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  • Hello to any new member! This thread here is meant to be a helpful guide in your transition into the forum. (It can also help older members as well 😉 )

    You’ll notice our main navigation bar is along the top of the page, going left to right. In that navigation bar you’ll find helpful links such as:
      - The forum
      - The chatroom
      - The gallery
      - “My messages”
      - “Profile”

    On the forum page you will notice 2 main categories, (1) Out of Character and (2) Redwall Role-Playing.
    All Redwall based roleplays are done in the "Redwall Role-Playing" category.
    Everything else is within the "Out of character" category (which includes: a recipe section, redwall discussions, general chit chat, and basically everything else).

    Before you start role-playing you will first need to make a character to role-play with.
    Within the "Out of character" category, you will find the "Redwall Library," and within there, you will find a child-board called "character profiles."
    Or you can follow the link >>
    This is where all characters are located. There is no limit on how many characters you may have. As long as they fit within the standard Redwall Universe and as long as you can keep track of them all, you are welcome to as many as you can make up.

    Some other helpful links to help in making a character include:
      - traditional species list (remember, that the categories of good/neutral/bad are only guidelines and not set in stone)
      -  How to make a character – Character sheet
      - Character size chart (chart 3 seems to be the favorite, followed by chart 1)

    If you are interested in holding a special “position character” or if you want to know more about the positions within this forum, follow the link >>

    Now that you have a character ready to go, you can start Role Playing, But where to start?
    For an overview map of the Redwall universe follow the link >>

    On the forum page, scroll down to the category “Redwall Role-Playing.” You’ll notice several boards (and sub-boards or child-boards). Choose which location you wish your character to be in. You can choose to either join an open/active thread that is already in progress, or start your own thread for others to join the story.

    If you want to do a RP story that does not conform into the standard or traditional Redwall Universe, we do have a special location for this. Follow the link >>
    Here you can Role-Play in a non-traditional Redwall universe. You can include things such as magic and modern weapons. It is basically all other alternate universes outside the one that Brian Jacques has created.

    Remembering what RP threads you are involved in, and what character is in which story:

    You can make it so that you can an email notification if a thread you are in has been updated. To do this you should see a “notify” button to the left of the page, above the title of the thread. You can also find the button at the bottom of the thread as well.
    To manage the threads you are being notified for, go to your profile. There should be a list along the left hand side. Under “Modify Profile” there should be a link there for “Notifications.”

    You can also remind yourself by just jotting it down in your signature.
    “Playing [character name] in

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