Troubling thoughts: a Journey

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    Seth scolded himself silently for almost forgetting about the whole reason he came to Redwall in the first place. He came for supplies, directions, maybe help if Redwall had anybeast willing to chase down slavers over miles and miles of forest, and fight them once that bit was over. He sighed, still angry at himself. For all I know, she could be… He did not even think of what might have happened to Keia. He hoped she was safe, but that was a wish too far in these circumstances. Though he didn't know it, Seth was showing his sadness and anger at this visibly, clenching his paws into fists once more.

  • On the way to the infirmary Taloneye saw this and put a paw about his shoulders. "You alright Seth?"
        The poison had woren away almost all of the way. He needed mostly now to just the wound treated.

  • Seth shook hishead as if to ward off the feeling. "I'll be fine… It's just..." He left his sentence incomplete, for some odd reason. He loosened his clenched paws.

  • Tal was still worried, but his attention was dragged elsewhere. A mouse in a green tunic saw the cut on his shoulder and turned to him.
        "Are you alright? Does your cut sting at all?"
        The young weasle remember the wound and nodded. "I got cut by a dagger on the way here. Do you know where the infirmary might be?"
        The mouse laughed. "Of course! I'm one of the infirmary sisters. I can take care of the injury of yours if you like."
        Tal smiled back a nodded "Thank you. I would be very grateful." They left to give taloneye his medical treatment and left Seth to himself to think.

  • Seth nodded as Tal was guided to the Infirmary. He then moved towards the pond to think, climbing up a nearby Elm tree that overlooked the still water. He came to a suitable branch quite easily, as his species are well-known for their climbing abilities. And so he sat with his back against the treetrunk, gazing into the pond and seeing his own shadowed reflection in the evening light. After a while, Seth stopped looking into the pond, and sighed again, his mind wandering about the infinite realm of thought.

  • Taloneye came back out with a spring in his step. He looked cheerful and happy. The weasle had never felt this way before in his whole life because of his life in vermin encampments. He had always been on the run after all that and now that he was at Redwall he figured that he could never bear to leave.
        He walked ove to the edge of the pond and rested his footpaws in the cool water. He toucked the bandages on his shoulder, thinking about the treatment. Not the treatment to the wound however. While his wound was being cleaned they had treated him so kindly, even though he was a vermin. He let out sigh of relief and thoguht to himself that he would never leave Redwall. Not until his seasons expired and his body had turned to ash within his grave.
        He gave a sigh, closed his eyes and leaned back. This was such a happy, peaceful place…

  • If Seth could agree from the nearby Elm, he would, except he did not notice the return of Taloneye. He was also at peace, but he still had considerable concern for Keia. Despite this, he was lulled into sleep by the warming rays of the sun, and the serene peace that surrounded the pond. Sleeping on a branch wasn't exactly the safest thing to do, but Seth welcomed the rest… for the first few minutes.

    When he awoke, or thought he awoke, he was sleeping in a tree, but this time it was an oak, and Mossflower wood was pitch black around him. Next to him on a branch roughly ninety degrees from his own was a squirrel, her fur white in color, sleeping peacefully. But then a slingstone came up at them and smacked the albino on the arm, waking her instantly and making her fall from her perch. Seth watched this, and reached out a paw towards her. She grabbed it, and held on, even though they weren't that high up. Seth felt her fear as well as her paw gripping onto his own. "Keia!" He said, seeing a band of vermin surrounding the tree. "Hold on!"

    She looked up at him, her paw slipping. Seth leaned back, trying desperately to pull Keia up onto the branch, a hail of missiles whizzing past, striking him in the chest, the arms, his back. The pain only hardened his resolve, and he heaved Keia up, only to have her slip out of his grasp, and they both tumbled to the ground. The red squirrel got up instantly, fighting the vermin, slashing a ferret across the cheek. But then, as they tried to run for it, Keia was hit yet again, this time a spear sliced into her footpaw.

    Seth tried to pick her up, but by then it was too late. They were surrounded once again. One of the vermin threatened Keia with a sword prodding her in the back. Another was at Seth's own. He stood there, knowing fighting back was pointless now. They then tied up Keia and dragged her back to their camp. "Seth!" She called back, looking at him pleadingly. He himself was not tied up, but held back by several more blades. Nonetheless he struggled to reach her, held back by the other vermin. "No!" He struggled, bristling under their restraint. The ferret he attacked came up to him, the cut upon his cheek bleeding. He eyed Seth with a cold gaze, opening his mouth to speak.

