Oh Captian….(100% OPEN!!)

  • By now the hares had organized a team to run along the coastline with the bows. They set themselves up behind the ship, and beside the ship so that the only way they could go was back out to sea. Slowly twelve groups of hares wheeled the ballistas along as well, so that they`d be set up after a little while. Meanwhile, the hares by the mountain worked on the holes made by the cannons and divided the balls into 12 groups, one for each ballista. Hares took injured comrades in and sent fit ones out.

    After a few more minutes the mountain was fixed, the hares were in place and ready, and the emerald eyed hare had discovered more rotten food and rolled his smaller ballista into a position that would easily reach the ship. The ballista were stretched tight for more power and…

    Bang!! The ballista set off and pummeled the ship even more. The winter/ summer coated hare`s missiles made an especially good splatter over the ship. After a few moments this attack was followed by the longbows, then followed by the ballista once more, and the pattern continued.

  • At this point the ship was well out of range of the projectiles that could severely cripple the ship. Besides the occasional arrows what the ship primarily has to deal with was mostly tomatoes and smaller rocks. Ezikeil watch as the crews actions were less frantic but know more cautious out of the fear of big hit by a arrow from a hare who got lucky. He knew that the ship has taken some damages. Ezikeil calls out to his frist mate. "Armos, how much damage did we take?" The fox went to the area Ezikeil was standing before giving the report. At least they couldn't get hit by a arrow with a roof above their heads. "Well captian the ship has suffered a fair amount of damage," Armos said. "The secondary mast took a rather nasty hit, we can make temporary repairs but we will still have to head back to port for more effective repairs. Ezikeil sigh just as they heard one of the sailors yell. "INCOMING!!!" All the sailors ran for the nearest cover as small rocks and rotten tomatoes rain towards them. Several of the sailors either gotten some bruises from some rock or is now being laughed at by the crew thanks to rotten tomatoes  painting them red. Ezikeil looked on at the scene and nodded. "Armos once we get out of range i want us to drop anchor and focus on repairs once we are done then we can decide on how we should handle these hares.." Armos nodded in agreement. "Aye sir, that would be best." Then Ezikeil suddenly remembered somthing and turned to Armos. "Armos have you seen Ryills at all?"

  • Ryills collapsed under the broken mast behind some boxes, panting and sweating buckets. Somehow Ryills managed not to get tomato on him at all, but he did suffer some bruising from small rocks that came raining down. The ship was out of range of the missiles, which was a good thing for now. Ryills had no interest to to fight or have hand to hand combat or being hit by rotten food. HOW GROSS! He may have a sword but he swordsmanship was really poor.

    He slowed his breath down and closed his eyes, thinking back to what the captain was saying before they got attacked. Ryills opened his eyes suddenly and slowly peered over the crates, not seeing Barf anywhere Ryills stood up, brushing himself off and adjusting his bandanna over his left eye. Ryills then looked up at the secondary mast and saw how damaged it was. Hopping on the crate he looked at the cracked wood. From far off it was really bad looking, but up close you could see the crack running up the mast. Hes mind was turning in circles as he studied that mast.

    So, if we managed to loop the top and pull it to the starboard side, while we do that we can put glue in the cracks while we are straightening it, and then when its right up we can secure it and let it set for a few days, and to reinforce it we can put metal around where it was the weakest, there for making it stronger but not adding to much weight to the ship. Which would make the ship ready to sail quicker then having to go to port to replace the mast.

    He muttered to himself as he did some mental calculations, hopping off the crate he went out to scout for the captain and tell him the idea for the mast and while making the ship a tad bit more stylish. Amazingly me managed to avoid his teasers and spotted the captian, "Captain!" Ryills said, "Captain. May I have word with you?"

