To Catch A Shadow (Open for everyone FOREVER!)

  • Fenrath sat on the prow of the small, one sailed vessel, that he had boarded as it sidled into the docks of a fair sized port city. In truth, he had not expected to find a city of any respectable size or repute, yet this one was said to be one of the largest trading centers this side of the ocean.

    He did not turn around as the captain, a rather large and dangerous looking rat, walked up to him. "All right," he said through a mouth that had been broken repeatedly, "you gots 'ere, now gimme mah gold!" The rat placed a paw on the hilt of his cutlass, ready to cut Fenrath down if he tried to cheat him.

    Fenrath felt a small smile play on his lips, these people were quite easy to deal with. He stood up and tossed a small bag over his shoulder. He did not say a word as he retrieved his things and left, no words were needed.

    Fen looked over the city and reviewed his plans, adjusting the small bag over his shoulder, the wide brimmed hat on his head, and the thin dueling blade at his side. He needed to find an inn, he needed information on the country and nobility, and he needed to find a way to the capital. It seemed rather straightforward, but things rarely turn out to be as simple as they seem.

    He kept this in mind as he entered a fairly inviting looking sailor's inn. The inside was very dark, not that it didn't have sufficient light, everything appeared to be made of a very dark wood. Running the place was perhaps the oddest pair he had ever seen. They were a pair of the most opposite otters ever, one short where the other was tall, one fat the other thin, one friendly to all while the other said not a word, and so on.

    Fenrath chose a seat in the far corner, where he would have a good view of everything, and waited, paying close attention to everything that was going on around him.

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    Across the bar there was a Pine Marten leaning back on a chair at a table near a window.  He looked around the area in the inn making sure nobody was watching him a he opened the small note he had containing his next job. After reading it he looked over out the window and could see the large Mansion  next to the harbor. He began to study the mansion looking it over making sure he got every detail. "Pardon me, sah." The Pine Marten stopped looking out the window and looked to see the rather talkative otter innkeeper looking at him. "Sah, is there anything you would like to drink or whatnot?" The Pine Marten smiled and responded with a slight and rather foreign accent. "Ah, yes actually. I like to rent a room. How much would it be?" The otter simply nodded. "Aye, well that be about 10 gold a night and you can pay nightly for extra nights." The pine marten nodded. "That is good, I will like to rent a room." The Otter smiled and asked. "And the room goes to.." The Pine Marten replied with a name. "I am Serghei." The otter nodded and helped the Pine Marten with his bag. "Allow me to show you to your room, Mr. Serghei."

    (look here is my idea, what if we both was targeting that mansion i mentioned and thats how they meet for the first time?)

  • Fenrath sat at his table, planning his next move, when a hare sat down across from him. "Salutations good sir!" the hare said, nodding in respect, "would you mind terribly if I were to buy you a meal?" Fenrath looked carefully at the stranger before him. The hare had dark brown fur and an old, tattered cap on his head, covering his ears. He was wearing a weathered traveler's cloak and faded vest. Fen thought for a moment before answering, "You are quick to trust, what makes you think that I will not simply try to cheat you?"

    The hare chuckled, "That is a risk that I have taken many a time sir," he removed his cap, revealing that one of his ears had been completely removed, "and I have paid the price more times than I care to admit." He waved over the tall otter, who was wearing a nicely tailored, if slightly faded, outfit that made him look more like a noble's servant than an innkeeper. "My friend and I would like some blackberry cordial and perhaps a few slices of that delectable fish you make so wonderfully." the hare said, leaning back in his chair. The otter sniffed, nodded, and turned on his heel and marched towards the kitchen.

    Fenrath looked pointedly at the stranger, "You call me friend yet we do not know each other," he said, "you may call me Fenrath, what, pray tell, is your name?" The hare chuckled again, "It appears you have proven me right friend, if you planned to cheat me you would not have bothered with names," he took off his cap to scratch at his ear stump, "nevertheless you may call me Sebastion Alfeeros Nadin, or just Seb, if you like." Fenrath smiled, hares seemed to enjoy ridiculously long names, "Very well then Seb, perhaps you can answer a few of my questions about the area, and yourself."

