The Things We Miss Back When We Were Kids (Flitz)

  • Aaand here we go – more Jarret's and Flitz' childhood cuteness! xDD

    A small feet drummed on the warm sand as Jarret ran towards Flitz' home-hole. He knew he was early:  the sun was still pretty high (for jumper's standard) even thought it was already an evening for those, who slept over the nights.

    But Jarret was a restless little rascal and he just couldn't wait any longer. Maybe Flitz had gotten up much earlier this time? He should go and check it...!

    So he arrived to the small hidden entrance and moving the covers out of the way he stepped in short half-way.
    "Hello? Anybody home?", he called out before entering. It felt funny ask that every time while knowing that there always someone  moving around in this particular home-hole. So many jerboa and mice were living in this big tunnel and chamber-complex so there were no time in the day when someone wasn't at home.

    But he felt like he had to say something and not just barge in.

    "Flitz! Flitz! Are you up?", he continued. It might be too early for most jerboa to be up from the bed but ever since he and Flitz had become friends couple years ago, they had done their best to make their awake-hours to meet. That meant Flitz woke up earlier than other kids - and Jarret stayed up as long as he could. Young half-mouse wished he could stay up the whole night and play with Flitz more, but of course his mom wouldn't let him do that. Which was utterly unfair.

    But maybe her grandma was at least up? Granny Kalitz was a morning mouse -- or should it be evening mouse? Anyway, she was always long up before others like all elderly beasts usually were, no matter the species.

  • Ever since their encounter with Frisker and his gang of bullies, Flitz and Jarret had been inseperable. With lots of practise (and scolding for their parents) they finally managed to work their sleeping schedules into eachothers routines. Now they had a couple of hours from early sundown til the early night to spend with eachother without making themselves ill from exhaustion.

    Luckily for Jarret somebody was always up early in the home, and that somebody was always Flitz's grandmother. She sat at the table, with a young infant mouse in a high chair, spoon feeding the messy baby, who was slopping his food all over his chest.

    "Good evening Jarret, welcome! Sorry I've got my paws full here, Flitz is in the bathroom hold on a second- FLIIIITZ YOUR FRIEND IS HERE!" She cried out in a stentorian voice.

    "Coming!" In a few moments, Flitz bounded into the kitchen, almost toppling over her best friend. "Jarret! Jarret! Hi Jarret how are you?"

  • "Hello Granny Kaliz", Jarret greeted, stepping inside and walking next to the long table, looking how the infant got more food on himself that inside him. Let's just hope that Flitz had already eaten - it would mean she was ready to go when she arrived. He was early, yes, but it was still an evening and the sun wouldn't stay on the sky but couple of hours, at tops. And after that it would be too dark play outside - or it would be for Jarret. He didn't have that night-vision like jumpers and his over-fussing mother didn't want him to play outside when it become too dark. So Jarret wanted to make the most of it when they still had time. And there was something he had absolutely show to Flitz.

    Like from a magic word Flitz dashed into the kitchen, taking the opportunity of his turned and unprotected back, clashing against it repeating his name like merry parrot.   
    "Ouch! Flitz! Watch where are you leaping!", Jarret said, turning towards his friend.

    "Are you ready to go? Please say you're ready to go!" Jarret was almost jumping up and down, barely holding his excitement in. "You don't believe what I found earlier this day! It's a –" Just in time he remembered he wasn't alone with Flitz and looked up Granny Kalitz . Even though Flitz's grandmother was really nice, adults had all those  boring rules like 'don't climb on the biggest boulders' or 'never wander too far from the village'. So you had to be very watchful what you said in their presence or otherwise they would come up with new rule of what you weren't allowed to do.

    "---It's clams... Yeah, found lots and lots of clams in shallow" Jarret tied quickly cover up. "Like totally huge ones too!" Half-breed was waving his hands, like trying to measure out just how big "clams" he had seen. And according to that exaggerative measuring, those sealifes were almost big as the young boy was. 
    "You won't believe if you don't see them yourself..."

  • "Hehe sorry Jarret." A grin crossed her face in a way that implied she wasn't in fact, sorry at all. "Ya I'm all set! I even packed a lunch!" She reached behind her to display her preparedness proudly, but found there was no package behind her.  "My lunch!"

    "It's in the pantry sweetheart." Gran piped up, wiping the food from the fussy baby's mouth. She smiled slyly at Jarret's sudden retelling of his story and spoke with a voice that was too sweet to be sincere. "Oh clams dearie that's wonderful! Bring some home to me and Gran will make you a nice clam chowder."

    "Y-yes Gran. Come on Jarret let's go! Bye Gran!"

    "Be careful!"

    Grabbing her lunch and her bestfriend, she led him out a ways away from the opening of her cave, far away from Gran's prying earshot. "What did you find Jarret? What is it?" She spoke in the hushed tone of a young child who knew they were about to be  up to no good.

  • Jarret gave Flitz a playful smirk, the one which always played on the half-mouse's face when he had yet another 'adventure' in his mind. And as usually Jarret didn't want to spoil the surprise too soon. 
    "You must see it yourself", he whispered back and beaconing Flitz to follow him. "This way!"

    Jarret started running, leading his friend across the beach to the waterline, starting to follow it. The waves washed beach in lazy motion and half-mouse's feet left small paw-prints on the wet sand – which vanished quickly as new wave reached for the dry land, wiping away the foot-prints like they never existed.

    The two of them passed the kids' usual playing places: like the big boulder-labyrinth which was an ideal place both tag and hide-and-seek, and shallow shore-waters where children liked to paddle and collect the smooth surfaced stones. And as they finally left behind the giant log, Jarret's favorite climbing-spot, it become clearer and clearer that half-mouse was found something outside their usual playgrounds.

