(ooc) Settlers of Starlight Valley

  • Name is subject to change but here is the ooc thread for the settlers thread. Feel free to post ooc chatter here or character refrences if you choose to place them here ^^

  • http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/index.php?topic=2489.msg44309;topicseen#new

    So this is my guy Now let us begin with the insanity and madness we can come up with. oh and BTW i forgot to ask, how are we gonna handle the dice roll  thing?

  • Lol we dont need to roll dice unless you want to ^^ i find it adds a random element to a game but some people dont like to use it XD

    If you want to either the gm (game master, player who controls scenery and makes sure the story keeps moving) could roll a 10 sided dice to see if an action is successfull or not. :3

    Or any play could do this actually XD they would have to roll the dice out side the forum and post the results as this forum doesnt have a dice rollling app ^^

  • I elect cool as gm.

  • Im not a Gm kinda guy i pefer to see how things go. but i think the dice thing could works if we find a site or a way to do that.

  • Lol we will figure it out if we need to.

    Im going to start the story three days into the journey after every one has already joined the party icly. That way we are closer to the action of the story and dont risk getting hung up on lengthy intro posts. :3

    I think for this story i am going to run only npcs and scenery to help they story flow :3 im going to leave the fates of the npcs in the hands of the players.

    Unless i say other wise all my npcs are dynamic, meaning you can interact with them however you want, injuries and even killing them off.

    If i dont have the thread started by midnight then i will have it started tomarrow 😄

  • two questions, Traditional rp or non-traditional ?(gotta know what weapons my char can use, if you dont know what i mean check my character Teai Whitefang's profile out) and question 2, can we make stuff go boom? (I'm sorry I just had  to xD)

  • I was aiming for traditional ^^ although some of the stuff in this rp will boarder the fringes of traditional rp lore >.>

    Again, i will leave that up to the table to answer ^^ i will be making a begining post shortly and gradually introducing npcs as the story progresses.

  • Ah well you see the weapons my char would use varies on exactly what type of rp (He would use a musket basically if non-traditional and if it is traditional, he is a archer). I don't want to have a big issue like what happen with my rp "Oh Captian…" cause of the use of cannons.

  • Understandable ^^ I'm going to say that this rp is traditional, but also in the fringes of non traditional.  If you want to use a musket I would say they are pretty rare and still a new weapon :3

    Just so long as you dont abuse it, as in your alt runs around like rambo with a musket that can spout out several gallons of bullets per minute, then i wont give you grief about it XD.

    Just remember the rules of esculation. If one player has it, then ALL players can use it…along with the bad guys >:3

    So...anyways. behold! I finally posted! I tried to give enough sense of where the party is while being vague enough to not stifle anyone's creativity 😄

    There is no head wagon master by the way. I figured such a thing could be role played if we wanted to elect one. I also will be spoofing Jack the guide soon as well as Bandit the fox, one of the guards.

    There just wasnt enough room this post as it was very...very long winded.


  • http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/index.php?topic=1140.msg26539#msg26539

    I'll play part of the groups protectors. Just ignore the height thing. I'm going by the size chart I found here. I guess you could say he's bigger than average wolverines.

    I'm not too sure about the musket though.

  • Heh, tempted to bring in Drakki, my portly cowardly merchant wolverine just to see his reaction to working with Bola. :3

    But im going to be running several npcs and I've used him quite a bit lately as it is ^^

    Also it looks like we are leaning towards traditional rodo. So i would bring the non explosive weaponry 🙂

  • This is gonna be interesting. Also btw I never heard of the rule of esculation. Then again the rp site i used to go on didn't have a traditional and non traditional threads. Also about dat musket…the day i see a musket shoots like a machine gun is the day I start talking to mice asking if they know where Redwall is at... and if the musket starts to cause problems then ill drop it. just let me know ^^

  • This seems pretty good. Since I don't really want to go through the trouble of making an entirely new character, I'm going to use my thief guy person.
    Hope this is all right with youse guys! I'd like to know what you think I could do in this thread.

  • Awesome, can't wait to see what you will bring to the table.

  • Lol, so far so good ^^

    Also the only reason i am posting so much is simply due to so much detail XD

    With these many players I vote to use the rule of three pose order. In other words if 3 people go before you then you can go again ^^ baring special scenes of course. I will be posing here shortly.

  • Well sorry coyote i vote for we just go with it. if things get to cluttered then we could go ahead and use the rule of 3.

  • Lol no worries. Everything is moving pretty good so far 😄 i never imagined so many people would join this thread XD

  • Also i promise to send some npcs to interact with you rodo XD.

    I should mention Jack is average hieght, rather skinny with an otter hide cap. He is also missing some teeth.

    Bandit is one of the guards who signed on to the carivan. He is a very obese fox with brown fur and a brown trench coat.

    Ill give better descriptions later when i have more rl time XD

  • Thanks cool, you have no idea how hard it is for me to come up with things for Teai to do while he is waiting.

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