Oh Captian….(100% OPEN!!)

  • The hares had spotted the boat with a prisoner in it. Most were readying to do battle with the two vermin while the otter was rescued. But an officer drew them together, picking a special group to do the task together. The emerald eyed hare was over-joyed when he discovered he was in the team.
    "Good day for a rescue, wot?" he said to the officer, at that moment next to him. The officer glared.
    "You keep it down, laddie buck, an don't go advertising your presence to the whole mountain, will you Stulta?"
    Stulta gulped, attempted a nervous smile, and bounded off to join the ranks.


    After a short march, the hares hid behind some nearby rocks, an watched the two vermin ready a fire and a pit, bullying the otter as they went. Two hare sneaked to the boat, one silently holing it with a special spike born to the task. The other carefully snapped part of the rudder off, using a sticky substance to silence it. The hares then readied their weapons, slingers and archers making a ring around the vermin, ready and waiting for the officer's signal to stand and reveal themselves.

  • Ryills was caught unexpected by the rough treatment, he staggered to get back up only to be pushed back down. He felt dirt in his mouth and he spat it out, "please sir." He begged, "let me go, I've done nothing wrong!" He wailed and he was silenced abruptly and he was kicked softly in the stomach, Ryills curled up on the ground, "At least it isn't a real beating" he muttered.  Ryills started to crawl away but a foot on his back from Armos stopped him. "please! Someone help me!" Ryills cired, "I can't die! I'm to young to die!" Ryills collapsed on the ground.

    He just laid there, pretending to give up fighting, "where are those damn hares." He muttered he was hauled rough to his knees and he looked At the ground, li hate being used as a puppet." He muttered. Armos let him go and Ryills just kneeled in the sand. Waiting and watching Barf digging a hole.

    Several things happened at once, A cry came from the rocks and Ryills saw in the firelight hates coming out of the ground, he instinctively dropped himself to the ground, avoiding the weapons and missles. He rolled away from armos, then worked on getting his hand free, in a quick moment he yanked down his bandana around his neck. Ruffling up his hair, he pulled the bandana up to hold his hair back. Shockingly Ryills has turned into an otter maid. Tho Armos nor Barf saw this, they were to busy fighting the hares and running for their life

  • The hares stood and quickly advanced. A couple of them rescued the otter and pulled her/him out of the circle. The rest surrounded the other two and threatened them with bows.
    "Come with us" ordered the captain, and the hares, an inseparable circle marched off to the mountain again, the two vermin trapped inside it.

    Just as that happened, the ballistae nearest the ship began firing again. There were still enough hares to work the ballistae, although others had to come and work Stulta's. The mountain was fighting back, making it's own plans secretly.

  • Armos and Barf knew that they couldn't fight and threw down their weapons. "bloody hell, this better work." Armos muttered to himself and glanced at Barf who gave him a quick nod. Armos began to think of a plan on how to get away but all they needed was a chance. Until then they would surrender.


    Ezikeil looked out towards the shore. it had been about an hour. "Where are those two they should have been back by now?" Ezikiel thoughts was suddenly cut short by a shout from a crewmate. "INCOMING!!!!" Suddenly there was a hailstorm of projectiles hitting the ship. "GET US OUT OF RANGE AND KILL THE LIGHTS!!! WE WILL SURE THE SHADOWS AS OUR ALLY!" In only seconds after this order was given out the crew began to put out ever light they caw as the ship began to saw away out of range. Ezikeil looked back just in time to see the small force of Hares capturing Armos and Barf. Cursing under his breath he knew that he couldn't help them at the moment and returned focus on getting the ship to safety as the ship vanishes into the night as it made its way out of range.

  • ooc: If you didn't read Ryills bio here: http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/index.php?topic=2267.msg42323#msg42323
    She is actually a girl. 🙂

    and I'll still use Ryills as her name so it don't  get you guys confused.

