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    "Woodlanders and…er..vermin could be freinds?" Armos sighed in order to hide a chuckle. He could tell that the hare has never been at sea. He has seen places like what Sulta pictured, but even then there are problems.'Ah why not just go with that idea' Armos thought before agreeing with the hare. Suddenly the hare when off in some insane plan that Armos could hardly keep up until Sulta suddenly asked about a ottermaid…

    Armos gave the hare a puzzled look. Why did he keep talking about an ottermaid? The fox never knew a ottermaid. "look lad," Armos said. "I have no idea what ottermaid yer talking abo-." Suddenly it hit him and he asked. "Are ye talking about....the one you saved?"

    Ezikeil looked out at the mountain and watched. It has been about a day since Armos and Barf was captured. The ferret looks back as a elder stoat walks up looking uneasy. "Uhh, Capt'in?" The Stoat said. Ezikeil gave the stoat a smile and nodded. "Aye Remus, is everything alright?" The stoat gave Ezikeil shrug. "I'm not sure captain, the whole crew is uneasy about Armos and Barf being captured. Especially since their only hopes is some riverdog." Ezikeil nodded at Remus. He understood the tension cause he felt it to. "Remus I understand mate, I feel the similar. But still have faith in Ryills, I am sure he will sort this out." Ezikeil looked out towards the mountain as he leaned against the railings. "If he fails, I will have no choice but to take a risk and open fire with them still in it. I hope Ryills understands that he only has about 3 days...."

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    Stulta rolled his eyes.
    "No, I'm talking about the one chatting away with the bally bugs" he scoffed. "Of course I'm talking about the one I… we saved. Now... about the plan, do you think you can manage it?"

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    Armos stared at Sulta  at the sudden revelation about his crewmate. Ryills is a she?. Armos frowned at the thought. 'What else is that riverdog hiding?  His thoughts was cut off by the hare " Hey Quit yer bally daydreaming, wot. What about the plan?" Armos looked up at the hare and decided that he will be completely honest with this answer. "That plan is insane and will never work." Despite the hare shocked expression Armos gave him a sly grin. "Lad me and Barf 'ave been is crazier situation so I have this lil'…talent on picking on things quickly." Still grinning, he countinued to explain himself to the suprised hare. "Now first off, lad the key is carried by that blasted and rather abusive hare that was here earlier and he looks like the type that will run off to battle without waiting to drop off some keys. The next problem is that even if we get out there would be to much activity going on, ye know hares getting weapons or supplies so we would be spotted. The problem is our captain, he despises hares and for good reason. Now way he would trust a hare on somthing like this and....I just could say the same." Armos sighed. "Sorry lad, the plan wouldn't work and its not yer fault.  There was a incident about what happened to us about 3 years ago that caused a deep distrust for hares especially for the captain." Armos sighed and looked away. 'Ryills isn't who "he" says she is. Im gonna have a chat with the "lad" next time I see 'em."

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  • Stulta's eyes bulged as Armos contributed to the conversation by immediately turning down the idea.
    "B… but..." he managed, then paused to hear the rest of his explanation, then confession about Ryills. Stulta managed to be dumbstruck for a few minutes, then recovered his ability to speak.
    "Er... okay then, so this plan will have to include getting the lying ottermaid, and you two away... without being spotted. Stulta glanced at the door, before looking back and bending his ears in comical concentration.
    "Well... If I gave you a club and a dirk or something we could make our way out of the mountain when everybeast is asleep, using as much shade as possible until we got the ottermaid and ran out of the mountain. If anybeast came you could whack them over the head, and if they were too far away, you could threaten me with the dirk. Would that work?" He offered, pulling his whiskers nervously.

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    Ryills was finished eating and she went down to explore the mountains, figure out where the kitchens are and were to get oil and go through the plan. She wasn't going to let Ezikel down, she would get the job finished and then leave and disappear forever. She arrived in the kitchen area and looked around, doing her best to stay out of the way of the busy hares. She observed the chaos in the kitchen and smiled slightly when she remember them bombarding the ship with rotten food. She ran a hand through her hair and ruffled it slightly, her beads clanked together. After awhile she left, after finally discovering where the cooking oil was held.