  • Ezikiel and Armos both turned to see the Otter walking up to the two. "Well I guess that answers your question Captian." Armos said to the ferret. Ezikeil looked at Ryills noticing that the otter was clearly thinking about something. "Ryills what great timing, I was wondering where you went off to." Ezikeil said. "You seem to be thinking about something Ryills why now you share you thoughts with us." The otter nodded and gladly explained the idea. Both Ezikeil and Armos both looked at the otter in shock. Neither of them had ever thought of such a idea. Ezikeil and Armos looked at each other before Ezikeil looked at Ryills. "That idea is actually…a amazing idea Ryills." The Ferret said. Armos  siad nothing as he looked at the mast. There was a long crack on it as the mast leaned portside and for all they knew the crack could be getting worse just cause of the weight of the mast so they needed to act fast. "Captian," Armos said. "Sir if we are gonna do something we better do it fast. I think we should try the Riverdog's idea." Ezikiel nodded to Armos. "Alright Armos, go alert the crew and we will get to work." The fox nodded at went to the deck and began to give the orders. Ezikeil turned and looked at Ryills and thanked him for the idea. "Ryills you just might have saved us a lot of trouble with this idea. Now once we finished the repairs we will be able to decide on how we handle those hares..." Just at the mention of the word "hares" Ezikeil's face would show a flash of pure rage and pain. It always reminded him of that horrible day 3 years ago.  He looked at Ryills and sighed before looking at the ceiling in silence.

  • Ryills felt color rise in his cheeks and quickly looked down at his feet. "Tis nothing captian." He muttered. Didn't expect so much praise for a very simple idea. 'Score one for Ryills' he thought. An idea was forming in his mind and maybe it would work, it would take time, but it might be the key to his release.

    Ryills looked up and gave a smile then frozen when the Captian said "Ryills you just might have saved us a lot of trouble with this idea. Now once we finished the repairs we will be able to decide on how we handle those hares.." and he saw pure hatred and rage on the Captians face when he finished,
    "I'm sure you will prevail over them captian." Ryills said, "May I go?" He asked

  • "May I go?" The Otter asked to Ezikeil. After I brief sigh  Ezikeil looked at Ryills and nodded. "Yes go on ahead and make sure that these repairs go smoothly, I'm putting you in charge of this along with Armos." The Ferret said. He looked at the otter as he began to make his way out when he suddenly remembered something. "Oh Ryills," Ezikeil called out to get the otter's attention."Do me a favor and fetch me Barf." Ezikeil said. "Once you do please return here, I think I have an idea on how we can cause damage to the hares…on the inside" Ezikeil said the last word with a rather amused tone as he looked the confused otter over. "Well what are you waiting for Ryills? Go get Barf!" He watch the otter finally nod as he leaves. Now Ezikeil looked over the map of the area he had purchased from a mapmaker back in port. 'I'm gonna have to knock some sense into the mapmaker from forgetting to add a giant mountain filled with hares…' Ezikeil thought as he grabbed his quill(or pen?) and draws a mountian on the map and makes a note saying Beware of Hares. Now that the ferret finally got those things out of the way now he can ponder about a serious question that has been plaguing his mind for quite some time as he waits for Ryills return. 'Who in the hellgates names their child Barf?'

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    Ryills nodded and hurried away, "Go get Barf come back and then he has a plan how to get on the inside." Ryills muttered to himself as he looked for Barf, "I hope he doesn't use me…wait...hares won't let vermin insdie the mountain meaning that if it works from the inside then they need a woodland creature." It clicked with Ryills, "Damn it, I think he wants to use me." Ryills shook his head, "Why me?" then stop suddenly, "Wait...maybe this is the key how I can get off this ship! Being sent inside that mountain to help the Captian get in..maybe I can make a deal with the hares..to insure my freedom..." Ryills was thinking and not noticing where he was going til he bumped into someone. He fell backwards and looked up in the face of Barf.