    BICRyills was yanked quickly out of the circle and he (now she), staggered up and followed the hares, wiping tears off her face, "Thank you," she sobbed, "Don't let them see me.." she muttered, making sure to stay hidden from Armos and Barf. She gave a few snuffles and glanced around, this was something, how the plan have went so wrong..Armos and Barf wouldn't supposed to be caught, A plan was forming in Ryills mind, when this is all settled down, she would free Armos and Barf from their prison, since herself she wasn't a prisoner but a 'victim' of Armos and Barf, somehow she also felt sad, yes Barf and Armos were vermin but they were also creatures and what the hares did to them 3 years ago was not right either.

    Ryills didn't know what to think currently. She was brought into the mountain and taken down a different corridor then the other two. So wrapped up in her thoughts she didn't notice they she was brought to the hospital of the mountain until she was ushered in and fussed over.

    "Oh deary, wat have they done to ya?" an elderly female hare came busling over to her, "Just look at ya face…where did that come from? and goodness child, did you even bathe?" Ryills just looked wide eyed at the hare, "Thats alright, we will get ya in the bath and all cleaned up." she smiled, "By the way, my name is Aunt June, but you can call me aunt."

    Ryills gave a weak smile, "Ry-..um Dominque. Dominque Perrie." she didn't know why she used her birth name to give to June and not her fake name. She didn't have time to dwell on it when she found herself in a bath, "What the..how did I get here?"

    "Now now deary. Get yourself cleaned up and we'll look at ya wounds. And I"ll get your clothes washed" Aunt June said and bussled away.

    Ryills sighed but she did admit, after spending months not taking a bath, it felt amazing to be clean again. She dried herself off and found some clothes have been layed out for her. She put on the clean robes and some to long pants which she tightened with some rope. Before long June came back, "All you look better already." Ryills nodded still silent, and let Aunt June tend to her brusies and wounds.

    "what happened to my...my captors?" Ryills said looking up at Aunt June.
    "Ach don't you worry about them, they will get what they deserve." Ryills looked down and didn't respond back.

  • (OoC so I'm gonna skip what happened down the corridor oh and i already knew read it before we started. Ryills was a merchant if I'm correct.)


    Armos took a fist to his already bruised face as a hare stood him. "Ah laddie not so fun when your the one taking the hits,eh?" The Hare said as stood over him. Armos looked over and saw the bloodied form of Barf laying there unconscious. "Hey vermin, look at me." The Hare said as he grabbed the fox. "So boyo, care to answer the questions your friend refused to answer?" Armos responded by spitting in the Hare's face. "Burn in 'ell lad, yew ain't better then us.." The Hare sighed and reached for his club. "Wrong answer Fox…" The hare began to beat him and Armos's screams could be heard down the corridors.

    Ezikeil continued to pace back in forth. The ship had gotten out of range so the ship was well lit basically taunting the hares ashore. He didn't realize how tactical the hares were and now all he could think about is how now the plan just got harder. Ezikeil couldn't organize his thoughts as he paced back and forth in his office trying to figure this out. "Armos, I can't believe that you and Barf got into this mess." Ezikeil muttered. He looked back at his map and board filled with various charts and maps. Ezikeil placed his hands on his desk as he looked at the map of the Area he pressed his head on the table and groaned.  He was stressed just trying to think. 'I must relax, If I can't relax….' Ezikeil thought to himself and taking deep breaths trying to focus. He looked out the window and sighed. "Ryills don't fail me, now Armos and Barf's lives on on the line." Ezikeil said to himself as he looked out to the mountain.

  • ((OOC: This is sounding so unharelike. What happened to gallantry. They are beginning to sound like vermin. Hey… I just figured out why Stulta wanted to flee the mountain. And I knew Ryills was a girl. Your thingy on the bottom says it.It's just I was sticking to the storyline by putting he/she due to the sudden change))


    Stulta's ears perked up when he heard to screams. Shock on his kind features, he rushed towards the room that held the two vermin.
    "Stop it!" he yelled as he entered the room. The hare looked surprised.
    "Stulta, what's got into you?" he asked as Stulta paced the room.
    "You don't get answers out of a bally dead beast do you, wot?" he snapped. His tone softened a little."Let me try"
    The hare shook his head firmly.
    "Sorry old chap, captain's orders" he said. Stulta's head nearly drooped, but then he had a plan.
    "So? Ol' Corp Saggs said I was to take over" he triumphantly announced. The hare glared at him, then left the room.

