Recruiting Contest 2015

  • The contest is simple, the one who recruits the most members wins!

    The prize … (x) number of days as Admin.
    The number of days that the winner will be an admin depends upon the number of recruits they get.
    For example, if the winner gets 10 recruits, then the winner will get to be Admin for 10 days. 
    The winner can cash in on the prize at any time, so that they can get the full experience of being an Admin instead of using up half the time due to real life situations.

    The rules
    1.) Recruits can be new members joining, or old members who have not logged on in the past 9 months (so any member we have not seen since April 2014).
    2.) To count in this contest, recruits must have a post count of at least 2.
    3.) Contest players are responsible for keeping track of their recruits. Each player will make a post in this thread with a list of names that they have recruited. As a player gains a recruit, they will ‘edit’ their post and add the new recruit to their list.

    Deadline for this contest will be March 6th, 2015
    This gives contest players a full 2 months to recruit, and for recruits to get in their minimum post count of 2.

  • Yahoo!! This will be awesome guys!

    Everyone can enter so get to work guys! 🙂

  • I have a problem…

    No one I know reads Redwall, except one person, who never uses a computer and only just started reading Lord Brocktree.

  • Then you would have to get creative by going to other sites and enticing others to come here. You don't have to personally know any of your recruits.

    As long as you can get new members to join or old members to come back, it doesn't matter how or where the recruits come from. As long as you don't misrepresent the forum to get them to come here.

  • @Deekra:

    I have a problem…

    No one I know reads Redwall, except one person, who never uses a computer and only just started reading Lord Brocktree.

    You can try recruiting at other anthropomorphic sites or just people who like good roleplaying and pitch it to them (it's quite easy to understand, talking animals with swords etc. They can wiki any relevant locations.). Since Redwall's author is dead, there's no new content coming, so you kind of have to go outside of the traditional Redwall community as it is kind of shrinking. The Imperium's members are/were like 1/2 Redwall fans, 1/2 people who had never heard/read of the books about.

  • We are now into Feb

    You only have until the 6th of March!

  • What does an Admin do?

  • Well real admins manage the site, but for the purpose of the contest, the winner can do anything as an admin.
    You will have to win to see what that entails when you go exploring around as admin.

  • And its quite fun. So far i think you guys are doinng good! Keep up the good work!

  • Oh oh oh oh, I've nearly got 1 person to join. I'm just waiting for them to check out the website.

  • Only one more week to go!

  • Gosh, she is slow. My friend is really taking her time…

  • Finally!

    • Amber 3477.

  • The winner … Deekra

    Let me know what day you would like to be Admin, when you want to cash in.

  • Seriously? I'm winner? But I only put one person in. That's kinda weird. But yay!

  • Yes, m'dear, you're the only one who got anyone. 🙂

  • Woo! Congrats! Way to go Dreeka!

    For the record it would only take me a day to run the site into the ground o.o so…its probibly a good thing I did not win 😧

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