To Catch A Shadow (Open for everyone FOREVER!)

  • (Well we still are doing the enemies to friends thing so yeah, Serghei is about to pull a dick move before we getting shot out a window with a arrow…...what a strange way for friendship to start out...)
    Serghei grinned as he looked upon the soldiers underneath his mask and suddenly began to laugh. "You amuse me my friends." The pine marten said in a rather sarcastic tone. "You are his son yet you do not understand why he deserves, no WILL die?" The Pine marten considered to chuckle before he looked towards the fainted mouse and a window. Afterwards he looked back at Sellrin. "The answer is simple if you still haven't realized it, one who likes to have people hang will have many enemies." Serghei then looked at Fenrath and spoke in Venusian again. "Well thief, I can't say I am glad that you are here but at least I won't be the one to fall." Serghei then grabbed and  shoved Fenrath towards the guards before drawing his blade and tossing it at the sleeping governor (you decide if it hits or not.) Suddenly in the midist of the sudden commotion Serghei looks over to see a at him. Before the pine marten could even react the arrow plunged into his chest causing him to fall through a window into the dark waters of the harbor below.

    (Man this is NOT Serghei's day. but anyways I think that you would now try to figure out who the assassin (Serghei) was. I mean obviously Fenrath is going to be pissed off about that stunt but hey Serghei is going to be pissed as well probably...getting shot hurts you know xD)

  • Fenrath gave a sharp yelp as Serghei shoved him towards the guards, just barely managing to avoid the blades. He jumped back and drew his own blade, I should have expected that, he thought. He stood up straight, "Well it's been fun, but I really must be going now." and with a tip of his hat and a flourish of his blade, Fenrath pulled a small black orb out of his cloak and threw it at the ground. A massive cloud of smoke erupted in the room, giving Fenrath an excellent opportunity to leap out a nearby window into the harbor. He fell silently into the waters below, keeping a paw clamped firmly on his hat. A short swim later, he sat on one of the piers and looked up at the manor. Well, that was, eventful, he thought, if not profitable. He was disappointed that he wasn't able to keep any loot, but he also had something to keep his mind off that, that strange assassin who was there. Fen began to sift through the information he learned as he walked back to the inn.

    Meanwhile, Sellrin stared at the corpse of his father. It hurt, not just the loss of his only guardian, but also the fact that the assassin was right. He didn't know what to think. "Sir?," the captain of the guard apprehensively asked, "what should we do?" Sellrin just stood there for a moment, mulling over the facts in his mind. He came to a conclusion, he would NOT be his father. "We rest for now," he said, turning to the captain, "in the morning, I'm going to make some big changes." The captain nodded eagerly as he followed the new mayor to his chambers, the assassins could be dealt with at a later date.

    (OOC: Looks like things have turned out better for the city. Also, time skip to morning!)

  • (ok if you want a hint on how to identify Serghei; he was shot in the chest with a arrow,remember that)

    Serghei woke up with a groan in pain as he placed his paw on a bandaged part of his chest. He was lucky that he had made it back to the inn and was able to remove the arrow but no amount of luck would had prepared him for the pain he was in. After several moment wearily staring at the ceiling from the comforts of the inn bed Serghei finally got up and decided he would wear his regular attire. He drew from his bag the outfit which was a simple red long sleeved shirt along with gray pants and a black opened vest. Serghei put on the clothing wincing when he reached the shirt. "Doar norocul meu, just my luck…." Serghei muttered in Venusian as he put on his vest trying to ignore the pain. He then picked his blade, it was a rather small curved blade designed for one hand use and attaching the sheath to his belt. He then walked downstairs and sat down in a table as the otter innkeeper he had spoken to earlier approached him. "Rough night Mr. Serghei?" Serghei nodded. "You can say that my friend, I have had much better nights in the past." The otter nodded "Tis a shame but allow me to get you some breakfast, on the house." Serghei looked up a smiled at the otter. "You do not need to do that my freind, I will pay." The otter laughed. "Ah Mr. Serghei there is no need to worry about that, you seems like you could use a good meal to start the day." Serghei decided not to protest and chuckled. "Very well, but please bring some of that strawberry coridal." The otter nodded and walked off. Serghei then looked out and gazed towards the Reglith Manor remembering the events of last night. He still wondered about that thief. That thief was from his homeland and knew he was Venusian just by a accidental slip of his accent. Was that all the thief knew? This bothered the pine marten as he thought to himself about this. But after several moments he push the thoughts aside, he needed to think about the other reason why he was here, he was sent by his father to attempt to set up a trade route with the town. Serghei groaned to himself as he thought about how much more difficult this could be. His father has been trying to conduct business with the town for years but that fat governor refused to just cause they was "vermin". Serghei hoped the son would be a bit more open to conduct buissness. But for the time being he will have to wait several days for his wound to heal and so he wouldn't be recognized. Serghei sighed as he waited for his meal.