    Fen and Seb talked for awhile over there food, a lot more than either had expected. It turned out that Seb was an avid traveler, and enjoyed learning about the world and its inhabitants. After a while, Fenrath looked outside to judge the time and noticed the mansion nearby. "And who lives there, do you know?" Fen asked, pointing outside. Seb looked up from his drink, "Hmm? Oh, that is the home of the Relgith family, perhaps the richest merchants outside of the capital." he explained. "The richest merchants, are they?" Fenrath muttered to himself, an idea already forming in his mind.

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  • "Here is your room, sir." The otter said as he opened the door into the a rather well kept room. Serghei nodded and smiled as he walk to to the nearby window and peered out of it. "If you need anything Mr. Serghei, please let me know." Serghei nodded. "Actually I do have a question," The otter turn and gave him a nod signaling him to continue. "That mansion is Relgith Manor, correct?" The otter nodded once again. "Aye that it be sir. The family is a rather "interesting lot", the Uncle is actually the governor of the town." Serghei looked away from the window and looked at the otter. "I have heard some things about the governor here, doesn't prefer hanging over any other form of executions?" The otter shuddered and nodded. Serghei noticed the shudder and smiled. "Ah, my friend I was just curious. Would care to have a drink?" Serghei said as he held up the bottle of the wine that resided on a table. "Do not worry I will pay for the wine, of course." The otter nodded and the two sat down for a moment as the continued to speak about the Relgith family as Serghei took not of every important  bit of info the otter gave as they drank.

  • Later that night, Fenrath crouched on the roof of the inn, a large sack slung over his shoulder. The mansion was rather easy to spot, as it was one of the largest buildings in the city. He noted the complete lack of guards on the outside, and the fact that it was built quite close to the buildings around it. Clearly this family had no fear of thieves or assassins, they would get a big surprise this night.

    Fenrath began to make his way across the rooftops towards the mansion. He leaped across the street where it seemed narrowest, just barely managing to reach the other side. He made his way to the side of the mansion, looking inside one of the windows. It was dark inside the room, but he could see light coming from under the door. He cautiously pulled the window and it open without resistance or noise. This was too easy.

    Once inside, Fenrath took a quick look around. He appeared to be in some kind of bedroom, although no one was inside it at the moment. He began to rummage around the drawers to his right, putting anything valuable inside his sack. he quickly held his breath as he heard footsteps coming down the hall. Fen crouched, ready to move the instant the door started to open. He let out his breath in relief as he heard the footsteps fade away, and went back to his looting.

  • (To easy you say? Well my friend It appears that this very post will explain to you exactly why this seems "to easy" besides never underestimate a Assassin. Keep in mind that our arrival are only moments apart)

    Dawned in his armor which is black as the night surrounding him and red as blood, Serghei had snuck his way towards the side of the mansion facing the Harbor. Serghei looked at the wall and spotted a vine overgrowth that scaled all the way up the wall of the mansion.  Before reaching the top the pine marten spotted a guard up on the roof. Serghei reached for one of the small knives with his free paw as he held on to the overgrowth. Once Serghei grabbed the blade he took aim at the guard and threw the blade. He grinned as heard the guard made some sort of gurgling sounds as the blade  hit its mark, right in the neck. Serghei then hugged the wall as the body of the guard fell over the wall into the waters below. He then looked down making sure the body doesn't resurface before continuing the climb. Serghei then reached a window and opened it slightly before climbing in. After getting up Serghei continued through the hallways. Serghei then spotted two more guards right in the way of his desired path. He quickly solved this problem as he threw two blades right into the back of one of the guards' heads. Afterwards the pine marten peeked into a room which was a unlit and empty bedroom(hint-hint). Grinning, Serghei dragged both of the guards bodies into the room and stuffed the bodies into a wooden wardrobe before leaving the room with the door closed behind him. He then resumed his trek through the mansion when he managed to glance out the window long enough to notice a figure jumping from the roof across the street towards onto the roof of the manor. Serghei didn't know what to think. 'Was that another assassin, or is it a theif??' He thought to himself. Eventually he decided just to stay focused and get to the target as soon as he could.

