(IC) Settlers of Starlight Valley

  • Only a tribe of wolverines could be more vicious in their assault. The one bright point was that the the equally brutal defence the few defenders were putting up drew all the attention off of the other settlers.

    The down side being that the few defenders were about to be overwhelemed. It was impossible to say just exactly how many of the shrews were coming out of the woods. They were determined to end this fight at all costs though…

    Then with out warning a loud horn bellowed through out the woods. The sound echoed from tree to tree, resonating on the rocks. Three shorthorn blasts followed by one continual bellow. It repeated two or four times causing the shrews to pause in their steps.

    They each looked upon their enemies with murderous hatred. For a moment it looked lik they were going to attack anyways.

    Then the horn blast came again. This time more...frantic? If such a thing was possible.  The shrews, clearly not wanting to leave their prey when they were so close to finishing them off clearly did not sit well with them.

    Hissing and spitting obsenities in a foriegn language the shrews slowly backed away from thwir enemies. When they reached the tree line they turned on their heals and scurried off on all fours, leaving their dead and their wounded mixed in with the beasts of the carivan...

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    Teai noticed how quickly the battle from outside the wagon got after a loud horn blew. The weasel stuck his head out and looked around. seeing the dead and wounded shrews scattered around. At this moment he decided to get out of the wagon. Upon exiting it he noticed Fenrath still trying to figure out how his rifle worked. Teai walked up and tossed the pouch full of orbs onto his lap and quickly took the weapon away from him. "First off, you really should be looking down the barrel. Your going to blow your head off like a idiot."

  • Bola watched as the tide of shrews receded into the forest. As quickly the attack happened. It was over. Bola hadn't noticed all of the wounds he received during the melee. It's as if the little monsters' rapiers could find all of the chinks in his armor. Luckily nothing major, but they do require attention. The wolverine cussed under his breath on his way back to the caravan. The pain was starting to catch up.

    Finally reaching the closest wagon, he began tearing off his armor and laying them inside. His clothing was caked in his own blood. He moaned as he sat against it.

  • Fenrath glared at the weasel, "Then perhaps you should have told me how to before running off!" He looked off in the direction of the retreating shrews, "Something bad is going to happen soon, I can feel it." He quickly realized what the weasel had done concerning his special weapons and held them close, "You must be careful with these," he hissed, "do you want us to die in a massive inferno?"

    Meanwhile, an aging, yet still fit, hare stepped out of his wagon, which he had been hiding in. He wore a simple shirt and vest with a long apron in front, a pair of spectacles were perched on his nose and a large bag was held under his arm. He looked over the field of battle and sighed, "I thought I'd left this all behind me," he muttered as he quickly got to work, searching for the wounded.

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    Teai nodded to the hare. "Sir, if you are  a healer I suggest you make your way to the wreckage of the bridge. I believe our wolverine guard was being swarmed earlier." Teai said before looking at Fenrath. "Mate, I know for a fact you saw me using this earlier. I am the one who did say your tail from those shrews you know." Teai looked at his rifle making sure everything was in order. At this point there was no use to hide his weapon so he undid the strap that was tied around the butt of the weapon a tied it towards the barrel and slung it over his shoulder and sighed shaking his head at Fenrath.

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    Despite the danger to the shrews presented to the carivan there was no safe way to move the wounded so quickly.

    It was settled among the drivers to bunker down and set up in a defensive position for an attack that never came. Although many had been set to watchmen duty it was doubtfull most would find sleep easy tonight.

    The setting sun found the camp set at the entrence of the broken bridge. There were no camp fires tonight. The usual songs of mirth were absent tonight.

    When Jack returned from his patrol all eyes of the camp fell upon him. It was not a pleasent look they gave him and even the most jaded of beasts could feel the bitter sting of their eyes upon him.

    "Bandit. You got a moment?" The hare found the fox sitting upon a tree stump near the side of the road. The fox was sharpening his blade with a stone to idle away the time.

    "Sure thing, how did the patrol go?" The fox replied.

    Jack growled as he took off his hat and ran his paw through his fur. "Not a bleedin sign of them. I don't know where they went but we couldnt find hide or tail of them."

    "You think they will come back?" the fox asked bluntly.

    "Maybe…maybe not."  Jack kicked at the dirt. "Blazes! Where did they come from? I've gone over this trail three times before and I've never seen them before! And now that the bridge is out...blazes we will need to back track until we reach the north land rout. It will be a few days longer but..."

    Rubbing his eyes the hare put his hat back on. Adjusting it he said, "Let all the guards know that we are leaving at first light."

    "I think they already know. The guards seemed much more capable than the money used to hire them suggests..."

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