    Dread filled him, "Not you again." he muttered and got up looking at Barf, "Ohhh Riverdog standing up, Riverdog thinks he is better than me." Barf grinned and Ryills, "Why don't we prove it?" he said, "A fight, here and right now." he jeered, Ryills shook his head, "No thanks, I don't fight."
    "Awww come on Riverdog!! YOU SCARED? A little fighting never heart anyone!" he laughed
    "Ryills looked him in the eye, "N-" Ryills felt a heavy blow to the side of his head and he fell down, Barf had socked him one, "Get UP RIVERDOG! OR WORTHLESS PIECE OF SCUM!"

    Ryills staggered up, rubbing his face, looking up at Barf, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. He took a breath and said his voice shaking slightly, "I wouldn't do that," he struggled to keep his voice level but lost his courage and quickly said "the captain requested your presence in the cabin." Ryills bracing for another blow. "Does he now?" Barf said, "Must be good then. Thanks for the good news riverdog,"  he felt Barf bump against him as he walked past.

    He looked after him, making sure him and his cronies were gone and gave a huge sigh, the tears that threatened to spill, spilled down his face. He wiped them away and breathed a sigh of relief, that was close. He gingerly felt his face, his right eye was definitely getting swollen which would be a problem since his left eye was covered with a bandanna and he could risk the crew seeing that he actually had both eyes and not only one eye. "Screw it." he muttered as he went to find Armos, he would just have to deal with it later.

    He found Armos directing the crew, "Armos...Captain assigned me to help you with the repairs. Just relaying orders sir.." Ryills said quickly.

  • Armos didn't respond. He saw exactly what happened between the otter and Barf. He specifically gave Barf the order to stop this so he wouldn't have to let the captian deal with it. This was basically a slap in the face to Armos. He looked at Ryills and nodded. "Alright Ryills, I already informed the crew that you will be directing this. Go on ahead and make sure the crew knows what each of their tasks are, I'll be right back." Armos said before heading to the captains quarters he paused when he heard a somebeast shouting in the Captian's office. "YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?!?!?" Said the voice when Armos heard his captian's voice respond. "Barf you heard me," Ezikeil's voice had a rather upset and annoyed tone. "I need you to convince the hares think Ryills is a captive. From that point we-" The captian's voice was cut off  by Barf yelling at him. "Captian you young soft 'earted, weak minded IDIOT! After this point a sound of a sword was drawn causing Armos to run in to the room with his cutlass ready. "Captian!" Armos ran into the room only to see the young ferret having his saber pressed against Barf's throat. Ezikeil gave Armos a nod. "Relax Armos, I just am reminding Barf exactly who he is talking to." Ezikeil said in calmly before his eyes flashed pure rage at Barf who was now clearly afraid. "Barf where you calling me a idiot just now?" Barf was studdering and shaking in fear. "N-no sir." Barf said. Ezikeil nodded and took some of the blades pressure of Barf's neck. "Good, now then once the ship repairs are done you , Ryills will report here. Me and Armos will be waiting for you two, understand?" Barf finally managed to find some words and responds. "Y-yes sir, understood sir.." Ezikeil glares at Barf and nods. "Good, now get out of my sight and next time you try to insult me, I will have you thrown off my ship." Barf nods and scrambles out to the door. Ezikeil watches Barf run out. Armos looks at the ferret in shock. "Captian, what happened?" Ezikeil simply shrugs. "Barf thought he could not only shout at me but insult me, I just reminded him who he is talking to." Armos sighs and nods. "Aye Capt, I was just coming here to tell you that Barf was trying to pick a fight at Ryills." Ezikeil sighs and sits back down at his desk. "Well I doubt he will be planning on trying to anger me for awhile." Armos looked at Ezikeil with some concern. It was clear that some of the issues going on is beginning to stress the young captian. Armos sighed. "Ezikeil, is everything all right? You haven't been yourself since we found out that hares have been firing at us." Ezikeil looked at Armos, he had been a dear friend to him and Ezikeil knew that Armos knew him well enough to see though any lies or denial. "Ah, Armos ever since i saw those hares I haven't been able to stop thinking about what happened to us. I can't sleep and now I am not sure if I am making the right calls anymore." Ezikeil sighed at looked out of a wind towards the sea. Armos looked at the captian. "Well Ezikiel things there isn't a need to worry, Ryills is handling the repairs and I can help you coordinate our counter-attack. We can cause enough damage to these hares." Armos patted the captian's shoulder as he made his way to the door. "Get some rest captian, I handle things while you get some rest."

