New RP ideas.

  • I've been trying to think of a good rp to start up. Any ideas/wanna join?

  • Ive had an idea I have been wanting to try on the redwall muck but lack the players to run it.

    Basically a group of settlers heads up to the north lands in search of either gold or a home away from all the strife in mossflower and their bi-weekly invasion of redwall.

    There would be some challenges along the way. Their are ruins near by the settlement, the odd half collapsed tower or remnants of a castle and sometimes openings in the earth that lead to more than a few underground rooms.

    Oh and there are monsters. Creatures that can actually fit among the redwall cannon.

    I also had the idea to have a group of adventurers be hired to slay a beast eating owl or hawk.

  • I like the settlers idea. How many people you think we'll need?

  • Sounds neat, I'd be down for it. 😃

  • Here is a idea. Why not a Rp between pirates and a ship of Woodlanders ( Maybe Salamastradon finally got a navy?)

    OR (im gonna love suggesting this) one word: Zombies…(I REGRET NOTHING!)

    Now that i got that out of my system i would be interested in joining as well.

  • Zombies are always awesome ^^ and as much as Sal gets invaded by pirates you have to wonder why they dont have a navy u.u.

    SO…for the settlers idea...I just need a name for the city they are going too and more than two players.

    Mainly the idea was to build the foundation of a city that was completely player built. In otherwords unless it was built and owned by a player then it didn't exist.

    But just getting there is half the fun 😄 because horrible dangerous stuff awaits!

    The general idea is one large wagon train is moving northward. The carivan is made up of both vermin and woodlanders from all walks of life, from poor beasts looking for a chance at the good life to beasts looking to state out a claim and start mining some gold.

    The setting will be european forrests and mountains. The city itself is located in a large valley area next to a lake. For plot reasons please dont spoof anyone in the city XD

    Ill make an ooc thread for where we can put our chatter and another for our character apps. All that is needed is their descriptions and job for quick refrence.

    So...three questions.

    1. What should we call this city?

    2. How long do you want the rp in getting there to last? A short rp would have one or two obsticals along the way. A long rp will have more than three.

    3. How do you want to handle the intro of your alts? Do you want to just spoof them into the story or should I create a seperate thread for one shot posts, kind of a place to create a short story showing your alt joining the carivan? I am going to make the leader of the carivan a public alt, meaning that the leader of the carivan can be controlled, interacted with, even killed by any player.

    Or i may be making this overly complicated XD and decide just to post a starting post and see where it goes.

    Im open to suggestions ^^

  • Have a fun trip, guys! 😉

  • actually laughs out loud.

    Speaking of characters dying of dysentary…if anyone does want to kill off an npc they make yes, that is fine XD pm me if you need help with that ^^

  • One more thing though….the townspeople themselves. How are we gonna have this set up?

    Will it be a vermin infested town?

    Will it be like the Redwall Abbey and only have woodlanders?

    OR(Stay with me on this one. Don't want to blow you all away with this one) Nobody cares about the species population and vermin and woodlanders live together without a problem? ( DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!!)

  • This seems like a pretty cool idea and I'd like to be a part of it! It's alright if I use my thief instead of coming up with a new character, right?
    I think that a town of mixed woodlanders and vermin is a pretty good idea, it opens room for a lot more problems. 😉

  • Alts are perfectly fine 😄 and yes, this will be a mixed species adventure :3

    Do we want to start the adventure at the very begining as a group heading towards the (yet to be named) town? Or have them reaching the town? Or have them already there inside the town?

  • Here is my idea about how we can start it. Now then suppose of instead of our characters starting out as a group entering the town, what if our character's meet inside or on the way to the town?

    Another thing will the rp be the traditional style(like the book and vanilla-ish) or a non traditional style (im not talking about all the crazy stuff with crazy hybrids or whatever madness we can come up with. I am talking about maybe throw in the flintlock pistol, rifles. You just slight technological advancements, nothing insane.)

  • That…actually is a good question. I'll leave it up to the table to decide ^^

  • Well if people are going north Seig may be a good person to have on the trip, and once north enough into the snow and ice the group may happen upon his old home and Fortress Tauril.

    Just an idea but this sounds fun 🙂

  • well if you ask me i think a non traditional rp would be fun(allows us to think outta the box)

    Also as for the location of the town…...sheesh that is a good question...

  • If we REALLY wanna go nontraditional, how about you guys make a plot to overthrow my biggest baddy, Bloodbane. I have also done bounty rps with my other villains, Dester and Kazack.

  • Ohh! We could do this D&D style!!

  • So…many...good ideas. I also like to use dice rolls in my rp as well, although its kind of hard to use dice here on a forum with out a dice app XD

    Usually i just roll d6s and the difference between the roll of the dice determins the extent of the success / failer. A tie means something interupted the scene XD

    But dont worry. I dont use dice unless others want too 🙂

  • problem….i never played Dungeons and Dragons.....

  • @Rodo-Takosu:

    problem….i never played Dungeons and Dragons.....

    Don't worry, we'll be doing a simple version. I like using d10. The way it works is; When you do an action like pickpocket, attacking, or anything that directly affects NPCs and other players, you roll a d10. 1 is a critical failure that will cause something bad to you along with failing your action, 2-4 are just fails. 5-8 are successes with 9-10 being critical successes. Normally you role again after that, but we may do something different.

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