  • Fenrath just stood, staring at what had fallen out of the wardrobe he had just opened, all thoughts of valuables stricken from his mind. The corpses of a pair of guards. He knelt down to inspect them, and take any money they had. He noted the small wounds on the back of their heads, most likely caused by some kind of throwing knife. 'There must be an assassin in this building then,' he thought as he carefully made his way out of the room. He moved quickly and quietly through the house, extinguishing any lights he found with a wet cloth. He searched the hallways for any discrepancies, listening carefully for any strange noises. As Fen made his way slowly through the halls of the mansion, he thought. Why was an assassin here? The obvious answer was to kill the owner of the house. He frowned to himself as he turned a corner and knocked out a guard, why was he looking for the assassin? He had not come up with an answer when he came upon a rather extravagant door, it was open. 'Our friend waits in here,' he thought, standing straight and readying his blade. Fenrath entered the room.

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    Serghei continued down the hall until he reached a rather fine and engraved door. Serghei cautiously opened the door  entered.  Then he saw his target, a rather fat mouse who slept without a care. Serghei knew that the mouse he gaze upon was none other than who he came for, the governor himself. He pine marten chuckled to himself underneath his mask as his target began to awake. The mouse simply stared at him in pure shock instead of screaming for help. "Governor Relgith I presume?" Serghei asked with a false comforting voice. The mouse looked at him and for a moment had the courage to speak. "Indeed, I am assassin." The mouse said boldly. "And I'll have you now that if you do not walk away now I will have my guards upon you."  Serghei simply laughed as he looked at the mouse  who now was trembling with fear after realizing his error. "Go ahead my friend. You think they will reach you in time, no?" The masked pine marten continued to chuckle as he drew a blade that a strange fluid dripped from it as he held it. The mouse realized what was on that blade. "You…you plan to poison me?" He said as he shrunk back into his bed. Serghei simply nodded and began to sing a song with a low and eerie tone in his voice. (OoC: ok If you read earlier the otter Serghei was talking to mention the governor like to hang criminals. remember that)

    _Are you, are you
    Coming to the tree?
    They strung up a man
    They say who murdered three.
    Strange things did happen here
    No stranger would it be
    If we met at midnight
    In the hanging tree.

    Are you, are you
    Coming to the tree?
    Where dead man called out
    For his love to flee.
    Strange things did happen here
    No stranger would it be
    If we met at midnight
    In the hanging tree._

    Serghei continued to sing softly to the mouse as if he was singing a lullaby to a child as he simply walked closer to the mouse with the blade ready to stab his target.

    (Serghei loves to scare his targets like this xD)

  • Fenrath stood in bewilderment as the pine marten stalked towards his target, singing, oddly enough. His confusion only lasted a moment, though. He leaned nonchalantly against a wall as he examined the assassin. Strangely, he seemed oddly familiar, like meeting an old friend after many years apart. If only Fenrath could get a good look at his face, maybe then he could remember this stranger. Fen suddenly had an idea and chuckled to himself, 'This is going to be fun' he thought. "That is a wonderful singing voice you have," he said, "is this how you impress all your friends?" The fat mayor looked in terror at both Serghei and Fenrath, "Two?" he whispered, and promptly fainted.

    Meanwhile, a rather fit, young mouse was striding purposefully down the halls of his fathers mansion, the guard captain following close behind. "We've blocked off all the windows and doors to the outside, this assassin will not be escaping on my watch." the captain said, he was an incredibly fit, if rather old, hare with a large, bushy mustache.

