Ezikeil DeSota and Associates (Adding characters update!)

  • Ezikeil DeSota

    Nickname(s): "Young Blood" and "The Kid "

    Real name: Ezikeil Fernando DeSota

    Family: -Dante Luis DeSota- Father (Deceased)

    -Arcadia Isabella DeSota- Mother

    Species: Ferret

    Age: UPDATED 21

    Description: Fur is mostly white  while the the fur around his eyes, paws and tip of his tail is brown. His youthful appearance can clearly show exactly how young he is and also can sometimes cause opponents to hesitate from fighting him do to him basically being only a child. Has hidden scars on his his chest and back he hides under his clothes. Besides his his choice on trousers and shirts He typically wears a green and sliver coat that was originally his father's along with his favorite black boots. Also instead of wearing a the hat his father wore, He wears a wide brimmed straw hat with a red stripe on it.

    Possessions: Ezikeil wields a white-gold saber with a polished obsidian handle. The blade itself was a gift a close friend of his father. He also  always wears a small ring tied on a leather braided necklace that was his his father's wedding ring. ( I'm not sure if this falls in here but there is his ship The Defiance which is a white and red East Indiamen with only 56 guns (28 on each side)


    • He is very calculating and has a strategic mind for his age

    • He can be easily like and trusted

    • He is very stealthy, even his own crew can have trouble keeping track of him


    • He tends overlook certain details, this can typically cause him and his crew to get in rather "interesting situations"

    • Basically the fact he is a teenager, and he will act like his age

    • He was severely traumatized by the death of his father as a child

    When he isn't serious he tends to be a bit of a goofball and childish. Despite this he is can be very serious and can focus on getting the task at hand done. He is always tying to make sure his crew is happy and tries to listen to their opinions.
    He also can be a tad bit reckless. One of his major problems is that mentioning his father can anger him or depress him due to the fact of how hard he tries to defend his father's name. Insulting his father's name can severely cloud his judgment. Likewise due the traumatic event which lead to his father's death if one pushes hard enough, it is possible cause severe flashbacks and leave him in a traumatic and weakened state of mind.


    Ezikeil was born into the life of a pirate when his father, Dante DeSota married a kind maiden with a deep spirit for adventure. He was actually born back in his mother's hometown after his father managed to return. The early years for Ezikeil with his father caused a deep love for the sea in him and after years of begging, his father finally allowed him to sail  at age 10 onboard The Defiance which was actually a scout ship for his father's small Fleet but whenever the ship was going to scout a area Ezikeil's father would have him sent to his own ship The White Angel. This helped Ezikeil learn how to sail ship and command a crew. This was how Ezikeil lived sailing until he was only 14 years old. One day after his father sent The Defiance out to scout the fleet was attacked by a larger fleet of hares,otters and other woodlanders. His father's Fleet was almost annihilated in a matter of minutes due to the sheer numbers. In the end of the battle Ezikeil witnessed his father killed right in front of him by a Hare. The Hare soon turned to see the enraged ferret child screaming for his father. Eziekil tried to avenge his father but was soon captured by the hares after receiving the nasty blows on his chest and back giving him the scars he has today. Ezikeil was soon brought onboard the enemy's ship and was a prisoner. It did not take long for him to learn how they treat "vermin" during that time. After 2 weeks as prisoner The Defiance, that last remaining ship of his father's fleet managed to catch up with the already crippled woodlander fleet. Ezikeil was quickly rescued by the crew who decided to attack the leading ship using The Defiance's speed and agility to only attack the one ship and escape before they managed to be attacked by the rest of the injured fleet. Unfortunately the original captain of the ship was killed in battle but managed  to pull off the daring escape despite the state the ship was in. After this incident when he reached his home in Puerto Santiago he refused to even look towards the harbor for months. After spending some time with his mother trying to forget the things he saw he was unable to resist the sea calling for him. Luckily for him The Defiance and her crew was still in need of a captain….

    ----update (1/05/2015)------

    Interesting Facts and other information:

    -Ezikeil is a lefty and fights in a unique fighting stance that that can quickly adapt to the opponents style.

    -His Father, Dante DeSota was the captain of The White Angel which which was also the flagship of His fleet known as The Golden Tide

    -The Defiance, Ezikeil's ship is not actually controlled by just him, but with his first mate, a fox named Armos McCormac, and elder stoat who is the quartermaster named Remus Ludwig (Remus might only be seen in certain situations you will see mostly Armos and Ezikeil handling the ship)

    -Ezikiel dislikes hares and it is very difficult for him to socialize with one (not saying it isn't possible to befriend him if you are a hare, it just takes some effort)

    -The Caribe is where Ezikeil calls home, it is a large island country that actually uses various privateers and even pirates as their Navy and provides this "Navy" pay and a home. (Its actually a nice place if you want a example think about Cuba back when Spain ruled them in the age of exploration and yes you could say Ezikiel is a Spaniard)

    –--update on interesting facts------------

    -As mentioned earlier Ezikeil's father was a leader of a well know fleet. Due to this the DeSota family name is actually a well respected name throughout Caribe

    -Ezikeil's formal home is with his mother at the family Villa in Puerto Santiago, Caribe(yes the location is made up)

    -Ezikeil is actually a very skilled Pianist and it was once thought that he would become a great composer until he decided to once again return to the sea (Playing that Piano is what help kept him sane after the incident that happened)
    (that should be it for now)

  • Armos McCormac

    Nickname(s): The Highlander and Ol' Iron Skull

    Real Name: Armos Douglas McCormac


    -Zachariah James McCormac(father)

    -Cassandria McCormac (mother)

    Species: Red Fox

    age: -UPDATED-25

    Description: Classic red fox appearence with his fur pattern. He has a braid that runs by his ear as his fur remains slightly runs over his eye. He has a muscular build of a highlander. Doesn't really have any visible scars except for the jagged scar that runs down his chest which he earned after taking a stool to the chest in a drunken brawl (he did win btw xD). He wears a simple red shirt without sleeves along with brown pants and boots. Along with that he wears a blue and white bandanna folded into a headband.