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  • Ryills nodded and stuttered, "yes sir.." As Armos went away Ryills looked at the crew who was looking at him. Ryills cleared his throat and scrambled up on a crate.
    "I know most of you guys hate me… Since I'm a riverdog and unwelcome, and you are right about that, I myself have not taken a liking to you guys either."
    The crew jeered and spat on the ground, "in my opinon you guys at ethe soul of the ship, way better than I Riverdog can be." Ryills took a deep breath, "As you have been told, Armos put me in charge or the ship repairs..." This was met with out cry and shouting, "I know... Who would put a Riverdog in charge? I myself don't know!" Ryills cried. "But that's not the point, I'd we wait til the harbor to get the ship fixed it could be in a worst state, including that we couldn't pick a fight with em hares who throw stones at us, covered us and this beautiful ship with rotten food! It's an insult to us pirates!!!" Ryills said.
    Amazingly he was met with cheers from the crowd ""so if we work together and you ovat me for just this one day, we can get this ship sailing and attack those hares! Make them run for cover and take over the mountian fortress!!!"
    Cheers and hollers greeted him, "well the. Let's get this ship fixed"

    Ryills quickly barked out orders to the crew and soon the crew was doing all what was needed to be done. At this pace and the crew working hard, they should be done in a few days, maybe even by tomorrow. He walked through the crew, giving advice here and there, encouraging the crew to keep at it, and that treasure awaited in the great mountian full of hares. Ryills assisted in helping the crew, if it was making glue outta the sap, or helping to put the mast straight. He even went down below and gathered ale and water for the crew members so they wouldn't colapse of exhaustion.

    Ryills hummed to himself, this was a fantastic step indeed for him.

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    "We got a convoy o' hares and them other woodlanders on the starboard!" "We lost the The Black Paladin! She just went under!!" "Two more of our boats just sank, no survivors!" "They are boarding us, we are outnumbered!!" "Son, hide…" "FATHER!!" Ezikeil awoke nearly screaming. Breathing heavily he looked around the room in a panic. Finally realizing that it was only a nightmare he fell back into his bead. He couldn't understand why that now of all times the horrors he experienced choose to torment him. Sighing, the ferret finally gets up out of his bed and changes into his proper attire. He decided to leave his coat and grabbed his wide brimmed straw hat and headed outside to observe the repairs. Ezikeil was shocked to see how much has been done only in that night. Despite feeling exhausted from his little night terror, The ferret decided to make his presence know and walked out of his doorway and into the deck. "CAPTIAN ON DECK!" a crew member shouted and was shortly followed by cheers from the crew. Ezikeil leaned against a railing and nodded in approval  of the repairs. "I didn't know we went back to port lads," Ezikeil said jokingly. "These are the best repairs I have seen." This comment cause some of the crew mates in simply smile with pride. This made the young ferret smile. For once during this madness he wasn't stressed, Ezikeil was able to give a honest smile. He looked backed to the coast and back at his crew. "Has anyone seen Ryills? I need to speak with him…also once you finish these repairs you all get the rest of the day off, you all earned it." His comment was followed by a uproar of cheers and the crew went back to work. Ezikeil continued to watch as the crew worked on as he began to think of his plan on how to defeat the hares on the coast. But for now, he needed fresh air.