    The mouse, Sellrin, nodded, "Assemble any men you have left, I don't want to give him a chance." The captain nodded and trotted off, looking for any living guards. Sellrin had discovered a pair of guard corpses in his room after one of his frequent nightmares forced to get some fresh air. He had immediately known what it meant, they had finally come for his father. Well, he wouldn't give them that satisfaction.

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  • "is that how you impress all your friends?" Serghei turned throwing a small blade from his pouch causing it to sail so close to the otter's face that it was possible to hear it slice through the air before embedding itself into the door . The Pine marten stared at the otter facing him hiding a face of surprise underneath the mask he wore. 'What on earth is this thief thinking?' he thought to himself before finally speaking not bothering to hide his slight accent. " That was warning thief, if you are smart would it not be best to leave, no?" Despite his calm appearance, Serghei was at this point incredibly concerned about how much his plan was compromised. So many questions coursed through his mind. Was he already discovered? Is this thief actually a guard in disguise, or is he a rival assassin trying for the same target? Serghei pushed these question into the back of his mind and focused on the issue at hand, there is a unknown beast in the same room as him and his target is still breathing. Serghei raised his blade as he eyed the otter. "My friend, you will try nothing if you wish to live."

    (Things just might gotten real, and also the governor was the uncle originally but hey it doesn't matter….or does it* DUN DUN DUNNNN*)

  • Fenrath didn't even flinch as the blade nearly impaled his head. "very well," he said, holding his paws up to show he meant no harm, "I can see that you are busy, I will leave you alone then." Fenrath made his way around the room, careful to stay in the shadows, as he thought on what little the assassin had said. He had detected a faint Venusian accent, his homeland. Fenrath decided to play a massive gamble, "What would one such as you be doing here?" he asked in the native Venusian tongue, "this place does not seem like it could support one of your, talents." He had lost his carefree demeanor and adopted a very serious expression and tone.

    Meanwhile, Sellrin stood in front of the doors to his fathers chambers, they were open. He kept one paw on the sword at his side, impatiently waiting for the captain to return. If the assassin had already entered there, it was too late for his father, but he would bring him vengeance.

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  • Serghei was taken aback from hearing his native language. The pine marten stared at him for a moment before finally responding in his native tongue. "Surprising you know the language of the fatherland my friend let alone the fact you could tell just from the slight accent i must have accidentally slipped. I try to hide where I am from…" Serghei paused. 'Could this otter be from the Province of Venusia as well?' he thought. Serghei decided to take a risk and answer the otter's question to an extent. "I am here on a contract, my employers wish for this fool to be dealt with, He has sentenced the wrong beast to swing and I am now here to be his personal angel of death here to punish him for his actions...and any of those who wish to stop it." Serghei said as he eyed the otter. Even though the otter could possibly be Venusian he was still a otter and for all he knew, this otter could be here to kill him.

    (Tensions are high AND we got a son who is going to want blood if his father dies...of course it is going to be interesting!...also i decided to see how it sounds in Romanian so i used the first sentences he said  so this is what Venusian sounds like :Vă surprinde cunosc limba patriei prietenul meu să nu mai vorbim de faptul ai putea spune doar de o ușoară ACCENT I trebuie să aibă alunecat accidental . Încerc să ascund unde sunt de la ... (so this is what we sound like xD))

  • Sellrin burst into the room before Fenrath could reply, a dozen guards filing in behind him. The mouse drew his blade and took a quick scan of the room, his father still, he was thankful to see. "Kill the assassins!" he bellowed, pointing his blade at the two intruders. The guards drew their weapons and quickly surrounded both Fen and Serghei. "Before I kill you," Sellrin said, his voice dangerously quiet, "why does my father deserve to die?"