    Humming to herself she sought out a small alcove and took out a wore notebook and started to draw, as she went along she mapped slowly out a few floors in Salamandastron, noting where the kitchen was, sleeping area, dinnig hall, hospital, windows and doors to outside. She also managed to find the armory, and did wonder if a badger did reside in Salamandastron. Her notebook had several notes and suggests, Ryills made sure she did a good job, that was her way, and being a former merchant she was particular to detail.

    It took her almost all day and she was stopped when June found her, "There you are lassy!" she siad and Ryills hurried and stuff her notebook in her pocket. "Yes..hi June." she said quickly smiling. "Where were ya all day?" June asked. Ryills shurgged and said softly, "Feeling freedom." and smiled at June rubbing her wrists. Junes face softened, "Ahh lass, don't blame ya wot? Now what about a spot of tea?"

    Ryills nodded, "That would be nice acually." And she was escorted by June to the great hall. She would start the plan when everyone is alseep, with a now crude map in her possession she should have it slightly easier. The faster this was done the faster she would be free to live her own life.

  • Armos chuckled as he listened to the hare's plan. "Look lad, We already have a plan. Can't tell ya though for safety." Armos then looked at Sulta with a intense glare. "But a word of warning mate, on one of these nights ye will smell smoke as the night sky burns, at that point you must run. Get away from this blasted mountian for your own sake, take friends of yours if ye must but just flee." At this point Armos looked away towards the door as he began to think the events that will soon happen.


    Ezikeil looked out at the sun coming closer to sunset witch will end the 1st day. His crew continued to prepare for the attack, everybeast on edge for the oncoming events. Ezikeil called out to the stoat Remus whom he was speaking to earlier. "Well Remus," The Ferret said. "How does it look down below? Are the cannons prepared?" Remus nodded as he gestured to the deck below them. "Aye, Captain, all 20 guns onboard are prepared along with plenty of ammo. No need to worry sir." Ezikeil nodded as he looked back to the mountain. "Remus, do ye think that we will get the signal?" The stoat shrugged. "I am not quite sure sir, for all we know that blasted riverdog sold us out." Ezikiel shook his head, he knew that this could be true but he trusted Ryills and this allowed him to see exactly where his loyalties stood. "Aye Remus this maybe true, but we can only see what will happen."

  • Stulta reeled back, shaking his head and looking horrified.
    "No" he whispered, then a bit more loudly…
    "No, you can not burn the mountain. I... I live there. I can't just desert it in it's time of need. It's not a hares wa-" Stulta abruptly stopped, remembering the hare he had stopped when he came in. He dimly recalled other events that wasn't a hares way. He blinked back tears.
    "It's not my way" he trailed off, looking miserably at the ground.

  • Armos looked at Sulta. "Mate listen to me, it wont be the mountain itself that burns and since you have been so good I'll give you a hint. Our ship will be sailing away clean as a whistle once this is over." He looks at the hare on the brink of tears and sighed. "Mate, I'm sorry but the entire goal is a surrender, not a massacre. Once we get the surrender we will mostly be on out way once we take some supplies we would be on our way." Armos looked back at Barf who was unconscious and sighed. "Our captain isn't a bad beast, it is his past that has made him act like this and I don't blame him."


    Ezikeil looked at his charts in his office along with Remus who was in charge of the cannon crews. "You see Remus," Ezikeil said as he placed a small wooden carving of a ship on the the of the coast. "We are here out of their range, We could fire from right here or on this location." The ferret said as he pointed to a spot on the east of the map. "Here we could use the winds  to hinder the range and accuracy of any surviving defenses if Ryills does his job by using the wind against them." The stoat shook his head. "Captain that would stop them from hitting us but also our cannons wouldn't be as accurate from that distance and the wind would also push the rounds father so it would be more likely to miss." Remus said as he picked up a small wooden pawn and placed it more towards the center  and slightly closer to the mountain. "I believe our best bet would be here in terms of accuracy and damage since we  would be closer and the wind wouldn't be much of a issue, the only problem is-" Ezikeil spoke up looking at Remus. "They would be able to hit us right to?" Remus nodded. "Aye that be true but still I have a idea, What if we fire half of the cannons on the firing side and then the other while the group that fired reloads? We would be able to continuously fire on the enemy and hopefully force them to a quick surrender." Ezikeil walked towards the window and gazed out it. "We would be sacrificing damage for a more rapid barrage of rounds, its worth taking the chance with that but still i don't quite  like that location its a bit risky and they might try to board us." Remus chuckled. "Captain there is no way they can board even if they managed to get to the water with and small boats wile we are firing the cannons, we have beasts that are archers. We would be able to pick em off." Ezikeil thought about it and turned at Remus with a grin. "Sounds like we are gonna be taking a risk Remus."