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    Ryills was up most of the night with the crew, one set of crew worked on repairing the ship, while the other group rested and then they switched, no one seemed to complain and the repairs where coming along nicely. Ryills wandered around the deck with the cook and handed out rations of food. "Keep it up guys! We are almost done!" he said encouragingly to them, "Good work!" he called out to a pair of vermin checking the ropes to the mast, they nodded and went back to work. Ryills knocked into Barf, and he froze. Barf just looked at Ryills, "Hey..uh Barf, good job on the repairs…" Ryills said looking up at him, Barf narrowed his eyes, "Riverdog.." he muttered and went back to work. He gave a sigh of relief, well at least Barf wasn't picking on him anymore. Maybe it could be a start of short friendship.

    The moon was slowly sinking on the horizon and the sun was coming up in the east. Ryills sightly freaked out when he couldn't open his bruised eye all the way open. He slipped through the sleeping crew and found a wet cloth and put it on his eye before he caught some shut eye to keep the swelling down. By morning when he woke up, his eye has reduced swelling but still was tender to the touch. He got up and went outside, blinking in the first rays of the sun. He was pleased to see that they were almost done with the repairs and the ship looked better already.

    "CAPTAIN ON DECK," Ryills looked towards the captians door and saw Ezikeil walking out. Ryills was grabbed roughly by Barf, "What th-" Ryills was about to defend himself when Barf said, "The captian wants to speak to both of us." he said glowering at Ryills. Ryills nodded, "So I heard." Barf headed up to the captains quarter and Ryills followed, rubbing his arm.

    "You wanted to see me captain." Ryills said look at the Ezikeil.

  • "You wanted to see me captian?" Ezikeil looked over and saw both Barf and Ryills looking at him. Ezikeil nodded at Barf and then looked at Ryills with a smile. "I gotta admit it, you did a fine job on these repairs Ryills. Keep impressing me and I just might promote you." Ezikeil chuckled at the rather shocked face of Barf upon hearing what he said. "Easy Barf, same thing goes to you if you do the same …and show me you deserve one." Ezikeil looked down and called out. "Armos! Come on mate, we got some business to do!" Armos responded with a simple "Aye Captian." before making his way up. Ezikeil looked at the three and turn. "Come on lads, we'll speak in my quarters." Ezikeil then made his way his quarters and opened the door. "Have a seat you two and Armos, get me the map and some of the little wooden chess pawns." The young ferret watched the two sit down. Armos unrolled the map and handed Ezikeil the wooden pawns. "Thank you Armos," Ezikeil said before turning back to Ryills and Barf. "Alright Lads, I have a plan on how we can defeat the hares. Now Barf here has heard the idea recently," Ezikeil said giving Barf a glare."Anyways this plan is a simple plan of  sabotage. Now here is what we are going to do so listen up." Ezikeil then reached into his desk and pulled out a small ivory carving of a boat and placed it on the map in the coast. "Now this right, here is the the ship and these," Ezikeil said holding up the pawns. "Are the two of you." Ezikeil then placed the pawns on the map next to the boat. "Now then the plan is simple. Ryills, you are going to be placed under the guise as a prisoner while Barf here and Armos are going to take our rowboat and you down to the shore, here." Ezikeil moved the two pawns towards the shore a small distance from the mountain. "Once you all are there, I want a small fire set up to draw their attention. Then i want you all to stage a "execution". Ezikiel looked at the now uncomfortable  Ryills and shook his head. "Relax Ryills, we are only faking this. Anyways the hare's are most likely to think that Ryills is a victim and try to rescue him. Armos, once  the hares try to attack you and Barf i want you to both flee back to the rowboat and head back to the ship. At this point the hares should be more concerned about our "Prisoner" then you two and take back to the mountain to provide any aid they can." Ezikeil then moved one wooden pawn back towards the ship and the other towards the mountain. "Ryills at this point your going to have to be extremely cautious to avoid loosing you cover. I want you to do what it takes to help their cook, i want you to take anything flamable. It can be discarded grease, oils, ale, whatever you can get. Then during the night you will cover their ballistas with the oils you got from the cook. Then on the 3rd night light them all on fire and flee the mountain back to the spot you was left. I will have a rowboat waiting for you to bring you back to the ship." The ferret said sliding a tinderbox and some flint to light it. "Use this to light 'em. Once you back on, we will hammer them with our cannons and eventually they will either surrender or we invade their shores and make em, any questions?" Ezikeil asked.

