Confused about a certain OC help!!!

  • Ok so here is the problem, I am wanting to make another OC to use but here is the thing. I have no idea if he would qualify as a traditional character or is a non-traditional character! Now here is the things about him that is causing all the trouble.

    He isn't a species used in the redwall series (i am using the Japanese Sable, –-> BUTTT he is a foreigner who traveled to mossflower.

    Now we all know that the world of Redwall is obviously bigger than just Mossflower so there has to be more species then what is used in the books and we dont know what he was planning next for the series. But still were would I place this guy? Is it possible for him to be a traditional or does he have to go into non-traditional? This wouldn't be a issue for me but I want to use this guy in traditional rps and I doubt non-traditional OCs can be used in a traditional rp. So where would he go?

  • I know how you feel Rodo. One of my favorite OC's is a Raccoon (Jen Ko) and I had the same thoughts as you. I just went with making him a traditional character since he mostly fit in with the greater Redwall timeline and setting.

  • There are sables in Redwall that I remember. And in certain books the setting is on a different island based on real life, like the Green Isle from High Rhulain (Ireland), and Mossflower is based on a part in England I believe. Also the beasts of Mossflower have different accents like the moles and the otters. That means they were brought up from a family that probably originated somewhere else. So yeah I think it should be alright as long as, like Penblade said, he/she mostly fits with the "greater Redwall timeline and setting".

    That clear your question?

  • Well actually it does. So pretty much as long as it fits in with the timeline? I can do that.

  • Yes.
    As long as it's not some obscene animal, than it'll be fine.

    Weasels are in the stories, and the Sable is a relative of the weasel family. So that's not so farfetched and can be believable within the traditional Redwall universe.

  • So does that mean I can't do a big purple gorilla?

  • lol.

    As long as it's not some obscene animal, than it'll be fine.

    A big purple gorilla would be an obscene animal, so no.

  • Darn. Oh well, I tried.

  • Just an aside, do you mean obscene or obscure Kiara?

  • In this case, both could actually work Pen. LOL

  • Thanks guys! I am glad you all could help clarify that for me

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