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    Hey guys so let's discuss what we want to do next in the thread here.

    So Ryills doesn't want to go back on the ship, she is fed up.

    Idk if Rodo wants to join and curious what happened to Ryills and Sultra?

    Been thinking that later after the battle Ryills runs into Ezikels crew and maybe wants to join back or something…


    I quite injoy this rpg. 🙂

  • As I mentioned, Stulta could travel with Ryills for a while, until she finds a place that she wants to settle in, and Stulta goes on his way to goodness knows where. As for Rodo, he'd loose his, er, slave, but he'd still be okay, I guess, since he has a whole crew without her.

    Another idea is if after the thread, we did a hunting thread, so the crew was trying to recapture her or something. But just ideas.

  • Oh what could happen if the crew ends up tracking down Ryills and wanting her back is this:

    Ezikel still has a hatred with hates and maybe Armos ans barf saw Ryills being "taken" by Sultra and they think he kidnapped her or something and then they go after or something. I wanna try to keep it Rodo and his character since he is the starter of the thread and main character.

    As you said, Ryills had no significe in the RPG really, or very little.
    So idk if this plot will work.

    Also I wanted Rhills to still show a bit of loyalty to Ezikel since she doesn't hate him but had conflicting values, maybe she saves his life from being killed by a hare or something…

  • oh hai, i didnt notice this appearing. So anyways I like the both ideas but what if we somehow managed to combine them? dramatic music plays

    Also just one question, how did Ryills go from a crew member that Ezikeil gave some authority to recently to a runaway slave? Man Ezikiel is going to be so confused… oh btw did anyone read Ezikiel's profile? I know its kinda late but just in case ( http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/index.php?topic=2480.0 )

  • Oh that's what Sultra assumes since Ryills told him so as a sobbing otter maid when he ran into her. She doesn't want to trust new ppl, or she has trust issues.

    Haven't you noticed that Ryills plays on ppl's emotions? She is loyal but she mostly looks out of herself. What ever it takes for her to live like she wants to.

  • T.J you are Diabolical….I can see Ryills using that on Ezikiel, especially with his "condition". But then again Ryills does have a sense of loyalty

  • Hehehehehe I like being evil.

    Oh yes, Once you get Ryills loyalty/friendship she won't turn her back on you. Ever! 🙂

  • Ah also i just looked over the rp, I have a idea cause i want Armos to confront Ryills. So here is the idea, Armos and Barf end up trying to head over to the rendezvous point but stop to catch their breath near a cave…..the very cave you two are in, then the madness (or hilarity who knows?) ensues. Besides now Sulta probably thinks Armos is as evil as expected and might fight him. this is going to be interesting...

  • Oh that could be interesting big time. See how Ryills handles herself when confronted.

  • Hang on, I'm getting more confused by the minute. In one of your posts, you said Ryills wanted people to stop bossing her around, and she wanted to escape. Now your saying her thoughts were false thoughts as well. What does Ryills want? Before I look at any other suggestions, I want to know that.

  • Ryills might be slightly bi-polar, with conflicting values. She mostly looks out for herself and will do what it takes to reach her goals and stay alive. Even if she has lie or cheat her way through. BUT Ryills will watch out for those who she considers friends.

    Does that make sense?

  • Deekra look, Ryills is a …interesting case so trust me don't when i say just go with it the more you try to understand him....or her, the better chance your going to hurt yourself.  ANYWAYS I'm gonna start that confrontation. don't hurt yourselves kiddes

  • @Rodo-Takosu:

    Deekra look, Ryills is a …interesting case so trust me don't when i say just go with it the more you try to understand him....or her, the better chance your going to hurt yourself.  ANYWAYS I'm gonna start that confrontation. don't hurt yourselves kiddes


  • just a off topic thought but does anyone else realize that i have the most ridiculous  personal text out of all of us? should i feel accomplished or what?

  • I think I have the best avatar…. lol

    I should have a voting poll of who has the best icon, signature, text... etc.

  • Look even if you have a fabulous icon you cannot protect yourself from the cucoos…..they will never stop trying... sitting in a Fidel position rocking back and forth never stop.......never stop........they never stop......

  • So Ryills might fight you so she doesn't go back, but by all means tackled her and take her. She is battered and injured so she won't put up much of a fight.

    Maybe she gets thrown in the barracks and thenEzikels ship gets attacked and she saves Ezikels life or something and in return she is free to go as she please and do what she wants

  • You will see lets just see what happens. honestly i was expecting (and hoping)  Deekra would fight

  • Oh my.. Two guys fighting it out… So what's the plan Deerka and Rodo?

    Idk if i should post or not

  • you can post if ya want but at the moment you have a honorable fistfight basically between a British (i always portrayed the hares as British) and a Scottish….am i the only one thinking of that movie Braveheart?

    "They can take our lives, but they will never take our FREEDOM!"

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