  • Ryills eyes were big and his jaw dropped open as Ezikel explained his plan, "whoa wait, sir.. But… Me..  Can't..I'm not ...What?" Ryills was wrapping his head around this plan and stuttering. "But... How do you know how this is gonna work?!" Ryills looked down at the ground his face furrowed, "give me a second. Sorry."

    He took a deep breath and released his grip on the chair. He looked at Ezikle, "Sorry. So Basicly this whole thing of me faking being prisoner is so we can get a guy.. Me.. On the inside so we can take over?" Everything was coming together now. He had to admit it was a genius idea on the Captians part, but using him for bait.. Why was it always him. Ryills shook his head and then looked at at Ezikle, "Wait.. How would I be guaranteed that my head won't be cut off? Or I won't be left behind?" Of course he was left behind then he would be free to do what he wants to do and not work on this ship.

    He looked at Armos, "you will be there so I won't die right?" He looked at Barf before looking back at Armos, "I would like to be promised that I will and remain alive."

  • Ezikeil sighed as he listened to Ryills. "Ryills look, you are the only one that the hares will not kill you on sight. I know this from…experience. If we tried anybeast else, the Hares would either kill 'im or throw the unlucky sap in a cell for...interrogation." That last word always sent shiver's down his back as the memories came flooding in. "Sighing Ryills trust me on this and if it makes you feel better I will personally be on the boat waiting for you to arrive." Look I need this done in at least 5 days. The fires you light will be our signal to come and get you so it must be at night when the fires burn." Ezikeil looked at Armos and Barf. "Barf I hope you understand that Armos is coming to make sure you don't do anything stupid, right?" Barf grunted with an annoying tone. "Aye, Captain." The ferret looks then looks at Armos. "Armos make sure this all goes according to plan. No mistakes." The Fox gives Ezikeil a swift nod. The ferret then finally looks at Ryills. "Ryills, I understand how you feel about your situation being the only woodlander here. But now you can use that to your advantage in this mission. Your going to have to make sure the hares believe your story. Also," Ezikeil pauses. "Ryills you have my word and honor as a captain when I say I will do everything I can to make sure you survive this."  Ezikeil knew exactly what could be going on through Ryills head, he has been through a similar situation.

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    Ryills thought for a minute, looking the captian in the eye he said, "You got a deal sir. I"ll go with it." his voice was flat and Ryills tired to keep it steady. "When do we start with this plan?" he looked at all three of them.

    Now you have to understand, Ryills has really weird morals. He sometimes doesn't know from right and wrong and most times thinks for himself in situations like these. Now to get to the point, the past few days Ryills been working on a plan to get his freedom. He was tired of being pushed around and picked on, he was tired of always taking orders and never getting relief. He was ready to get out of here and go live the rest of his life peacefully, not a puppet to some vermin. Of course Ryills didn't tell anyone or let this show, for the past few days since the attack of the hares, he has been working on getting the crew to like him, to accept him and not give him grief. With the repairs coming along nicely Ryills has gotten most of the crews acceptance. His original plan was getting the vermin on his side to rebel against the captain and then bail while a riot was going on. But with this new development of getting him behind the lines and in the woodlanders section, he had to change his plan.

    Of course he would help the vermin get into Salamandastron, but instead of the joining the crew back on the ship, Ryills would flee, flee the fight and run into Mossflower. Ryills had heard tales of a great Abby called Redwall, nice woodland creatures who would take him in and he could live out his life peacefully. Away from fighting, and the fear of being caught.

