• Name: Rorgan Guaire
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Species: Sea Otter
    Alignment: Neutral
    Occupation: Applying as First Mate of the Rogue Crew, though currently, he survives off of being a mercenary

    Physical Appearance: Rorgan stands at around six feet tall with jet black fur all along his muscled body, which appears rather brawny, but not too much so for his own good, and his eyes are a shocking ice blue color that seem to pierce through whatever they are looking at. He is clothed in a green tunic, black pants and a brown leather jerkin. A black strap can be seen going diagonally across his chest, which attaches to a sheath that contains a black bow, but also features a built in quiver on the side, which is filled with similarly black colored arrows. At Rorgan's belt are two scabbards, one on each side, which contain twin daggers. Both scabbards are absolutely identical as well as the hilts of the blades contained in them.

    Possessions: Two daggers, a bow sheath/quiver, arrows and a bow

    Personality: Rorgan is a fiercely loyal otter, and he will do nearly anything for those he cares about, including put his life in danger or even sacrifice it if it means someone he cares about will survive. When he gets into a fight, he can be a rather fierce fighter, and it is hard to sway him from that course of action once it starts. However, he can be reckless as well, dashing into things impulsively or on emotional whims. Out of combat, he is a rather social creature, but he lacks confidence in his abilities, and so it is difficult to pay him a compliment at all. He holds his few friends rather close, and so there isn't a whole lot he won't do for them.

    Strengths: Rorgan was trained in archery by a family of squirrels that took him in after finding him as a young dibbun roaming the woods, and so he has become well versed in archery. He was also taught how to fight with daggers, and he trained day and night to perfect his fighting style, including learning how to throw his daggers. When his friends are in trouble, he will stop at nearly nothing to help them or to do something about it.

    Weaknesses: Rorgan tends to charge into things without thinking sometimes, and this can lead to situations that might have gone a little better had he stopped to think about it. Rorgan is very self conscious, and he will tend to deny any compliments given to him about his abilities, saying they aren't that special. However, he will not hesitate to use the skills he has to aid his friends or to accomplish a goal, despite how difficult the task may seem. He is usually reckless and will charge into danger sometimes without thinking, as mentioned before. He will fight savagely, but just as easily sacrifice himself if that is the only way that his friends can survive.

    History: Rorgan grew up in a town called Arundal with his brother Derrin. He was raised as a dibbun by two proud parents: Galah and Fiagai. However, one fateful day, a group of vermin attacked, and they set buildings ablaze and ransacked them. In the chaos, Rorgan and Derrin were separated from each other and their parents. Rorgan wandered the forest bordering Arundal for many hours after the attack until he was finally found by a squirrel family consisting of a father, mother and two children who were also of Rorgan's age. There, he stayed and became a master archer and dagger fighter until he reached his young adult years. At this point, he decided to spend the next many seasons of his life wandering, which is how he spends his time now. He has since reunited with Derrin and his parents.

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