Tales of Warm waters (OOC and OPEN)

  • Welcome to the idea thread of Tales of Warm Waters! All ideas and thoughts can go here. Also any ship Captains and those with ships or similar situations are welcomed. More Captains means more ships, and more ships mean more possible action!

  • Aaaarrrrr, all abroad in this thread, yar poor sods!

    So what kind of action we're looking at here? When I hear ship and pirates in same sentence, three things pop in my mind:

    • Ship-battles
    • Treasure hunting
    • Rum

    For me a treasure hunting sure sounds exciting. A treasure map, an uninhabited island, skeletons lying on the ground and booby traps which are set to protect the treasure… It could be a great adventure 🙂

  • Yaaaaar…
    Enough said 🙂

  • On you coyote can provides feelings that can fill up a entire paragraph through only 1 word….....I tip my hat off to you. ANYWAYS now then lets organize the ideas pretty much i am thinking of having the beginning set up near the coast of the country Ezikeil is from, Caribe ( I made the area up, the world of Redwall cant be so tiny AND also to imagine what Caribe looks like, Imagine Havana, Cuba back during the age of pirates when Spain was in control) then we could broaden our adventures and any events. Any other ideas before i create the thread?

  • I have one wish. If it's not big problem, I'd like Jarret to be fished out of the ocean near the coast of Salamandastron. As I have got impression Ratel's ship sank somewhere there since Flitz's character ended up on the shores of that big mountain. Unlike her Jarret was an unlucky one since current took away from the shores so he ended up drifting on the sea in pretty bad shape.

    Jarret can be amount of needed days unconscious due his exhaustion, giving The Defiance time to sail far away from Salamandastron and to the Caribe.

  • alrighty then, i'll just figure out what caused Ezikiel to sail that far.

  • Well isn't Ezikeil's ship at the coast of Salamandastron in "Oh Captian"-thread? How about this story happens quickly after events in that thread when Ezikeil and his crew are about to sail "back to home"? ^^

  • perfect! i like that idea but remember he is still heading home

  • Your ferret can take Jarret with him, no problemo xD A trip to the far-away lands only means I get more chances toss Jarret from adventure to another as he tries to get back to the "pointy montain" ^^

    Coolcoyote, are you planning to join in our story? I'd like to know with which alt you're participaring. ^^

  • Lol! I am tempted. I am though already behind on every rp story i have running though. I count at least…8 i think total across all the forums I play here, on legends and Dreamkeeper. Plus a few more mucks such as Winter's Oasis.

    Im kind of swamped at the moment XD

    If I did join it would be later and I would probibly use Liam Grey my pine marten alt. I made him for another pirate story that saddly fell through a while back 😛

    But basically he is a portly pine marten pirate, generally greedy and lazy and sure to back stabb the 'heroes' at some point :3

  • Ok I would like to apologize about the thread not appearing yet. You can say the "Oh Captain" thread is coming to a close soon and I think it would be best to finish this one first so I know exactly the conditions we (technically me) will be in. BUT if you guys want to start now go ahead and let me know and I will create the RP.

  • No worries, I can wait 🙂

  • I might want to join since my character got promoted!!! She is super excited and the only otter in the fleet. hehehehehe

  • Huzzah! Vodka for everyone!

  • Glad to have you with us T.J ^^ The more the merrier as people say.

    So does this mean Tales of Warm Waters are about to start? 🙂

  • we are very VERY close to finishing

  • Cool! Let me know when you're ready 🙂

  • oh we should start at port so Dominique can get a new hat. hehehehehe and she can see her ship and meet her crew…

  • If we start at a port, Jarret won't be there as my alt is going to be fished out of the sea after the storm 🙂

  • Here is a Idea since this was originally so Cater here could use Jarret. We could start at sea and then fish him out. once we do that we could just time warp to port. Oh and BTW T.J., I need to know what type of ship you want to be using.

    For example; Ezikiel's ship, The Defiance is a East Indiaman (wiki of the ship: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_Indiaman)

    Here is a list of ships:


    just pick one so I know how to describe it

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