Teai Whitefang(S.O.S. UPDATE!)

  • Nickname: None so far (so if you rp with me and find some nickname that suits him go ahead and start calling him that)

    Name: Teai Whitefang

    Species: Weasel

    Age: 18

    Appearance: Light brown fur with black fur on his paws and tip of his tail, some of his signature pieces to his outfit is a dark red and purple coat that reaches right above the knees along with tan leather boots. His only so called "Scar" is a nick on his ear.

    Possessions: Carries a elegantly crafted mandolin along with a light dagger and a fine crafted musket along with a bayonet on the end along with ammo (or if people don't want to see early muskets and such…even though they started to appear early 15th century and the first recorded gun was in 1288..go figure) a finely crafted bow and arrow


    • When in a long range battle Teai is able to handle extreme pressure when aiming for the shot even if being shot at

    • like many experienced marksmen (or marksbeast, not sure how that one works) his weapon is almost as if it is a part of him enabling him to quickly load and change aim if he has to

    -His youth can allow him to be more agile and faster than his elders

    -Incredible musician and if needed could come up with a song right on the spot


    -If he is forced to swordplay, despite his youthful agility and speed he can't do much against a opponent with a opponent how typically uses any melee weapon except weapons that are slow to use particularly due to the size of his small dagger

    -He can't hit what he can't see (Dur-dur xD)

    • He can't handle a enemy under the influence of bloodwrath. Since a enemy under bloodwrath can handle blows some beasts can't this would shatter that sense of focus and calmness due to that fact and he would become panicked and try to flee to a safer location

    -cause him to loose his range weapon he wouldn't be as much as a threat

    His personality is very adaptable depending on the situation. When in combat he can be rather unusally calm, In any type of formalities he is very polite and might even offer if you wish to hear his music, But generally he could be a complete goofball. Also if you can get him to honestly tell you how he got the nick on his ear, consider yourself a true friend


    His father was a Mercenary and his mother was a bard.

    ----------------SOS UPDATE-------------------------------------
    (okay guys if you are reading this profile I would like some help developing his background. Please either comment or PM me any ideas you may get. Thank you in advance)

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