    "Kill this one. He is nothing but a threat."

    With that, the other vermin stabbed out at him, ending the nightmare that was all too real.

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  • "Do you wanna go in and eat?"
        Taloneye leaned over Seth, shaking him with his paw.
        It was an hour or so later and it was nearing the end of the day. The bell had rung for the end of the day meal and Tal had gooten out of the water to wake Seth. He had found Seth in the tree and woken him up.

  • "Huh? Oh… yeah..." Seth replied, as if in a daze. That night, everything happened so fast... He still felt like it was his fault that Keia was captured. One thought still hung in his mind. He had to track them down. Free her, using any means necessary. But for now, he had to find them first. He stretched and clambered down the tree at his own pace: he was in no rush. But the dream still haunted him, putting him into a dazed state.

  • Tal leapt out of the tree and rolled to the ground. Standing up, he brushed himself off and laughed. "I wonder what food they have. I know now that Redwall isn't a hole in the ground so I must assume that the food isn't bark either."

  • Seth merely nodded, managing only the thinnest of smiles right before reaching the ground himself. "I heard it's good." As he said those words, he wondered why the Abbot hasn't come by to meet them. He shrugged. Maybe he was busy, or something. Then, still in his daze with a faraway look in his blue eyes, Seth set out for the main building, which he assumed holds some sort of dining hall within it.

  • As Taloneye stepped into the biulding, he felt a little embarresed by his appearance; He was wearing his wore, toren vermin outfit, he smelled awful and he had a bandage on his shoulder.
        On the other hand; The Redwallers werre wearing their crisp, green tunics and were bathed and the only aroma that filled the building was the smells of the fresh-baked foods that lined the tables in the great hall.
        However, when Taloneye stepped and saw the food he forgot all about appearance. His jaw dropped once more. He quicly closed it to keep from drooling.

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    Seth managed to keep himself reasonably clean, for a traveler, so he was not worried about his own appearance. Once he set eyes on the table, though, and smelled the different aromas of each dish, his mouth started to water. It looked like the last few dishes were being set out, and everybeast was taking their places to eat. Seth searched for a seat or two amongst them, and saw a scattering of unoccupied seats at the head of the table.

  • Tal saw them too and nudged Seth. "Come on, let's go before the meal starts."

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    Seth nodded and took one of the seats, a young mouse reaching over his shoulder to put down a plate in front of him. " 'Scuse me, sir." Seth leaned out of the way, glancinging at the mouse, who looked vaguely familiar. But then again, they all seemed to look alike in his eyes, just as squirrels all probably looked alike in theirs.

  • Tal dug in immediatly after grace was said and picked up a cherry-raspberry flan. He took a neat slice out of it and spickled nut, meadowcream and srtawberry juice over it.
        Then he selected a mushroom, leek and parsley pastry and dribbled extra filling over it.
        Next, he pulled a rhubarb pie across the table and put a generous slice onto his plate, making sure that he got one of the thinkest, softess portions.
        Than he….......
        ((I'll skip to the eating part...))
        He dug into the wide plate of delicacies and stuffed himself with everything that he had served. Even he suprised himself by managing to eat it all. He leaned back and let the food that he'd already eaten settle down so that he could eat some more.

  • Seth, meanwhile, grabbed a slice or a scoop or a wedge of everything that was within paw reach, and put it all upon his plate. He ate at an alarming rate, which wasn't too suprising. The food was the best he tasted in years, and in those years he hadn't had much food to begin with. After eating the last of a wedge of cheese, Seth washed it down with a gulp of ale, leaning back in his seat contentedly, thinking of what it would be like to live at Redwall. But that was not to be. He still had a quest, and an urgent one at that.

  • Tal sat back up after a moment and ate some more. "This is the life, I'm tellin' ya'! I won't mind it if I stay here the rest of my life." He finished eating and streched. "I think that I might just do that! Stay here all my days… Hah, the things that come of a short trek to a hole in the ground."

  • Seth put his glass back on the table and nodded in agreement, still in a slight daze. "I'd like to stay here too… Wish I could, but..." He left his sentence trail off again, staring up into the stained glass windows, which poured the sun's last rays onto his face.

  • Tal was suprised for a moment. "Why can't you stay?"

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