• Name: Lavender

    Age: 68 seasons[=17 yrs. of age.]

    Gender: Female

    Species: River Otter

    Physical Appearance: She has auburn fur, and brown eyes, usually with a faraway or thoughtful expression in them. She wears a floaty, lace-up lavender blouse with peasant sleeves and tan breeches. She wears bark sandals.

    Personality: Lavender is a quite soul, who usually keeps to herself as much as possible. She is uncomfortable in crowds, and around beasts she doesn't know. However, she has a calm temperment, and is not prone to fits of anger or temper. It takes alot to make her mad, though she can become annoyed easily.

    Weapons and Personal Items: She carries a dagger, bow and quiver of arrows. Her dagger has a white hilt, and she carries it at her back, in a plain sheath. Her quiver is made of dark cloth, reinforced with wood strips, with strings so she can tighten the top over her arrows when it rains. Her arrows are long and straight, made of ash, with white swan feathers as flights. Her bow is made of yew, strong and sturdy. When she travels, she carries a pack, in which she has the usual items, ink, pens, books, food and clothing.

    History: Lavender was born and raised in the valley of Waterdowns, which lies far to the North of Mossflower country. Her father is the leader of the otter tribe that lives there, but Lavender grew up without any special privelges. She wanted to see more of the world, and without her family's permission, left Waterdowns, and traveled far away. She eventually found the Abbey of Redwall, and settled there, though she mostly wanders around the woods and coast.

    Relationships: Lavender and her father[Glanc] never had a good relationship. They were always arguing about something. Glanc dislikes his daughter's quiet character, and has sometimes forced her to undergo harsh weapon training, which only resulted in pushing his daughter further away from him. Ultimately, this is what caused Lavender to defie her father and leave Waterdowns.
    Lavender and her mother[Alka] get along very well. Alka is someone that Lavender has always looked up to.
    Lavender has two younger sisters, Kelly[name soon to change] and Kelsie. They look up to her alot, which makes her self-conscious when she is around them, though they still act like sisters and have fun together.

  • Excellent Bio! Much better than many I've seen!
    Gotta love River Otters too! ^-^

  • Thanks. 😃 It needs work; I only updated a couple of things; she hasn't changed in almost 4 years… which I guess is somewhat of a good thing...

    Of course. ; )

  • 4 Years… Did you happen to ever be on Starfire's Redwall? LIKE THE BEST SITE EVER!

  • No, I didn't. I looked at it when I first joined the ROC, but it was almost dead by that time, plus I was a little intimidated as a newbie to join such a big site, so I never did.

  • reminises in past
    Oh the good ol' days. Sigh
    Alas it died in the peak of its days. Just because of a bunch jealous members. Oh well.
    This isn't SRA and hoprfully that will never happen here.

  • Ooh, pretty color. Out of curiosity, what other ROC sites have you been on?

  • By the way, what happened in SRA to make it go down? What did those jealous members do?

  • They all wanted to be Mods and such, but Starfire was keeping the whole thing under her little group's control. People felt that it should be run more on the user's power. People started to disobey the rules, Got kicked off, they created new accounts, started spamming, sent hate-mail to Starfire, etc… It eventually got so bad, she had to shut the site down. 30 members sending you hate mail everyday doesn't sound very fun.

  • No kidding.
    We have something on this site that prevents that actually. RL is capable of shutting down users creating an account if they have a certain ip address. If they atart spamming than he can tell the site to not allow anybody on a certain computer or user on a computer to make a new account or use the one that they have.

    Whoa! I just noticed. I have 1000 posts!

  • Yah. That works I guess. Unless they're on like a college comp. Then you prevent the whole college from use.

  • @Orion: Thanks, 'tis indigo. 😃
    Um, well, alot. DAB[very briefly], Emeraldwall Abbey, Fortress Zion, Legends of Redwall Abbey, Redwaller[though that wasn't really an RPing site], and a ton of sites that I joined and they died soon after. I can't think of anymore, for some reason. O.o Those were just with my character, Lavender. I'm also on the VI and Fort Tatterack with Kalissa Silvertail, my ferret character.

    That's sad about SRA, but it happens. Especially when the site is overrun with newbies.  😕

  • You're Kalissa Silvertail?

    I thought about joining there, but I wasn't really interested.

  • Hm, I feel like I know you from somewhere. But, alas, I can't remember the name of the site I think we were both on. Besides Fort Tatterack, were you ever a member on a site with Fort in it's name?

  • @Seth: Yes, I am. ; ) Aw, too bad. It's a nice site, actually, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a leader. 😃

    @Orion: Ditto at you; your name is familiar. Me either. Hmm, Fortress Zion; Fortress Leithtalan? I can't think of any other, no.

  • That's it! Fortress Leithtalan! One of the first ROC sites I joined. Unfortunately, it was never terribly active…and then it went kaput.

  • Hmm, yah. I created the site back in 2003, but it never really was very active. That was partly due to my lack of very much internet access. I finally just let it die – I don't feel like trying to revive it or anything. It had its time. 😃

  • I intend on making sure that this site doesn't do the same. Stand to attention

  • Good for you. 😃 I intend to do the same with my site. ; )

  • The ruins of SRA aren't that exciting. (http://fringe.xepher.net/ruins/)
    It was the forum itself that was so great. Too bad it's gone though. Still, this site looks way more professional.

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