Seeking more posters for a thread.

  • Not sure if this is the right place for it, sorry if it is 😧

    • Looking for more players and characters for a thread.

    Location: Salamandastron and the land around it.

    Characters: Seig Averi (Ferret Halberdier), Adipisci (Squirrel nut) Looking for Hares and perhaps a Badger Lord for when those two arrive

    Backstory: Seig, a ferret from the North, left his fortress home after having his wife taken from his by his former captain. He eventually found his way to Mossflower, drawn there by tales of the mighty fortress of this land (Salamandastron) and has been trying to find it to see how it compares. But with his terrible sense of direction he got lost in Mossflower and Adi stumbled upon him. After a rocky start the two of them became friends and Seig even helped defend Adi's cave home against an attack and afterwards helped to train the warriors of the cave and set up some defences. But Seig soon desired to see the mountain again, and Adi offered to help bring him there so he wouldn't get lost.

    To that end they set off toward the sandy shore and the large mountain itself - the ferret briefed on the danger that would show up from the hares but undeterred from trying to get there and see it.

  • So… basically, if you have a hare, PM either Faclan or me, or post  here to tell us. We need hares for a Salamandastron thread that will be released very soon, and both of us would be very glad to have some supporters BEFORE the thread started.

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