    Fenrath barely had time to think before he was surrounded by angry beasts with swords, pointed directly at him and Serghei. Fenrath groaned inwardly as he noticed that he had dropped his bag of loot, a couple of guards were going through it. He reached for an inside pocket of his cloak, hoping that he still had, yes, they were there. Now, what to do with them. "Try to buy us some time," he whispered to Serghei in Venusian, "I'll think of a way to get us out." First obstacle, a pointy wall of steel.

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  • (Well we still are doing the enemies to friends thing so yeah, Serghei is about to pull a dick move before we getting shot out a window with a arrow…...what a strange way for friendship to start out...)
    Serghei grinned as he looked upon the soldiers underneath his mask and suddenly began to laugh. "You amuse me my friends." The pine marten said in a rather sarcastic tone. "You are his son yet you do not understand why he deserves, no WILL die?" The Pine marten considered to chuckle before he looked towards the fainted mouse and a window. Afterwards he looked back at Sellrin. "The answer is simple if you still haven't realized it, one who likes to have people hang will have many enemies." Serghei then looked at Fenrath and spoke in Venusian again. "Well thief, I can't say I am glad that you are here but at least I won't be the one to fall." Serghei then grabbed and  shoved Fenrath towards the guards before drawing his blade and tossing it at the sleeping governor (you decide if it hits or not.) Suddenly in the midist of the sudden commotion Serghei looks over to see a at him. Before the pine marten could even react the arrow plunged into his chest causing him to fall through a window into the dark waters of the harbor below.

    (Man this is NOT Serghei's day. but anyways I think that you would now try to figure out who the assassin (Serghei) was. I mean obviously Fenrath is going to be pissed off about that stunt but hey Serghei is going to be pissed as well probably...getting shot hurts you know xD)

  • Fenrath gave a sharp yelp as Serghei shoved him towards the guards, just barely managing to avoid the blades. He jumped back and drew his own blade, I should have expected that, he thought. He stood up straight, "Well it's been fun, but I really must be going now." and with a tip of his hat and a flourish of his blade, Fenrath pulled a small black orb out of his cloak and threw it at the ground. A massive cloud of smoke erupted in the room, giving Fenrath an excellent opportunity to leap out a nearby window into the harbor. He fell silently into the waters below, keeping a paw clamped firmly on his hat. A short swim later, he sat on one of the piers and looked up at the manor. Well, that was, eventful, he thought, if not profitable. He was disappointed that he wasn't able to keep any loot, but he also had something to keep his mind off that, that strange assassin who was there. Fen began to sift through the information he learned as he walked back to the inn.

    Meanwhile, Sellrin stared at the corpse of his father. It hurt, not just the loss of his only guardian, but also the fact that the assassin was right. He didn't know what to think. "Sir?," the captain of the guard apprehensively asked, "what should we do?" Sellrin just stood there for a moment, mulling over the facts in his mind. He came to a conclusion, he would NOT be his father. "We rest for now," he said, turning to the captain, "in the morning, I'm going to make some big changes." The captain nodded eagerly as he followed the new mayor to his chambers, the assassins could be dealt with at a later date.

    (OOC: Looks like things have turned out better for the city. Also, time skip to morning!)

  • (ok if you want a hint on how to identify Serghei; he was shot in the chest with a arrow,remember that)