  • Fenrath woke up early, his stuff packed up and ready to go. He went downstairs and met Seb, a large pack hanging from his shoulders. "Are ya ready for this wonderful adventure of ours to begin, friend?" the hare asked, nudging Fen with his elbow. "Indeed, I am," Fenrath replied, "I just hope that the weather stays fair." Sebastion chuckled as they left the inn and started walking along the road, "Not much chance of that now, is there?" he said, looking up at the cloudy sky. Fenrath and Sebastion walked down the road for a time as it followed a rather large and fast river upstream. Seb turned to Fen as the clouds began to clear up, "So, what brings you here, Fen?" he asked, "Everyone has a story." Fenrath was silent for a moment before answering, "I suppose you could say I'm an adventure seeker," he said, enjoying the warmth of the sun on his face. Seb chuckled, "You and me both, friend," he looked down the path, "I feel we're going to get along just fine." Fenrath walked in silence for a while, thinking on what Sebastion just said. For some odd reason, he found himself guilty at deceiving this friendly hare. They walked on for many hours, stopping occasionally to rest and eat. Finally, with the sun sinking low in the horizon, The two companions looked for a place to spend the night. Fenrath was the first one to notice it, "Look, there," he said, pointing, "looks like a caravan." And indeed it was, as they drew up closer they could see a group of beasts gathered around a large fire. "Well, nothing for it," Sebastion said, shrugging his shoulders, "hello there! Mind if me and my pal stay here for the night?" he waved to the beasts at the fire.

    Sellrin stared at the ledgers and list of laws his father had made. They had been placed in front of him this morning and still he had no idea what to do. It was clear that his father was a shrewd and clever merchant, but a horrible leader. He had changed most of the punishments for crimes to death, by hanging. More and more, Sellrin was realizing just how much good that assassin had done in killing his father, and it hurt him to know this. He had no idea how much damage would have been done if someone had not stopped his father. The young mouse looked up, "If ever there was a time for a miracle," he whispered, "this would be it." He was not a particularly pious beast, nor was he very smart when it came to politics either. He had spent much of his time learning how to fight and lead soldiers, in the hopes that he would someday defend his home against a vermin horde like in the stories. He knew that was a just a child's fantasy, and that this, fixing his father's mistakes, was his true purpose now.

    (OOC: I would like someone to take the place of the caravan, at least someone in it.)

  • (ok I open a OOC page stating that this is now open for everyone also I am surprised you haven't started to search for Serghei)

    Serghei ate his food and decided to go for a walk. He left leaving a tip and walked out. He needed to think about some things. He walked down the streets as he began to think about last night. "Who was that thief?" He thought to himself. He walked for most of the day enjoying the scenery of the rather large town and its outskirts. Until eventually he noticed how late it was getting. Frowning Serghei decided to return to the inn. He needed to occupy himself somehow for the next several days until his wound healed and he could try to conduct bushiness on his father's behalf.

    (wow your leaving town and Serghei is staying. this might be interesting)

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