  • Ryills watched the sunset, she snuggled deeper in her blankets watching and waiting. As activity died down, Ryills wanderes if she could really pull this off and earn her freedom. Yes she would feel bad for abandoning Ezikle And the hares who showed her mercy but she was also fed up with people always bossing her around and her not letting do what she wants!!

    Ryills slipped out of bed, she had changed back into her old clothes but left her jacket behind. Tying her bandana around her head she slipped quietly out of the room. Using the torches in the hallway she examined her map and set off. Hiding in the shadows as guards walked passed. She took slow breaths, "calm down Girl you gots this," she muttered. She made it to the kitchens and started to get to work. She noticed if she could go over and down a level she could hit the first catapult from above.

    She filled up a huge pot and dragged it down the hallway and steps, lifting it she gunted and tipped the pot, watching it hit the mark. Wiping the sweat off her head she went back into the kitchen for the second round. She managed after an hour to get 5 pots of oil on the first catapult. Ryills slid down the wall, panting. 'Why did she have to do this?' Legs shaking and arms lead she put the pot back and made her way back to her bed.
    She collapsed onto her bed and fell right asleep, knowing tomorrow night would be harder.

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    Stulta stood up. To answer to Armos's questioning look, he shrugged.
    "You're going to need something to sleep in tonight"

    A short while later, Stulta returned, bearing blankets and pillows. He arranged them neatly on the floor and said goodnight to Armos. Then he trailed off to do his scout duty.

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    Ic: The next few days were uneventful for Ryills. Still working during the night in soaking the weapons in cooking oil. Aunt June was curious why Ryills always had fresh burns on her hands. After the 4th day all the weapons were soaked in oil and Ryills was bandaging up her hands, she winced slightly as she put on the salve, and carefully wrapped them up. Biting her tounge in protest she tied it off and curled up on her bed.

    So far everything was good and going to plan, tonight was the attack night. She has tried in vain to hear about Armos and Barf but not many creatures were opening up to her. She tired looking for them but would get lost in the process sometimes. So she assumed that they were doing alright. She had a backpack full of food and water, ready to take a run once she lit up the weapons. It was tucked under her bed, along with her journal and flint. She was hoping she can give the journal to Armos or Ezikel to help them attack and navigate inside Salamandastron.

    She drifted off into a painful sleep, her mind wandering through nightmares and dreams, waking up dazed but falling back asleep. That day she didn't leave her room, but instead paced back and forth infront of the window looking out at sea, hoping to catch a glance of Ezikels ship and trying to make the time go by faster.

    Evening couldn't of come soon enough, the sun started to set and Ryills pretended to go to bed. She laid in bed, waiting til everything calm down, the moon was in the sky when she slipped out of Salamandastron. Her heart pounded as she went through Salamandastron, tonight she was really nervous, and torn, she was betraying the hares that have showed her kindness and took care of her but also dead set on getting her freedom. She crouched in the shadows as hares past, calming her breath she crept forward. She breathed easier once she got outside. Staying to the shadows she snuck up to the first catapult. She kept her word and hopefully Ezikel kept his.

    She took out her flint and started strike it to make sparks, it caught after a few tries and quickly took hold. She took a dry branch and lit it up before running to the next one, soon the Alarm would be raised and she didn't have much time.

    Shouts were heard coming from the mountain and alarms ringing. Ryills yelped as she tripped to the last one and fell down a ditch. She groaned softly. And scrambled up the bank to the last one, right when she was about to light it, a bright light flashed and  she was blown backwards off her feet and slammed into the ground, slamming her head into the ground.

    Ryills came to slowly, confused and dazed, a ringing and pounding was in her head and she felt like she couldn't move, when she took a breath a sharp pain erupted in her chest and she coughed violently, tasting blood. Ryills staggered up, shapes darted past her but she couldn't focus. Looking around she saw the trees, "gotta get outta here.." She muttered, stumbling and staggering. She has done her job and what was asked for her, and now she is gonna run away.

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