piercing scream. She dropped her apple and chunk of cheese and bolted off through the woodlands to the source of the scream. She skidded to a stop at the bottom of a small hill, where a black squirrel was bandaging the jaw of a rat, who was moaning miserably.

    "Seig?" She called, not looking back to see if the pair had followed her. "It's another one."

    Jalie looked up and nodded a greeting at the hare, then patted the rat on top of his head. "All set there. Try not to move it too much, or you'll really have problems." The rat nodded and mumbled something. She leaned closer, then smiled. "Jalie. Nice to meet you, Jorgan."

  • Adi stuffed the last bite hurriedly into his mouth as he heard the sounds. He jumped to his feet and dashed off, leaving Seig with the bags.

    On arriving at the scene, Adi noticed a sable, a fox a stoat, a rat and a squirrel. It appeared that the fox and the stoat were unconscious, the sable was heading away from the scene and the squirrel was nursing the rat.

    Adi hurriedly scratched a message into the ground. Trailing sable. Please follow tracks. Adi.

    With that, he took to the trees.

    ((If wandering off is not what your sable is doing Rodo, please just edit post so that it is and forgive me))

  • (Its cool, I'll go with this)
    Sanzo looked at the unconscious vermin and sighed. The sable walked over and slide his blade back into it's bag. Afterwards he then picks up both of his bags and began to walk away. Sanzo continued to walk calmly until he reached a stream. The sable knelt down and began to refill a canteen with water. Suddenly Sanzo's ear twitches he hears a the sound of a twig snapping. 'I'm being followed.' He thought to himself. After a moment He simply got up as he sneaked a rock and resumed walking. Afterwards he kept on walking for little while longer listening to any sounds from leafs rustling to the occasional twig snapping. Eventually Sanzo managed to come up with a general idea of where his potential follower could be. "I know your there, reveal yourself." After no response he sighed . "Very well.." Suddenly the sable turned and threw the rock straight towards the treeline. He was rewarded with a yell in pain. Sanzo opened his bag and in one quick swift he revealed his weapon.

  • Adi yelped lightly as the rock struck his paw as he was about to reach out to the next branch. He moved silently down, using a branch to poke the foliage beside him so he could not be attacked without the branch being chopped up first, warning him of any approach. Still holding the shaking branch, he edged closer to where the sable stood, now viewing him completely without being in sight. Suddenly he dropped the stick and did his vanishing trick, leaving only his amber eyes visible and staring through the bushes at the sable like twin lanterns.
    "I've revealed myself. What is it that you require of me?"

    ((I'd prefer it if you didn't kill my character off please heehee 😉 ))

  • (ah don't worry Sanzo isn't evil. But you can say he is slightly paranoid at the moment. Who can blame him?)

    Sanzo looked at the amber eyes and tightened his grip on his weapon and said rather calmly. "I was going to ask you the same thing." The sable wasn't sure if this was a actual foe or somebeast that was trying to intimidate him but he wasn't going to take any risks. " I would like you to explain why you are following me," He paused as he remembers earlier before adding. "Also if you are alone."

    (see i didn't kill anyone, unless provoked and even then he probably just use his martial art skills instead of his weapon…unless needed. Also if you still have no idea what weapon he has it is called a Guandao which is a ancient Chinese polearm ( but I am just letting you guys know so you don't start making crazy guesses about what it is. No that your characters would know what this weapon is, unless they have came across it :D)

  • (Seig would know what Sanzo uses as a Glaive, since they are essentially the same weapon, just from different locations.)

    Seems the forest was full today, as once the hare had quieted down and started to stuff her face full of the food there were some screams and Adi and the hare rushed off. Seig got up a little slower as he did his best to try and disguise the packs under some foliage so they wouldn't be as easily found. With that done he retrieved his halberd and followed Adi and Cheri into the forest. He soon caught up to a black squirrel treating a rat and fox. Odd but Seig just nodded as he noticed a message scratched into the ground…Which unfortunately for Seig was all gibberish as he couldn't read it. Doing his best to think of a way around this he noticed that Adi wasn't here as he nodded at the squirrel and hare.

    "Where did Adi go?" A point was all he needed before he was off and following the disturbed foliage toward where Adi and the other creature had apparently go. Thankfully it was decently easy for the unarmored ferret to follow and he finally found the location after a helpful yelp for Adi alerted him to make a course change. Just able to hear the now clearly mustelid creature with a type of glaive held ready Seig stepped out of the foliage, having spotting Adis' bush tail from the back, and shook his head as he held his halberd ready but not in a combat stance as he shook his head.

    "No, he isn't."

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