    Serghei woke up with a groan in pain as he placed his paw on a bandaged part of his chest. He was lucky that he had made it back to the inn and was able to remove the arrow but no amount of luck would had prepared him for the pain he was in. After several moment wearily staring at the ceiling from the comforts of the inn bed Serghei finally got up and decided he would wear his regular attire. He drew from his bag the outfit which was a simple red long sleeved shirt along with gray pants and a black opened vest. Serghei put on the clothing wincing when he reached the shirt. "Doar norocul meu, just my luck…." Serghei muttered in Venusian as he put on his vest trying to ignore the pain. He then picked his blade, it was a rather small curved blade designed for one hand use and attaching the sheath to his belt. He then walked downstairs and sat down in a table as the otter innkeeper he had spoken to earlier approached him. "Rough night Mr. Serghei?" Serghei nodded. "You can say that my friend, I have had much better nights in the past." The otter nodded "Tis a shame but allow me to get you some breakfast, on the house." Serghei looked up a smiled at the otter. "You do not need to do that my freind, I will pay." The otter laughed. "Ah Mr. Serghei there is no need to worry about that, you seems like you could use a good meal to start the day." Serghei decided not to protest and chuckled. "Very well, but please bring some of that strawberry coridal." The otter nodded and walked off. Serghei then looked out and gazed towards the Reglith Manor remembering the events of last night. He still wondered about that thief. That thief was from his homeland and knew he was Venusian just by a accidental slip of his accent. Was that all the thief knew? This bothered the pine marten as he thought to himself about this. But after several moments he push the thoughts aside, he needed to think about the other reason why he was here, he was sent by his father to attempt to set up a trade route with the town. Serghei groaned to himself as he thought about how much more difficult this could be. His father has been trying to conduct business with the town for years but that fat governor refused to just cause they was "vermin". Serghei hoped the son would be a bit more open to conduct buissness. But for the time being he will have to wait several days for his wound to heal and so he wouldn't be recognized. Serghei sighed as he waited for his meal.

  • Fenrath woke up early, his stuff packed up and ready to go. He went downstairs and met Seb, a large pack hanging from his shoulders. "Are ya ready for this wonderful adventure of ours to begin, friend?" the hare asked, nudging Fen with his elbow. "Indeed, I am," Fenrath replied, "I just hope that the weather stays fair." Sebastion chuckled as they left the inn and started walking along the road, "Not much chance of that now, is there?" he said, looking up at the cloudy sky. Fenrath and Sebastion walked down the road for a time as it followed a rather large and fast river upstream. Seb turned to Fen as the clouds began to clear up, "So, what brings you here, Fen?" he asked, "Everyone has a story." Fenrath was silent for a moment before answering, "I suppose you could say I'm an adventure seeker," he said, enjoying the warmth of the sun on his face. Seb chuckled, "You and me both, friend," he looked down the path, "I feel we're going to get along just fine." Fenrath walked in silence for a while, thinking on what Sebastion just said. For some odd reason, he found himself guilty at deceiving this friendly hare. They walked on for many hours, stopping occasionally to rest and eat. Finally, with the sun sinking low in the horizon, The two companions looked for a place to spend the night. Fenrath was the first one to notice it, "Look, there," he said, pointing, "looks like a caravan." And indeed it was, as they drew up closer they could see a group of beasts gathered around a large fire. "Well, nothing for it," Sebastion said, shrugging his shoulders, "hello there! Mind if me and my pal stay here for the night?" he waved to the beasts at the fire.

    Sellrin stared at the ledgers and list of laws his father had made. They had been placed in front of him this morning and still he had no idea what to do. It was clear that his father was a shrewd and clever merchant, but a horrible leader. He had changed most of the punishments for crimes to death, by hanging. More and more, Sellrin was realizing just how much good that assassin had done in killing his father, and it hurt him to know this. He had no idea how much damage would have been done if someone had not stopped his father. The young mouse looked up, "If ever there was a time for a miracle," he whispered, "this would be it." He was not a particularly pious beast, nor was he very smart when it came to politics either. He had spent much of his time learning how to fight and lead soldiers, in the hopes that he would someday defend his home against a vermin horde like in the stories. He knew that was a just a child's fantasy, and that this, fixing his father's mistakes, was his true purpose now.

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    Serghei ate his food and decided to go for a walk. He left leaving a tip and walked out. He needed to think about some things. He walked down the streets as he began to think about last night. "Who was that thief?" He thought to himself. He walked for most of the day enjoying the scenery of the rather large town and its outskirts. Until eventually he noticed how late it was getting. Frowning Serghei decided to return to the inn. He needed to occupy himself somehow for the next several days until his wound healed and he could try to conduct bushiness on his father's behalf.

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