    Ryills drifted back to reality, and gave a small shaky smile. 'I just wanna get this over with." he muttered.

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    Ezikeil nodded as he looked out the window. "Well we can begin right about now actually, By the time you reach the shore it should be dark and if not then you wouldn't need to worry about trying to draw the hare's attention." Ezikeil got up from his chair and made his way to the door. "Lets go lads, the row boat should be ready for you three." The Ferret said before turning to Armos. "Alright Armos your in charge on this one, I'll have a bottle of rum open waiting for you once ya get back." The Fox nodded with a grin as he climb into the boat. "Be lookin forward to it capt."  Ezikeil grinned and look at Ryills. "Ryills remember, I can only give you five days before I give the order to fire at the mountain again. Don't fail me."
    Ezikeil then goes back gives the order to lower the boat into the waters. Armos looks back at the ship before looking and Ryills and hands him a leather restraints. "Puts these on, can't have the hares wonderin why your not tied up." Armos then goes back to aid Barf row the boat. "Ryills, the captain has place a lot of trust in you." Armos said as he rowed. "I can see why, truth be told the poor kid went through something much worse than your situation. I should know, you can say I was there in a way." The fox said before looking back at the otter. "We got time, I guess I can tell you the story if ya want."

  • Ryills followed the three outside to the row boats. For some reason his heart was racing super fast and he was working on slowing his breath.

    'Put these on,' Armos said handing Ryills a pair of leather cuffs. Ryills grimm iced, looking at the scars on his wrists and grugdly put them on.
    They were rowing out to the land and Ryills looked the shore, wondering if he could really pull this off and earn his freedom. His thoughts were interupted as Armos spoke, '"Ryills, the captain has place a lot of trust in you." Armos said as he rowed. "I can see why, truth be told the poor kid went through something much worse than your situation. I should know, you can say I was there in a way.

    This piked up Ryills curiousity, "aye? Is that so?" Ryills knew little of the Captians background story and he was curious to know more.

  • Armos glanced back at Ryills. "Well looks like i got ye' a story." The fox sighed and looked up towards the stars trying to figure out where to begin. After some thought Armos finally spoke. "Truth be told Ezikeil was the son of Captain Dante DeSota, a truly legendary captain if I say so myself." Armos smiled at the memory. "Ah Dante had a heart of gold believe it or not, despite being a pirate he never turned a blind eye on a beast in need whether it was a "vermin" or a woodlander. His father had a mentality of taking supplies from ships and givin em to the ones in need. In fact, his father was such a loved and respected captain he had a fleet of 15 ships including ours which was originally a scout ship due to its speed." The fox looked back on these memories, it Dante himself that recruited Armos in the first place. "Ezikeil had always loved the sea. Took him a year of begging before his father let him sail with him at age 10. Dante would actually have his son on board our ship so he could learn since how to sail but when ever we went scouting Dante took Ezikeil on-board his own ship The White Angel to make sure he was safe." Armos paused. His face went from a smile into a sad and solemn look as he remember that day. Even Barf looked away also remembering. "It happened about 3 years ago when I was his age. He was only 14 at the time. We went on to scout ahead and Dante took Ezikeil on-board his ship like always." Once again pausing, Armos took a deep breath. " When we got back to where the fleet was… all we saw was the ruins of the fleet and blood, so much blood and bodies in the water..Dante was one of those bodies lost to the sea." Armos couldn't speak so Barf then spoke up. "At this point all we wanted was revenge we found their trail and gave chase for 2 weeks. Eventually we found them, it was a fleet of highly crippled woodlander ships. We figured that there must have been more of the boats." Barf chuckled at the though. "Ah Captain Dante, if he was going to go down he made sure he would take as many as he could. Anyways seeing our chance we attacked and boarded the lead ship. There was so many....hares on board. We continued to fight with only one goal in mind." At this point Armos began to spoke again. "Kill them all, we wanted to make them pay for what they did. But things changed once some of us made our way into the lower levels and found where they kept prisoners...and there he was. Just by one look you could see the scars from beatings he got in just 2 weeks, mainly on his back so it went from revenge to a rescue mission just like that. In the midst of the fight our original captain was slain and believe it or not it was Ezikeil who took control and got us out of the battle like he had done it for years. T'was amazing but afterwards we realized exactly how much he suffered" Barf decided to continue the story and cut in. "No matter what we did to help he just showed no response, he wouldn't eat, or speak. He just had this blank and dull look on his face, whatever they did broke him." Barf sighed. "We took him straight home to his mother and told her the news, t'was the worst day o' me life." Barf grimaced as he remembered Ezikeil's mother's tears. " At that point Ezikeil never went  to the docks where we was, his mother said he wouldn't even enter his father's room. It was like this until Armos came and personally helped him." Barf chuckled. "The two practically were brothers before long. It was Armos who convinced him to come back since we needed a captain and we all knew that Ezikeil had the same skill his father had, Ezikeil just needed to realize this. It took time but the captain managed to become what we needed and for that we all have a deep respect for Ezikeil no matter what happens." Barf looked back at Ryills. "Now ye' know Riverdog, any questions?"

