Serghei Mechitbayeva (and known allies update!)

  • Name: Serghei Mechitbayeva (Sorta Important note!: This guy's little joke is that he has the most unpronounceable last name. so feel free to screw it up and see his reactions! pretty much imagine he is Russian/Ukrainian)

    Family: Emil Mechitbayeva (Brother),

    Gabriel Mechitbayeva  (Father)

    Cluadia Mechitbayeva (Sister)

    Viviana Mechitbayeva (Mother)
    Age: 19-20ish

    Species: Pine Marten

    Description: a Primarily cream colored pine martin with random splotches or dark brown fur. Has a generally young and youthful appearance which can appear to be innocent. Has nick on his left ear. Outfits can vary in these styles

    • Formal wear= A green and silver coat along with brown pants with black boots.

    • Travel gear= a regular red shirt with is sleeves rolled to elbows, black vest and belt with pouches for daggers. wears gray colored pants along with brown boots

    • Assassin armor= a red and black skintight and lightly armored suit along with red mask and a black hood, has  places for small blades and other gear….....pretty much this outfit ---------->

    Possessions: His small set of throwing knives that he keeps in his travel bag until needed, his assassin armor which he either doesn't wear unless needed or wears under his actual outfit. A sliver bracelet given to him from his mother and a small 1 handed curve bladed sword.


    • Extremely stealthy and sneaky
      -his young and innocent appearance makes people trust easier
      -He is able to locate important details of a area easily
      -can analyze  a situation and  adapt to it


    • Can be incredibly jumpy at times
      -due to the fact he only carries small weapons he may have issues with well armored or large enemies
      -get him to trust you and he might accidentally slip out some important information

    Personality: He is mostly a well mannered and intelligent. Actually can be enjoyable to have around (unless your the target) He also loves to scare his enemies and sometimes incorporates it into his pranks on his friends. In other words almost impossible to see how dangerous he is at a glance.

    Hailing from the eastern province of Venusia, Serghei is the youngest child of a wealthy family of nobles. His parents constantly focused on teaching him manners and education since it  would be his brother who inherits their parents land. Serghei became a assassin after he witnessed a assassin attempt to attack his family. After barely surviving the assassination attempt his Serghei's father decided that since he is the youngest he will provide service to the family in a more "special way" and ordered him to start to learn the art of assassins and killing despite any protest Serghei came up with. He began to study the art of sneak and combat by being taught by his father's close friend who was actually former assassin and eventually learned to accept it and used what he learned to his advantage. Serghei began to take jobs around 18 and thanks to his trusting looks, his targets didnt see it coming…
    (warning! i made up the place he is from, hope this won't cause problems)

    Interesting facts:

    • The Mechitbayeva family is not only Nobles in the Royal Court of Venusia but they also are proud owners of a large trading company

    • Despite being a assassin Serghi does have morals and will not kill those he believes do not deserve it ( Basically he will not kill children, the needy, things like that)

    -Serghei not only does assassin contracts but he serves his family as well in order to perform things such as body guarding his brother Emil, or the "darker sides" of the family business

    -Serghei prefers to work alone at times(unless he is working with Dimitri)

    -one of Serghei's favorite ways to terrify one of his targets is through softly singing a song into their ear. (typically related to the target. for example his target is a prison warden that enjoys to sentence prisoners to be hanged= He will sing a verse from "The hanging tree")

    alliance: chaotic neutral (i guess)

    job: Family assassin

  • Oooh, I'm gonna enjoy this.  😉

    Seems like he and Fen could possibly know each other somehow.

  • We could do a rp for it, but would they be freinds or enemies?

  • We could do both, like they would start out as enemies and slowly turn into friends or vice versa.

  • from enemies to friends i likey
    …but when i think about it why not throw in a little rivalry?

  • Name: Dimitri Vianu

    age: 21 (a year older the Serghei)

    Family: Nicolas Vianu (Father)

    Relia Vianu (Mother)

    Adi Vianu (brother)

    species: Fox

    appearance:particularly unique areas on his fur is the mixture of silver colored fur with his red fur yet with a large focus of this silver fur on his right ear. Also generally has the appearance of of a young party goer whom would rather have fun then anything else

    Formal attire: black  trousers along with  a button vest of some color and a matching tie with a white long-sleeved dress shirt with polished leather shoes

    Regular attire: mostly seen wearing brown pants,black duelist boots with a long sleeved collared shirt and vest in a more rebellious and young appearance.

    Assassin's outfit: Almost identical to Sergei's outfit (except a dark violet instead of red) and has hand wraps that go up to the elbows.

    possessions: a set of smoke bombs and dual hooked daggers along with a small necklace with a polished emerald in it.


    -his lovable personality can get many people to trust him

    • he is able to utilize the environment around him  for combat (preferable indoors)

    • excellent  skills as a thief


    -it is hard for him to recover from mistakes when trying to manipulate other beasts

    • has a harder time fighting in large open environments

    -he can get very cocky at times

    Personality: Dimitri is your lovable party boy. He has a very friendly and kind personality which can get anybest to enjoy his company which he can use to get close to his enemies


    Dimitri has been a lifelong friend to Serghei. Like his friend, the fox was also raised in a wealthy family known as the house Vianu. Both families are known in their home country of Venusia as close friends to one another  but unlike the Mechitbayeva family who owns a trading company, the Vianu family is more known in politics. When Serghei was trained so was Dimitri and the two quickly began to work together as assassins carrying out tasks in the more "shadier" side of their families while trying to protect their families from rivals and threats to their elder brothers who will eventually run their respective houses.

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