New RP ideas.

  • So…many...good ideas. I also like to use dice rolls in my rp as well, although its kind of hard to use dice here on a forum with out a dice app XD

    Usually i just roll d6s and the difference between the roll of the dice determins the extent of the success / failer. A tie means something interupted the scene XD

    But dont worry. I dont use dice unless others want too :)

  • problem….i never played Dungeons and Dragons.....

  • @Rodo-Takosu:

    problem….i never played Dungeons and Dragons.....

    Don't worry, we'll be doing a simple version. I like using d10. The way it works is; When you do an action like pickpocket, attacking, or anything that directly affects NPCs and other players, you roll a d10. 1 is a critical failure that will cause something bad to you along with failing your action, 2-4 are just fails. 5-8 are successes with 9-10 being critical successes. Normally you role again after that, but we may do something different.

  • The system i usualy use is each player rolls a d6. The difference between the rolls determins the extent success or failure.  The higher the difference the greater the failure or success.

    I like dankers idea the best though for dice on forums. XD we just need a player to roll the dice for us or have only the gm roll.

    If you want to spoof an intro to you bounty mission I'll spoof in my alt Rascal. Since its ooc i do not mind him dieing if i fail a roll :D

    As for the settlers story, i think i have a general idea on what is going to happen. The story will revolve around the journy to the settlement. The story will end when we get to the city (which has yet to be named) then players can break off into their own rp stories if they so desire.

    The goal will be to set up a place that will give players, especially those who join much later, rp ideas they can run indipendently. Kind of like making a new city that players can add too over time.

    If nothing else it should be an interesting story :3

    I just need to know what kind of obsticals people are interested in over coming. Weather (snow) starvation, bandits, mysterous creatures that can not be reasoned with?

    Oh and i may need someone to play a death scene. XD pm me if you want to run an npc who does not meet a happy end XD

  • ok so here is a idea. now this idea depends on weather if our characters start out together or not. But what if each character had been dealing with a unique problem ( example: Joe was being chased by bandits while Phil's group was being harassed by some strange beast) Now of course there would be problems that effect everyone like weather. but when out characters paths cross so do the problem they was facing.

    Makes sense?

  • That's generally the idea yes XD i'll try to get something posted soon in the way of starting a story. Ive learned to always strike when the iron is hot, so to speak, in reguard to starting a story.

  • Sounds swell :)

    I'll see which of my guys would fit better once we know the basics.

  • Whenever you're ready.

  • Alright just make the rp and post the link here if you think we have enough ideas gathered to start….or is there anything else we need to settle?

  • Nope. We got it covered. I see if I can create a thread over the weekend. :3 at the very least i should have an ooc thread up and going where we can post ooc chatter, character refrences, funny emotes, what ever we might need to post ^^


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