  • Ooc: awww come on…. you bombard Ryills with the sob story? You are playing with Ryills emotions and loyalities right now.

    Bic:  For the second time that day Ryills found his jaw on the floor. Slowly he closed his mouth. "No sir...." he trailed off. Thinking, all honesty that was an insane story coming from Armos  snd Barf. But it did explaine why Ezikel was so angry and full of hatred to the hares. Maybe thats why he wants to take down  that mountian fortress, to get revenge on the hares that killed his father and broke him down. It would be thr most logical reason, and thr story confirms it.

    Ryills sat in silence and fiddled with his cuffs, thinking and waiting. Now he was having doubts, he felt for thr young capitan, the anger he must feel inside and seeing those hsres and brining back memories of what they have done and wanting to help, but then it conflicted with his personal intrest of fleeing and not looking back.

    He was jolted out of this thoughts when Barf poked him hard in the back, "come on Riverdog. Time for your execution," and gave a non to friendly grin.

  • (OoC: MWAHAHAHAH! I am so evil. oh and actually that is in his back story in profile…I should had sent it to you...sowwy. anyways I'm gonna post later since I'm posting this on my phone)
    (ok now the I, the evil monster that toys with character's emotions are back! MWAHAHAH)


    Armos chuckles at Barf. "Barf no need to give the Lad a 'eart attack, then where is the fun? Go set up the fire." Armos said as he grabbed Ryills  and pulls him out of the boat. "No 'ard felelings about this lad but, I hope you been practicing your acting lad," Armos whispers as he drags him to shore as Barf finally gets a rather noticeable fire started. "one mess up and we're all dead." Armos then drops the otter. "Get up riverdog." Armos said. "Face your death like a real beast." Armos waits for Ryills to get up before he shoves him back on the ground. Armos gives a wicked grin. "I said get up lad, what yew doing stumbling around like that." Armos said doing most of the "abuse" while Barf begins to dig a hole while scanning around for any activity around them. "See that hole my mate o'er there diggin'? That there is yours, I hope yer tired cause soon ye gonna get as much rest as yew can." Armos laughed like a maniac as he gave Ryills a wink then turns to Barf. "Hurry up already yew idiot! We don't have all night." Barf looks back at Armos. "Why don't ye do it yerself!" Armos turned his head and went back to Ryills grinning. "Looks like ye get to enjoy a couple o' more minutes of yer life laddy."

    (OoC: feel free to come up with anything else Armos could do....clearly this guy should get a try and get a role for the next pirates of the carribean. xD)

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