    Possessions: Armos wields a simple scimitar that was givien to him after beating another sailor in a arm wrestle anlong with a small war ax.


    • His highlander heritage makes him very brave(and can surprisingly hold his liquor)

    • Like Ezikeil, He is very calculating

    • He can remain very calm and even positive in battle


    • Sometimes Armos can be a bit to trusting.

    • He is the only beast onboard that has a moderate fear of heights

    • He can be distracted with alcohol

    Peronality: Armos is a very kind and even talkative character. He seems to know how to help people who seems to be down or depressed. Armos also can be very cocky and likes to brag about his highlander heritage from time to time. Overall he is also very helpful. He also loves to drink like any pirate.

    background: Armos grew in up in what is known as the costal highlands in the northern countries. Here he was taught the life of a highlander warrior. Then one day when Armos was only 9 he met a Ferret ship captain known as Dante DeSota who was visiting the land. After meeting the captain he knew that he wanted to experience the sea. After begging his father he was eventually allowed to sail with him and only asked that he would return a true fighter.  He began to sail and learn the life of a sailor by Dante. The fox arrived at Puerto Santiago when he was 10 due to the long journey from the northern lands into the warm tropical island of the Caribe. Eventually Armos then the 6 year son of Dante, Ezikeil. The two instanly became close friends and eventually when Armos became 14 and was a full fledged sailor onboard the scout ship The Defiance he discovered that Ezikeil will know begin to come along and train to become a Captain on  on the same ship he was on. The two would sail but when the ship had to scout Ezikeil was sent onto his fathers ship for safety. All was good until he was 18 and after a routine scout the ship returns only to see the bloody remains of their old fleet. The who crew desired for revenge and went after those who did this. After these events and eventually finding and rescuing Ezikeil they returned to the Caribe. Armos could tell that his dear friend was broken and traumatized and decided to stay by his side to provide comfort which ultimately lead to their strong bond as brothers. When Ezikeil finally became captain he made Armos his first mate and the two have sailed together ever since.

    -interesting facts coming soon–---

  • Remi Devereaux

    Nickname(s): Whiskers(primarily a insult), Remi

    Full name: Arminio Jean-Remi Devereaux


    -Alfred Devereaux (father)

    -Gabrielle Devereaux (mother)

    Species: Wildcat

    age: -UPDATE-22

    Description: a Lynx with gray charcoal fur with a streak of bright white fur that runs across his face. his fur is well kept and clean. He has no scars and typically wears a black peacoat with white trimmings along with his daily attire. He also wears fine crafted brown boots.

    Possessions: Jean-Remi is known for his blade which is a sleek and elegant rapier along with a simple dagger. What makes these blades interesting is the material, both blades are made from what is known as "Blood Metal" which gives it a red hue(this stuff exists). As well Remi is captain of The Quadrant, a 40 gun black ,white and gold Blockade Runner. He also wears a Conquistador styled hat with a white feather plume stuck into it.


    • He is very cunning and can quickly spot weakness, particularly in defensive formations

    • He is known for his way with words in order to convince most people

    • He is also amazing at waiting for just the right moment


    • He tends to second guess himself

    • Sometimes, Remi will have some trouble concentrating under pressure

    • He also has a very bad time identifying allies and enemies from a distance, mostly at sea and especially if he hasn't seen the ship before (which has cause some accidents in the past)

    Remi Devereaux is a very formal character with most beasts unless they are dear friends of his. Around his friends he can be very casual and easy going. Remi does in fact have a temper particularly when he is called by that dreaded nickname he earned in his childhood due to the long whiskers he had as a child. Remi as well tends to have a hard time trusting some beasts and may make the occasional mistake every now and then when it comes to trust.


    Remi's father, Alfred Devereaux was one of Dante DeSota's closest friends and was one of the first ships to help form the Caribe's "Navy" as well as help formed. The two had sailed together and was practically brothers and Remi and Ezikeil have been lifelong friends who both shared a deep love of music and  what their fathers did. When Dante passed Alfred was crushed and in eventually decided to pass his post as captain to his son when he was 18 who at the time was working as a songwriter in his spare time as he trained for sailing. Remi began his post and several months later so did Ezikeil. About a year or so The Quadrant eventually came across a unknown ship from a distance. The crew then initially thought the ship was from the very area that the ship which ended DeSota's life came from due to the description that was given seemed to match even though they was from afar. Remi then gave the order to attack the ship and take whatever was on it as repayment for the murder of Dante. (Unfortunately as it turned out…that ship was only a merchant vessel that wasn't from anywhere near where the attackers came from) Afterwards they not only took the ship's riches, but they took the crew and sank the ship. For the crew from that ship they had a choice, join the crew or be taken to Caribe to face punishment for their crimes (that they didn't commit if i may add). Several of them accepted the offer particularly a otter who was only known as Ryills Pierre. After some time Remi then decided to give let Ezikeil take Ryills off his hands. The Rest is history.

    ----------------interesting facts----------

    • After getting a purchase of cannons after his friend Ezikeil, A section of his ship actually exploded due to poor storage of the explosive powder, Now he is sadly known for this blunder

    (more will be added later)

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