    Finally Jarret stopped. Not because he was out of breath but because there was a pile of rock on his path. High and wide it emerged from the sea and continued trail across the beach like nature's self-made wall, hiding away what was beyond it. If you backed away far enough, you could see the cliffs which rose on the other side of the sharp-edged boulders, but that was it. The only way take a good look was to climb over.

    And children were strictly forbidden to do so. This was the last border village's young-ones  weren't allowed to cross since the rules stated very simply that they shouldn't, under any circumstances, wander too far from their home-holes.

    And of course it was one of the rules that Jarret came to break as soon as he was old enough to. As for Jarret's opinion the rule not leave the saver side of the beach was meant only for those really-really small kids... And he wasn't small kid anymore. Not by his own book.

    "We need to climb over", Jarret said as he pulled himself on the first boulder, looking around and checking there wasn't anyone there seeing what they were going to do.
    "The thing I want to show you is on the other side"

  • Flitz smiled ear to ear and was eager to see the surprise her friend had in store for her! Because of her long legs, several of Jarrets running strides amounted to one of hers, and she followed him at a leisurely hop, anticipating what it could possibly be.

    Was it a huge Pirate ship? Flitz had always wanted to see one. Maybe a huge fossil washed up on the shore? She scanned the coastline and didn't see one, and hopped ever onwards. Waving at the children at the stone labrynth she pressed forward, growing more and more curious with every bounce…and slowly. More nervous. They passed by the shallow waters, passed by the giant log. Flitz was starting to think that the thing would never show up! If not here, where could it be?

    Jarret came to a halt and Flitz collided with him, landing on her tail. "Oof! What did you stop for?"

    _"We need to climb over. The thing I want to show you is on the other side."

    Looking upwards from her spot on the ground, she saw a humongous stone cliff face…the humongous stone cliff face. The one they were forbidden to go near. Picking herself up from the ground Flitz approached Jarret, wringing her paws apprehensively. There was a problem with Jarret's plan.Not only were they very not allowed to go there but…

    "Jarret! I can't climb!" She meant it. Jumping, running, sure, but Flitz's legs were too long and awkwardly shaped for anything else. _

  • Jarret turned towards his friend, noticing her uneasiness.
    "It's okay – You don't have to, Jarret said as he jumped down and smirked happily. "Since I'm gonna carry you on my back. You aren't that heavy"

    Of course he knew that Flitz wasn't good at climbing like he was, as jumpers light frame was made for leaping a long jumps and to run like a wind... Jerboas didn't need climbing skills when they could just jump over the obstacles -- and that's why they were in trouble if the obstacle was too high siply just leap over.

    But Jarret was determined to get both him and Flitz to the other side. If Flitz couldnät climb, the he would climb for both of them. It shouldn't be a problem, after all, he was taller than she (if Flitz didn't rise up on her toes - then she was much taller than he was, thanks to her kin's long legs). And he was much sturdier than she. And he was strong enough to carry her over the boulder wall, or so Jarret confidently thought.

    So the half-mouse smiled self-confidently, to show Flitz that he was hundred percent sure this would work.

    "Come on  -- hop on", he said as he turned his back at Flitz, beding a little so it would be easier for the jerboa climp on his back. "I have already looked up the perfect route -- and the climb isn't that long as it looks like. We're up there and over it in no-time!"

  • Flitz eyed Jarret, unsure of his new plan. Although Flitz was rail thin and hardly weighed anything at all, it seemed just like a boy to think they were stronger than they really were, and how was he going to hold onto her and scale the wall at the same time?

    She looked up at the cliff face. It was awfully tall. It would be a long way down onto the hard rocks if any of them fell. But Jarret was insistent and admittedly, her curiosity was getting the better of her. She'd go along with his plan, but would chide and warn him the entire time, like a particularly nagging furry backpack.

    "O-ooookaaaaay. If you're really sure." Approaching his back, she mounted him awkwardly, clinging tight like a hairy little limpet, her grip giving away how scared she actually was.

  • "Don't worry, I won't let you fall", Jarret assured as he turned towards the climbing challenge, confident he would conquer it. 
    (Maybe it was only a good thing Flitz was holding on so tightly, because Jarret had to use his both hands for the upcoming task. The rock wall wasn't actually that high, but in the small dibbuns' point of view, it was a huge.)

    Knowing that Flitz wasn't a climber, Jarret had already  searched for the easiest way to cross the rock wall and luckily found a route where the rock boulders formed a passable footholds and were more or less stacked atop each other like they were stairs. Nevertheless it still required some climbing from the half-mouse's part, but Jarret was self-confident he could make it.

    But as young half-breed soon would find out, carrying somebody in piggyback while climbing  was a whole different matter than having no weight on your back at all. The task was getting harder and harder as they got higher, but of course half-breed couldn't give up in half-way through. Not when he been so sure he could do it.

    And of course, if he were to give up now, Flitz would never see what he had found….

    So after lot of huffing and puffing, Jarret  finally managed to reach the top of the rock wall. He was so beat  he barely managed to get Flitz down from his back before slumping onto the rocks, lying there panting heavily. . 
    "See? I told you!" he declared, though he was clearly out of the breath. Still, he sounded triumphant, as he shot his fist towards the sky as a sign of victory. "Piece of cake"

    It took him a while catch his breath but eventually Jarret rose to sitting position. And shadowing his eyes with both of his hands, he scoped around from their high viewpoint.
    "It's nice view from here, don't you think? You can see pretty far"

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