    Stulta breathed a sigh of relief before rushing over to Armos.
    "Are you all right old lad?" he asked, offering him a full canteen of water.

  • (Wow I accidentally created a reason why your character ran away. Should I be proud or ashamed??)

    Arms glared at the young hare while breathing heavily. He wasn't sure what was this hare's motives but he was thirsty. He took the canteen and took a quick drink before handing it back. He half expected the hare to strike him as if it was some sick joke but no blow came. Arms finally decided to speak and looked the hare in the eye. "I know ye all want answers, Lad. I guess I could be a tad bit more cooperative as thanks. Go on a'ead and ask what ye need to know." Armos said  looking at the hare with a more civil look in his eye. Armos could tell this Hare was different but he wasn't gonna let his guard down just cause one is nice but still he could see any harm in answering some of the questions.

  • ((OOC: Proud I guess. It saves me a lot of thinking. I reckon Stulta can run away at the end of this thread. What animal is Armos?))


    Stulta grinned from ear to ear as he sat next to Armos. The hare looked as if he had just made a best friend when Armos spoke to him. He inspected the bruises, before handing him a mush of herbs.
    "You look very battered" he remarked, thinking hard, before finally brightening up, ears perked.
    "Hmm, lesse. Ah, yes! Question number one, what's your name. I can't have a civilized chat without knowing your bally old name" he exclaimed.

    It was obviously going to be a long day.

  • (OOC: yay!! i made a accomplishment! Now let us go find Narnia! oh and btw Armos is a 20 year old fox, Barf is a rat (T.J came up with him so I guess you should ask T.J about his age but my idea is that he should be in his 30s if you ask me), also Enrikei (the captain) is a 17 year old Ferret (pretty young for a captain, huh?). Will this help?)


    Armos chuckled as he looked at the Hare who is now sitting next to him. He looked him over the hare who actually seemed to be barely younger than him. "You look very battered." The hare remarked as he handed Armos some herbal mush. Armos couldn't understand it. Why in the world was this hare being so kind to him? "Whats your name?" Armos looked up at the hare as he tried to regain his thoughts. After a moment Armos answered "My name is Armos, Armos McCormac." Armos said before nodding toward the unconscious body on the other side of the room. "Aye and that one over there is Barf, now why his mother named him that is something not even he can answer. So what is your next question?"

  • ((OOC: Stulta's a 18 year old hare. As for Ezekiel? I can nearly beat that. On another website, I had an Aide who is 16, and I wanted my Friar to be the same age. I got away with 19 though))


    Stulta hid a laugh at Barf's name.
    "Well, I'm glad my old mater didn't call me Barf, or anything like that. My name's Stulta" he replied. Then, after a few moments, Stulta looked down at his sweat drenched fur
    "Why were you firing at Salamandastron?" he asked.
    "Was it on purpose?"

  • Armos looked at the hare after hearing his question. How can he explain that this was all originally a blunder. Armos sighed heavily. "Aye laddie, I know yew ain't gonna believe me but this here is the truth," Armos said as he looked at Stulta in the eye. "Ya see, we had made a purchase on these new weapons. They are called cannons, I am sure you can see how much damage they can do. The funny thing is that that is the first time we used em ourselves." Armos looked at the hare's confused expression and nodded. "Well, what I am trying to say is that we came here to test out our new weapons. The only problem is that we thought that nobeast lived nearby this area for miles." Armos paused. It seemed that he might as well answer the most likely question. "Now before you ask the reason we kept firing on you all wasn't because you started to fire at us with yer ballistas…" Armos looked away not sure if he should finish the sentence. How can a hare understand what happened to his captain? Armos sat there in silence as he thought about this.

