Ooc: oh captian…

  • You will see lets just see what happens. honestly i was expecting (and hoping)  Deekra would fight

  • Oh my.. Two guys fighting it out… So what's the plan Deerka and Rodo?

    Idk if i should post or not

  • you can post if ya want but at the moment you have a honorable fistfight basically between a British (i always portrayed the hares as British) and a Scottish….am i the only one thinking of that movie Braveheart?

    "They can take our lives, but they will never take our FREEDOM!"

  • What next? Show Stulta around, let him take a peek at the cannons, introduce him to the crew… then what? Let everyone congratulate Ryills, listen to the story unfold (with a few bits let out), Armos and Barf go round self congratulating, Ezikeil's ship turn and move, probably after dropping off, unless Stulta wants to have a joy ride first.

  • here is the idea: so after Ezikeil confront Ryill's lil secret Ezikeil is going to make both of you a offer. (wont tell you what they are different for each of you after that you can say that this is wrapped up unless you wanna join the rp "Tales of Warm Waters" which pretty much right after these events

    here is the link to the OoC channel if you interested –--------------> http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/index.php?topic=2500.0

  • Sounds good to be. Sorry for not being on lately I was at Salt Lake Comic Con the past few days! Lol

    I'll get in a post this evening

  • alright cool

  • Ladies and gentlemen….and Deekra.

    Since the Rp is about to end(one a certain hare finally replies) i gotta say this was a great RP. Hey also if you guys are interested in another Journey there will be another RP being formed which is after these events (Caterpillar's idea since he wants a rp which a ship captain) "Tales of Warm Waters" Here is the OoC page if your interested.


  • I had fun with the RPG…Now that Ryills..I mean Dominique is a captain in Ezikels fleet...might join "Tale of open waters...." to play her a bit more..maybe up date her clothes and skills a bit, twek her also so she is more fitting as a captain..

  • awesome

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