  • Stulta was glad to hear that it was an accident, but when Armos stopped talking, Stulta knew he shouldn't push it.
    "Okay, so… You fired at a supposedly empty mountain that was actually full of bally hares, to try a bloomin' dangerous weapon. And when we started retaliating, you kept firing, but not because we were firing at you..." Stulta trailed off once he had come to the end of his knowledge.
    "That's all I need to know about that bally old matter, wot? But what about the ottermaid, and the rotten old fire, and the jolly deep hole?" he asked.

  • Armos froze. He knew he couldn't tell the truth or the whole plan is blown. After some thought he came up with an answer. "Lad, I'll let you put those things together and use your imagination, all I can say is that it was the capt's orders." He chuckled. "But I dunno about no ottermaid." After some silence Armos sighed before looking back at Stulta. "This whole situation is really a shame Sulta, if only…." Armos trailed off. He wasn't sure if he should continue or not.  He leaned his head back against the wall and stared at the ceiling. "Ah, If only....."

  • (OOC: Hang on, I thought Armos thought Ryills was a boy)
    "If only woodlanders and… er... vermin could be friends?" Stulta offered, not knowing at all what Armos was going to say, but giving it a guess since he looked like he was unable to answer. His ears perked up.
    "I wish that too" he sighed. "I really try my best Armos, wot? Why else would I be lying to my own bloomin' friends to save the bally hide of a beast I hardly know?" Stulta's eyes lit up.
    "I have a plan!" he nearly shouted with joy, restraining at the very last moment.

    "What I'm going to do, is on my next scout trip in an hour, alert the whole mountain that an enemy approaches from inland. Most will immediately run off to gear up once more. At that point, You and Barf there, will head off with an old fishing boat we own and tell your bally Captain to stop firing and move away from the mountain. I'll escort you to the boat and help you launch it, then I'll run away from Salamandastron for good. That way, the captain keeps you, I get my freedom and the hares keep the ottermaid..." Stulta trailed off, suddenly connecting the dots.
    "The ottermaid! Her clothes, the bandanna, she's one of your bally crew isn't she?"

  • Ooc: techniy Ryills isn't part of the crew, she was a sorta Basicly a slave working on Ezikels ship. Lol she used to be a merchant if that helps. And had this awesome plan also in the way the story goes… What if we keep going on track and then Armos and barf escape and tell the captian what happened and then the Captian goes on atill to fire at salamandastron and what not then they swarm the mountians? Idk where this is headed.

    Ryills, winced as the last wound was taken care off, "thank you ma'am," she muttered.

    "Time for some food darling." June said, "come on, Frogsworth will bring you down to the kitchen." She said smiling and pointed to a young hare waiting at the door. "Jolly good day right?" He said and lead the way down the corridor. Ryills nodded with a sinkinh feeling in her stomach. They were all so nice, so happy here and she will ruin it all.

    They arrived at the great hall, several hares were already sitting down and eating. , "help yourself Ryills" he said. It was a long time since Ryills had proper food and her stomach growled in pleasure. Unsure what she should do.
    "The grub is all over their." Frogsworth muttered to her pointing, Ryills smiled and went over. So many options! She thought what should she choose? She went with a simple meal, stew, rolls, potatoes and a drink.

    Looking around she found a section of table by herslef and she sat down to eat. Thinking n what to do the next few days.

  • ((OOC: Yeah, but Stulta doesn't know that and the crew doesn't think that. Also if you read the last post Stulta has a plan sorted out so everyone will get away safely))

  • (OoC: err Deekra, I wasn't planning on Armos saying that…....derp)

  • ((OOC: Just go with the flow Rodo. How was Stulta supposed to know??? I purposefully put that in there to give you a challenge. Now rise to it!))

  • (well played sir, well played….I'll give you that)

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